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CBSE Class 12 Physical Education MCQs for Term-1 Questions With Answers

Physical Education Class 12 MCQ with Answers

We’re all aware of your difficulties in studying for the boards. Preparing for easier courses is also difficult, and one such topic is CBSE Class 12 Term 1 Physical Education MCQ. Not because easy courses are easy, but because we have spent the entire year ignoring that subject, they become a difficult problem for us when exams approach. To assist you to cope with this and achieving your goals, we’ve created some MCQs that will help you prepare for the CBSE Class 12 Term 1 Physical Education exam. Physical Education for CBSE Class 12 Term 1 Take a look at CBSE Class 12 Term 1 Physical Education Important MCQ Questions With Answers for answers to the MCQs in this post. But first, best of luck with your CBSE Class 10 Term 1 Physical Education exam!

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CBSE Class 12 Term 1 Physical Education Important MCQ Questions With Answers

Check some class 12 physical education mcq for term 1 exam

What exactly do you mean when you say “planning”?
a) deciding ahead of time what needs to be done
b) Getting enthusiastic about training
c) Reflecting on the past
d) Tournament planning
Answer: a) deciding ahead of time what needs to be done

The objectives of planning in a sports tournament do not consist of:
a) Management of a tournament
b) Finding out the causes of failure
c) Distributing work according to the ability
d) Achieving the target on time
Answer: a) Management of a tournament

Which of the following is NOT one of the most significant planning objectives for a sports tournament?
a)Getting the job done on time
b) To guarantee that everything is in order
c) To enhance athletic performance
d) in order to make money
Answer: d) in order to make money

What is arranged by the boarding and lodging committee for a tournament?
a) The preparation of a boarding and lodging budget
b) Meals, refreshments, and the principal guest’s stay
c) The participants will be accommodated and fed
d) Participants and authorities will be provided with refreshments.
Answer: c) The participants will be accommodated and fed

Various officials are selected by which of the following committees:
a) Committee for official
b) Reception committee
c) Finance committee
d) Announcement committee
Answer: a) Committee for official

What type of committee deals with fixing venue, date and timing of the sports events
a) Post meeting committee
b) Pre meet committee
c) During meet committee
d) All the above
Answer: b) Pre meet committee

What type of committee deals with checking the lodging facility of outstation candidates and refreshment of all the participants are adequate?
a) Post-meeting committee
b) Pre meet committee
c) During meet committee
d) All the above
Answer: b) Pre meet committee

A competition between multiple teams in a specific activity that follows a set schedule:
a) Tournament
b) Match
c) Fixture
d) Fight
Answer: a) Tournament

In how many types are Tournaments mainly categorised?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8
Answer: b) 4

What are the most significant benefits of a knockout tournament?
a) It raises the level of competition in sports.
b) A smaller number of officials is required.
c) The event is over in a short amount of time.
d) All the above
Answer: d) All the above

_____ keeps our bodies warm.
a) Carbohydrate
b) Protein
c) Vitamin
d) Fat
Answer: d) Fat

What are the main sources of Protein?
a) Fish, meat, eggs
b) Green vegetables
c) Wheat and rice
d) Sunlight and water
Answer: a) Fish, meat, eggs

This macromineral helps in hydro balance in the body:
b) Calcium
c) Sodium
d) Phosphorus
Answer: a)Potassium

‘International Day of Yoga’ is celebrated on:
a) June 20
b) June 21
c) June 22
d) June 23
Answer: b) June 21

‘Yoga Sutra’ was compiled by:
a) Patanjali
b) Gheranda
c) Svatmarama
d) None of the above
Answer: a) Patanjali

In which year did Deaf Olympics start?
a) 1924
b) 1960
c) 1947
d) 2001
Answer: a) 1924

A speech therapist helps a child in:
a) Grooming
b) Communication
c) in hancing mobility
d) playing
Answer: b) Communication

Factor/s responsible for motor development:
a) Genetic factors
b) Environmental factors
c) Food and nutrition
d) All the above
Answer: d) All the above

Activity related to fine motor development:
a) Speaking
b) Running
c) Hopping
d) Swimming
Answer: a) Speaking

_____ is also known as an aerobic fitness test.
a) Modified push-ups
b) 4 × 10 M shuttle Run
c) Rockport test
d) Harvard step test
Answer: d) Harvard step test

Abduction and adduction take place at:
a) Oblique
b) Longitudinal or vertical
c) Frontal or mediolateral
d) Sagittal or anteroposterior
Answer: d) Sagittal or anteroposterior

What subject is Biomechanics associated to?
a) Biology
b) Kinesiology
c) Science
d) Physics
Answer: d) Physics

What is the study of human mobility, which includes the athlete’s Sports Equipment and the exercise environment?
a) Kinesiology
b) Physical education
c) Biomechanics
d) Sports education
Answer: c) Biomechanics

Which of the following is not a type of physical activity-related movement?
a) Extension
b) Adduction
c) Abduction
d) None of these
Answer: d) None of these

Which Newton’s Law of Motion deals with acceleration?
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) None of these
Answer: b) Second

What is the formula to determine number of matches in League fixture for even number of teams?
Answer: C.N(N-1)/2

Which is not a symptom of food intolerance:
A. Fatigue
B. Diarrhea
C. Nausea
D. Night Blindness
Answer: D. Night Blindness

When is sports day celebrated?
A. 30 August
B. 29 August
C. 28 August
D. 27 August
Answer: B. 29 August

The objective of planning is:
A.To Improve Sports Performance
Answer: A. To Improve Sports Performance

Intramural is derived from:
B. Intra Mather
C. Intramural
D.None Of Above
Answer: A.Intramuros

A Balance diet consists of:
A. All Essential Nutrients Except Vitamin
B. All Essential Nutrients In Sufficient Quantity
C. Only Carbohydrate And Fats
D. Only Protein And Fats
Answer: A. All Essential Nutrients Except Vitamin

How many types of Kumbha are there:
A. 4
D. 3
Answer: C.2

Which one is the fourth element of Ashtanga yoga:
A. Pranayam
B. Pratyahara
C. Dharna
D. Samadhi
Answer: A. Pranayam

Yoga word is derived from:
A. Sanskrit Language
B. Latin Language
C. Greek Language
D. French Language
Answer: A. Sanskrit Language

Advantage of Knockout tournament:
A.Less Number Of Official
B. Good Score
C.Many Matches
D. Healthy Tournament
Answer: A.Less Number Of Official

Asanas that are effective to control obesity are
A. Vajrasana & Hastasana
B. Trikon Asaan& Ardh-Matsyendrasana
C. Both A& B
D. None
Answer: C. Both A& B

Which of the following is a micronutrient
A. Calcium
B. Potassium
C. Magnesium
D. All Of These
Answer: D. All Of These

Patanjali developed 8 components/limbs/elements of yoga known as
A. Hata Yoga
B. Asana
C. Ashtanga Yoga
D. Yoga Mimansa
Answer: C. Ashtanga Yoga

Asana (physical posture) purifies body, mind& spirit stands at what no in Ashtang yoga?
A. Second
B. Third
C. Fourth
D. None
Answer: B. Third

Which type of yoga is kapalbhati?
A. Pranayam
B. Asana
C. Meditation
D. None Of These
Answer: A. Pranayam

Chicken, fish meat and eggs are the main sources of …
A. Fats
B. Carbohydrates
C. Fibre
D. Proteins
Answer: D. Proteins

How many byes are given in the League tournament when 8 teams are participating.
Answer: A.0

Special seeding is given to
A. Medium Team
B. Strong Team
C. Weak Team
D.All Of Above
Answer: B. Strong Team

Who discovered vitamin-A?
A. Holmer
B. Didon
C. Mar
D. Hopkins
Answer: D. Hopkins

Which of the following falls in the category of macronutrients.
A. Carbohydrates, Fat And Protein
B. Vitamins, Minerals, Water, Fiber
C. Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals
D. Fat, Minerals, Roughage And Proteins
Answer: A. Carbohydrates, Fat And Protein

The formula to find the number of matches in a knockout tournament.
A. N-1
B. N-2
C. N+1
D. None Of Above
Answer: A. N-1

League-cum- knockout is part of which tournament.
A. Knock Out
B. Round Robin
C. Combination
Answer: C. Combination

The full form of BMI is
A. Body Mass Indication
B. Body Mass Index
C.Body Measurement
D. None Of These
Answer: B. Body Mass Index

When did India win the first ODI cricket World Cup ?
A. 1983
B. 1987
C. 2011
D. 2007
Answer: A. 1983

The best way to reduce weight is
A. Dieting
B. Restricted Diet
C. Special Shake
D. None Of These
Answer: D. None Of These

What is the role of the committee for publicity?
A. Organise
B. Finance
C. Advertise
D. Selection
Answer: C. Advertise

Micro element is found in
A. Less Quantity
B. Medium Quantity
C. Mare Grams
D. All Of Above
Answer: A. Less Quantity

An intramural tournament is:
A.Inter Class
B. Inter School
C.Inter District
D.Inter State
Answer: B. Inter School

Nutrients are divided into groups:
A. 6
B. 5
Answer: D.2

Sports diets before the competition have a high source of
A. Protein
B. Fats
C. Simple Carbohydrates
D. None Of These
Answer: C. Simple Carbohydrates

In a knockout tournament, if 31 teams are participating then how many teams in the fourth quarter.
Answer: C.7

How many byes are given in knockout tournament when 21 teams are participating.
Answer: B.11

In which year start the volleyball game.
A. 1995
B. 1895
D. 1891
Answer: B. 1895

Water-soluble vitamins include
A. Vitamin-D
B. Vitamin-C
C. Vitamin-K
D. Vitamin-A
Answer: B. Vitamin-C

A balanced diet consists of
A. Proteins
B. Fruits
C. Fats
D. All Of Components
Answer: D. All Of Components


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FAQs on CBSE class 12 physical education MCQs term 1 with answers

What exactly is physical education and why is it so important?

Physical Education (PE) helps children gain the skills and confidence they need to participate in a variety of physical activities that will become a part of their daily lives.

What is the definition of physical education?

Physical education is a school-based programme that focuses on the development of physical fitness.

What does physical education teach you?

It aids in the development of their social skills.

What three types of physical education are there?

Physical education addresses the three learning domains of cognitive, emotional, and psychomotor skills.

What does PE stand for?

Physical education is abbreviated as PE.

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