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Career Options after NEET Exam

NEET is the essential gateway to clear and enter into the medical field. Some of the students enter into the medical field but some of them choose an alternate career option. A common misconception is that there are limited options after MBBS for students. However, that is not the case. Students who have knowledge of medicine have various other job options after NEET. This disproves the most common misconception that one can only become a doctor after an MBBS.

There are almost 8 career options after NEET Exam:

1.Doctor through MBBS

Millions of MBBS graduates hope to enter the clinical field and begin their practice as a doctor. But the race is quite intense. Through NEET, you can pursue an MBBS degree in your desired field of specialization to become a successful doctor and work in government as well as private hospitals.

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Certainly, students can go for this field and can choose this as their career option but it is known that it is not the most obvious choice for any aspirant pursuing a career as a doctor though it’s rather unusual to go for an MBA after MBBS there are people who take it up to develop and enhance entrepreneurial skills and to explore and accelerate their vision for new career opportunities in the management of health care sector. Further details an aspirant can aspire are:

Best Specialisations for MBA after MBBS

  • MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management

  • MBA in Hospital Administration

  • MBA General Management (GM)

  • PGD in Hospital and Health Management (PGDHHM)

  • PGD in Health Administration

  • PGD in Hospital Administration

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3.Career scope as a Dentist through BDS

Aspirants who want to become Dentists can go for this career option as NEET also allows you to get a degree through BDS apart from MBBS. Numerous Dentists set up their own clinics there aren’t fewer opportunities in this field though there is no limitation set up to public clinics.

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4.Clinical Research

India is a country that is still growing and developing and when it comes to the sphere of research in the medical line, Clinical researchers are in high demand and India is in immense need of this particular sector. Numerous institutes offer opportunities like ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research), CCMB(Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology), St. John’s Research Institute. One can also join the WHO. Many institutes like AIIMS, PGI, NIMHANS, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (TIFR) offer a Ph.D. degree.


MSc is another option after MBBS graduation, MBBS graduates can apply for any master’s degree in any of the following fields:

  • Anatomy

  • Anesthesia

  • Biochemistry

  • Dermatology

  •  Venereology

  •  Leprosy

  • Forensic Medicine

  • Geriatrics

  • ENT

  • Aerospace Medicine

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6.Teacher Medicine

It is the most valuable and recognized field and profession, this profession is the most revered in human history. Being a doctor and a teacher at a time is a big thing in itself. Aspirants can either become a medical teacher at a nursing school or a professor of medicine in reputed universities and institutes.

7.Legal Medical Advisor

A legal medical advisor is called for when special court cases need expert medical advice on some specific aspects and this is considered a lucrative career choice after MBBS. Many crimes in the modern world require a medical expert’s opinion.  Long-running cases in courts make this profession extremely demanding at times. However, one must be aware of the lengthy time this profession might take.


This career option is most commonly chosen by graduates of MBBS who wish to continue in the medical line.  An MD or MS or diploma allows doctors to pursue a postgraduate course and the freedom to specialize in the field of their choice.

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