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BTech Good or Bad for Girls? Check All Facts

BTech good or bad for girls – Former IIT director

In India, 30 of every 100 engineers with a degree are women. There are 20 female applicants for every 100 BTech admissions at IITs. Women engineers and technocrats are prevalent at both the junior and senior levels in a wide range of industries, including energy, automotive, construction, IT, and more. There is no doubt that BTech is a fantastic career choice for ladies today, as thousands of female engineers show every day. Let us hear from the former IIT director, Timothy A Gonsalves whether BTech is good or bad for girls.

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BTech Good or Bad for Girls?- Importance of BTech and Engineering

Engineers create products that make people’s lives easier. They locate issues in daily life and create products to address them. Selling these items generates profits for the companies, allowing them to pay their engineers well. Some instances: Saloni Malhotra founded DesiCrew in 2004 to offer online IT services from small towns and villages after receiving her BTech from Bharati Vidyapeeth. Currently, 1,000 individuals work with DesiCrew in rural India supplying clients all over the world.

2011 saw Richa Singh graduate with a BDes from IIT Guwahati. She observed that students’ mental health is a growing issue. She co-founded the online mental health counselling service YourDost in 2014. Several IITs have chosen YourDost as their official counselling partner.

BTech Good or Bad for Girls?- Work of Engineers

Most engineers work for private companies, however a handful start their own. Others work for the government designing and constructing highways, public structures, and computer systems that serve the general populace.

In Indian households, women typically use the kitchen. Because the kitchen counter is too high for your mother or aunt, you might have seen them stooping. To access the cabinets above the counter, she uses a stool. Why don’t we plan the kitchen to accommodate the 5-foot-tall average Indian woman? because Indian and European men who are 5 to 9 inches taller than Indian women construct kitchens

I am confident that there are several other examples of things utilised by girls and women that are inappropriate for them because they were created by male engineers. The goods that female engineers design would be appropriate for Indian women and girls if there were more of them. IITs made the decision to recruit more female students for BTech in order to increase the number of female engineers in India and improve both domestic and international product quality.

BTech Good or Bad for Girls?- Why Girls are attracted to IITs?

Technology, science, and common sense are all combined in engineering. You will cover a wide range of scientific and technology topics in BTech. These are crucial. The acquisition of practical experience is also crucial. Young people tinker with technology at home, in school, and in college in nations that produce the most technologically advanced goods, like the US and Germany.

Spend time creating helpful devices in the laboratory and the dorm. A cheap weather station was constructed by two IIT Mandi first-year BTech students. This regularly recorded campus temperature and humidity readings and posted them online. A robot for feeding, a robot for sowing seeds in a field, and many other things have been created by teams of second-year BTech students in IITs and other universities.

Even at school, engineering is possible. Engineering is what you do when you build a ramp so that you can ride your bike up the steps in front of your house. It is civil engineering if you construct a bridge between two tables out of Lego. Start putting your engineering skills to use right away.

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BTech Good or Bad for Girls? How Girls Choose the Right Engineering Branch?

You may hear from friends and relatives that ladies only choose to major in computer science, information technology, or electrical engineering because they are unable to manage the “heavy engineering” fields of mechanical or civil. The days of engineers operating massive equipment with muscle force are long gone. Even the largest equipment of today may be controlled with a simple button press, switch flick, or knob turn. Computers are used to operate machinery throughout entire companies, and engineers typically work in air-conditioned offices using a keyboard and mouse.

  • In addition to IT enterprises, female engineers are active in mines, chemical plants, automobile factories, and construction sites.
  • Any branch you choose will have other women by your side in the classroom, lab, and workplace.
  • Nearly all Indian engineers (99%) did not do their BTech at an IIT.
  • Many of these engineers have made significant contributions to India’s technical advancement through their steadfast effort and dedication.
  • The Director and Chief Technology Officer of IBM Research India is Gargi Dasgupta, a non-IITian.
  • She earned her BTech at Jadavpur University in Kolkata and her PhD at the University of Maryland in the United States.

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BTech Good or Bad for Girls?- About Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

The prominent central government-owned public technical institutes known as the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are dispersed throughout India. They are owned by the Ministry of Education of the Government of India and are renowned for their brilliance in education. The Institutes of Technology Act, 1961, which established them as Institutes of National Importance and established their authority, accountability, and governing structure as the nation’s top technological institutions, governs them.

There are now 23 IITs listed in the act. Each IIT is independent and connected to the others through the IIT Body, a common council that manages their operations. The ex officio Chairperson of the IIT Council is India’s Minister of Education. There are 23 IITs in the nation at the moment.

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BTech Good or Bad for Girls? If Girls don’t get into IIT, then What?

If you don’t get into an IIT, enrol in a different college in a field that interests you. Get your hands dirty on projects, work hard in class, and you too could become one of the respected engineers. For more experience and depth, consider pursuing an MTech at an IIT.

During your four years of college, you can try new things, discover who you are, discover your passions, and make decisions about how you want to improve India. It’s a terrific learning experience to share a campus hostel with students from different regions of India. Aim high, put a lot of effort into bringing your passion to life, and success will come.

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Which B Tech is best for girls?

Most often, girls choose careers in computer technology, information technology, civil engineering, chemical engineering, and electronics engineering.

Is B Tech suitable for girls?

There are several engineering courses that are more suited for female students, but generally speaking, they steer clear of some fields owing to the field work involved. However, other engineering fields, such CSE, ECE, IT, EE, biochemical, and metallurgical engineering, have official work.

Which btech branch has most girls?

Branches pursued: Among female engineers, computer science (45.76%) is the most popular branch, followed by electronics (34.57%), electrical (14.3%), mechanical (3.72%), and civil (1.59%) engineering.

Which engineering is easy for girls?

You might seek for the following engineering programmes that are the best for girls: IT and computer science. Engineering in electronics and communication. engineering or biotech.

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