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How to Get Air 1 in Law Entrance Exams?

Get Air 1 in Law Entrance Exams

To get into the top Law Schools in India one has to first appear for the Law Entrance Tests. It is the first step you have to take to fulfill your dream of becoming a lawyer. On the basis of your marks in the Law Entrance Test, you can apply for seats in various colleges across the country. So it becomes very important that you secure good marks in the Law Entrance Exams so as to give your career a good start. Every college might have different exams as its entrance exam. But the most popular and widely accepted is the Common Law Admission Test or CLAT as it is known. On the basis of your CLAT Rank, you can get admission into more than 60 public and private institutions including the National Law Universities.

How to Get Air 1 in Law Entrance Exams?- Study Plan

While cracking Law Entrance Exams can be really difficult, achieving AIR 1 is something that you will cherish for your lifetime. Achieving AIR 1 in an exam where the passing percentage is around 3% speaks a lot about your caliber. There is no sure-shot way to achieve an AIR 1 in the exams, but with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything in life. Below are some points which will help you in achieving AIR in your Law Entrance Exams:

Preparing a Schedule: Right from the day you start preparing for your Law Entrance Exams, it is very important and advisable to follow a particular timetable/routine. When you prepare a routine for your studies things become really easy and you make sure that you are not missing out on any topic. Prepare a timetable keeping in mind all the topics you have to study and allocate more time to technical subjects. Try studying in the early morning hours or you can even study during midnight as per your comfort and choice. Make sure to take regular breaks so as to refresh yourself in between.

Syllabus and Exam Pattern: You can study for long hours and study everything really well, but if you don’t have good knowledge of the syllabus and exam pattern everything will go in vain. It is important to do smart work as well as hard work. Having a good understanding of the syllabus will help you prepare wisely for the exams. It will help you in understanding those areas which are important and those which are not so important. Having a look at the exam pattern will also help you to know which kind of questions you can expect at the exams. Thus you need to make sure that you do smart work as well as hard work.

Practicing Previous Year Questions: Generally, students do not go through the Previous Year Questions asked in Law Entrance Exams. There are books available in the market which contain previous year questions of the last few years. Practicing previous year’s questions will help you understand the topics from which generally questions are asked and you can give importance to those parts. It also acquaints you well with the exam pattern and the toughness of questions asked in the exams. Thus it is very important to include practicing the previous year’s questions in your preparation for Law Entrance Exams.

Mock Tests: Mock Tests will help you evaluate your preparedness for your final exams. Mock Tests are really important for your preparation. Appearing for Mock Tests will give you a feeling that you are appearing for the actual exam itself. You will also be able to check whether you complete the papers in the given time or not. So try appearing at least two to three mock test papers after you complete your preparations. 

Revision: The most underrated tool is revision. The brain remembers only those things which we do repeatedly. Just going through topics once will not help you in retaining them. Whatever you study make sure to revise them often. As only by doing so you will be able to retain them for a longer time. Even after each day of study, revise whatever you studied before going to bed. 

Following these tips will make sure that you secure a good rank in your Law Entrance Test and even end up getting an AIR 1. These tips have all been prepared on the basis of Interviews by the AIR. All the AIRs had implemented these steps which helped them in getting an AIR.

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How to Get Air 1 in Law Entrance Exams?- FAQs

Q1. Are Law Entrance Exams tough?

No, if you study will be the full focus and be determined while preparing for law entrance exams. There is a high chance that you sail through it and will pass law entrance exams with a good rank. 

Q2. How to Get Air 1 in Law Entrance Exams?

On this page, we have given all the tips and tricks to get Air 1 in the law entrance exam. If you are interested in taking law as a career and pursuing your degree from a prestigious law school in India then you must need to score a decent rank. Follow the tips given on this page to get Air 1 in the law entrance exam. 

Q3. Is test series necessary for law entrance exams?

Yes, test series is most important while preparing for any examination. Through test series, the students can access their preparation for the examination, and also they will get to know whether they are preparing in the right direction or not. Therefore test series is a must for law entrance exams. 

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