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How to Prepare Current Affairs for CLAT 2023?

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs

Make sure to review the GK section’s curriculum before starting your preparation. The topics covered in this part include current events, global news, forums, the economy, sports, technology, politics, and government programmes. To better comprehend the subjects and gauge your level of familiarity with each segment, try taking practise exams for the GK section. Keep an eye out for news on the newest gadgets and apps because questions based on such are frequently asked. Either you know the answer or you don’t know determines your score on the CLAT GK segment. You can score well in the GK segment if you are completely up to date on world events. Even if it’s not very challenging to prepare for, reading every day requires a lot of effort and commitment.

How To Prepare For Current Affairs For Clat 2023

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs: Refer To The Previous Year Question Papers

After learning about the general knowledge portion of the CLAT, it is important to assess and comprehend the layout of this section. This part includes 40–50 multiple-choice questions. Verify the CLAT question papers from prior years to gain an understanding of the questions that were asked. Once you have a general understanding of the format, start working through the accessible offline and online CLAT sample questions from prior years. Knowing the pattern can help you answer questions accurately and earn higher marks.

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs: Stay Updated And Practice Daily

Practice and consistency are the keys to success in anything. Make sure to keep up with current events and keep your general knowledge updated if you want to ace all the GK questions. You cannot tackle general knowledge questions by studying the material for a few days. The information must be learned gradually (at least for a year). Make sure you keep up with current events throughout the world in addition to answering and practise questions. To stay current, pay close attention to the news and read the newspaper every day.

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs: Take CLAT Mock Tests

Do you want to know how the CLAT exam genuinely feels? Make use of practise exams! Attending practise exams will not only improve your accuracy and entrance preparation, but it will also give you more confidence to take the test and succeed.

Test series are offered by many centres. Mock exams are available on a lot of online platforms. Pick a mode that is comfortable for you. To identify your general knowledge subject strengths and weaknesses, be sure to take practise tests for each individual subject. Additionally, make an effort to administer at least ten complete mock exams to obtain a sense of the real examination.

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs: Choose The Study Material Wisely

The study material you select is one of the most important elements that will have a significant impact on your CLAT result. Both online and offline, there is a tonne of study material available. You can gain an understanding of how the actual entrance exam will be by choosing the best and most accurate study materials. Many online and offline study tools claim to be able to help you pass the CLAT, however they really contain outdated information and unreliable questions. Select study material that aligns closely with the current exam pattern and is appropriate for your level of understanding.

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs: Avoid Guesswork

If you did a good job of preparing for the general knowledge test, you would be fairly certain of the answer out of the four possibilities. Do not rely on speculation if you are unsure of the answer to a question. You will receive one mark for a question if you answer it right; if you answer it incorrectly, you will lose 0.25 marks. Answering a question in the negative will not result in losing points. If certain, select the appropriate answer. Otherwise, leaving the question that you are unsure of is the best course of action.

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs: Specify Fewer Sources

Avoid overloading yourself with current affairs information. Candidates frequently make the error of wasting time reading several newspapers. Decide on one and use the internet responsibly. For the CLAT 2023 Current Affairs section, use one of the top books.

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs: Focus on the syllabus

When trying to thoroughly cover this portion, keep in mind to concentrate on the subjects covered in the CLAT UG 2023 syllabus. After all, these subjects should be expected to have more passages.

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs: Construct your own notes.

One-liners or, at most, three to four lines are what current affairs is all about. Create your notes so that you can grasp and retain the information the simplest way possible. With ink of a different colour, underline all the significant notes. Making your own notes is important because it has been shown that writing is one of the best ways to remember information. Additionally, keep in mind that memorising everything would be impossible.

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs: Take practise exams or online tests.

The best strategy to ace this section is to attempt mock questions on current events and general knowledge. This will assist you in checking your level of preparation or tracking your progress in addition to giving you an idea of the questions that will be asked. However, this should only be tried after you have made certain preparations.

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs: Use the Internet wisely.

The internet will provide enough of information about everything, but how will you choose which link to click? The most important item you will discover is a selection of General Knowledge pdfs that will undoubtedly aid in your preparation for this subject. A material should always be verified as credible before you start studying it.

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs:

CLAT 2023 Current Affairs: Revise after reading

The amount of current affairs grows daily, so daily review and reading are essential. The notes will be useful for review as well as for remembering recent news or current events. 


What is the CLAT Preparation Strategy 2023?

It could be challenging for the majority of you to study for the CLAT exam because of the rising level of competition. However, by adhering to a well-structured CLAT study plan and exam preparation technique, passing the exam is simple.

It is a fallacy that sticking to one schedule will help you get good outcomes because your preparation methods may all differ.

As a result, we advise you to plan your schedule according to your convenience and the number of hours you can devote to studying.

  • It is generally advised to make a task table with 5–7 tasks per day rather than a plan for 7-8 hours per day.
  • You must make a note of what you will study each day so that you won’t forget anything.
  • Don’t merely list the subject to study on a certain day; be precise. Instead, make an effort to record the subject name, the topic name, the book name, and the page number.
  • Additionally, remember to strike out after finishing each topic or assignment because doing so will keep you motivated and boost your confidence.

Exam Pattern Highlights – CLAT GK Including Current Affairs

Important points for Current Affairs section CLAT 2023 is included

Particulars CLAT Current Affairs & GK Highlights
Type of questions Reading comprehension-based MCQs
Number of reading passages 6-7 comprehensions of 450 words each
Total questions 35-39
Total marks 35-39
Negative marking -0.25 for incorrect answer
Total weightage in CLAT exam 25%

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How to Prepare Current Affairs for CLAT 2023- FAQs

Ques 1. How many months Current Affairs should be prepared CLAT 2023?

Ans. Hello, You must therefore review the current happenings beginning one year before the exam year if you want to be ready for the CLAT exam in 2023. This suggests that you must review the current events from April 2022 to May/June 2023 in order to prepare for the year 2023.


Ques 2. How many hours should I spend studying for the CLAT?

Ans. 7 to 8 hours.


Ques 3. How do I begin getting ready for current affairs?

Ans. To keep up with current events for the UPSC, check out these sources.

  • daily newspaper reading
  • The main points of Kurukshetra, Yojana, and other magazines.
  • periodicals on current affairs that are published monthly.

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