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Art of Integrated Learning

Have you ever come across the term Integrated Learning Solution? If yes, go through the article to revise the basics of it and clear the fundamentals. And if you haven’t heard the term before, don’t worry. WE are here to help you with our article. This is an article specially written to know more about what is integrated learning, why do we need it and how is it beneficial for us. So, without any further ado, let’s straight away dive into the topic.

What is an Integrated Learning Solution?

The combination of print and digital media gives rise to the term Integrated Learning. It is an integration of printed textbooks along with digital media. Children and teachers can learn by using the printed textbook to refer to along with the digital board. Audio and visuals will make the learning process more enjoyable and realistic to learn from.

Why do we need the art of Integrated learning?

What can be a better example than the ongoing pandemic season? As everything has moved online, so has the education sector. Integrated Learning is the only option all of us are using these days. When students and teachers are not allowed to be present at the school premises physically, the classes are being held online. This is where the concept comes into play. Even though the students have textbooks with them, the teachers are explaining the topics and taking classes virtually. Integrated Learning is the reason why we could continue with our studies and work, along with handling the pandemic season.

How is it beneficial for us?

Integrated Learning helps us to study and learn from anywhere and at any time. This enables readers to even join classes from foreign universities by sitting in the comfort of their home. Working remotely is possible only by using the Integrated Learning option. This is beneficial as it saves a lot of time, effort, and money. Digital-only option bounds the teachers to a single role, where he/she can’t interact with the students as much as they can in the Integrated Learning option.

Integrated Learning provides the teachers with an option to learn and teach students simultaneously. They can refer to materials from foreign universities and can increase their knowledge in whichever field they feel interested in.

Let’s have a look at the key points of Integrated Learning Solutions.

Some of the key points are:

  • Learning skills remotely
  • Connecting with users from different backgrounds
  • Upgrading knowledge regularly
  • Evaluating himself/herself in comparison to others of the same age group

As we have seen the key points of Integrated Learning Solutions, let’s now have a look at the benefits of Work Integrated Learning. The benefits of Work Integrated Learning are:

  1. Learn and Earn: This promotes learning as well as earn. Just like we stated above, how teachers can earn and learn new topics at the same time and increase their knowledge in whichever field they are interested in.
  2. Promotes enhancement of skills: While it provides the option to work on your skills along with implementing the old skills. This helps to learn and upgrade himself/herself each day.
  3. Boost employment opportunities: Employees can learn new skills besides the old ones and can upgrade their jobs by applying to new positions. This gives a boost in the employment opportunities by paving an easy way for them to reach out to organizations.

Conclusion: This was a short article on Integrated Learning Solutions, what is it all about and how is it beneficial for us. We have mentioned how Integrated Learning solution is beneficial for students as well as teachers, how Work Integrated Solutions have proved to be a boon for us. Thanks for reading. Have a great day ahead

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