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25 Important Previous Year Q & A | HCA Study Material [18 October 2021]

25 Important Previous year Q & A | HCA Study Material [18 October 2021]: ഹൈകോർട്ട് പരീക്ഷകൾക്ക് വിജയം നേടാൻ ധാരാളം മുൻകാല ചോദ്യപേപ്പറുകൾ വിശകലനം ചെയ്യേണ്ടതുണ്ട്. ഹൈ കോർട്ടിലേക്ക് ഒരു ജോലി എന്ന സ്വപ്നം പൂവണിയാൻ ശ്രമിക്കുന്ന എല്ലാ ഉദ്യോഗാർത്ഥികൾക്കും ഇനി വരാൻ പോകുന്ന പരീക്ഷകളെ ധൈര്യത്തോടെ നേരിടാൻ ഞങ്ങളിതാ നിങ്ങൾക്കായി മുൻകാല വർഷങ്ങളിലെ ചോദ്യപേപ്പറുകളിൽ നിന്നും പ്രധാനപ്പെട്ട ചോദ്യങ്ങൾ തിരഞ്ഞെടുത്തു അവയുടെ ഉത്തരങ്ങളും വിശദീകരണത്തോടെ നൽകിയിരിക്കുന്നു. മുൻകാല വർഷങ്ങളിലെ 25 ചോദ്യങ്ങളും , അവയുടെ ഉത്തരങ്ങളും (25 Important Previous year Q & A )ചുവടെ കൊടുത്തിരിക്കുന്നു.

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HCA Study Material: 25 Important Previous year Questions (25 ചോദ്യങ്ങൾ)

76. Which place in India got the recognition of a ‘Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System’s Site’ from the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the U.N., recently ?

A) Kapurthala                                                                       B) Attappady

C) Koraput                                                                            D) Nalgonda

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  1. The ‘memogate’ scandal created turmoil in the politics of this country. Identify the country ?

A) India                                                                                 B) U.S.A.

C) Pakistan                                                                            D) Sweden

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  1. Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2011 was a/an :

A) Street vendor                                                                    B) Environmentalist

C) Human Rights Activist                                                     D) Farmer

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  1. The venue of the next Maha Kumbha Mela is :

A) Haridwar                                                                          B) Prayag

C) Nasik                                                                                D) Ujjain


  1. The place where Anuj Bidve, a student from Pune was shot dead ?

A) London in U.K                                                                 B) New York in U.S.A.

C) Glasgow in U.K.                                                               D) Manchester in U.K.


  1. The 99th Indian Science Congress was held in :

A) Ranchi                                                                             B) Bhuvaneswar

C) Bangalore                                                                        D) Pune


  1. The Chairman of the Empowered Committee appointed by the Supreme Court in the Mullaperiyar issue :

A) Justice Deepak Verma                                                     B) Justice A.R.Laksmanan

C) Justice D.K.Jain                                                               D) Justice A.S.Anand


  1. Which part of the human body absorbs oxygen directly from the air ?

A) Cornea                                                                            B) Brain

C) Skin                                                                                D) Hair


  1. Which of the following is the most basic requirement of a computer ?

A) Antivirus software                                                          B) BIOS

C) Application software                                                      D) Multimedia software


  1. Match the following:

1) Osama bin Laden                                                       a) Fukushimo

2) Mobile Phone                                                              b) U.S.A.

3) Earthquake                                                                 c) Blackberry

4) Statue of Liberty                                                         d) IMEI

5) RIM                                                                             e) Geronimo

f) Tsunami

A) 1c, 2b, 3a, 4d, 5e                                                                    B) 1b, 2c, 3d, 4e, 5a

C) 1b, 20, 3f, 4a, 5d                                                                     D) 1e, 2d, 3a, 4b, 5c


  1. The political party formed in Pakistan by the cricketer Imran Khan

A) National Liberation Party (NLP)                                          B) Mazdoor-e-Insaf

C) Tehrik-e-Insaf                                                                       D) National Peoples Party


  1. Which one of the following currencies has the highest exchange value compared to Indian rupee ?

A) Swiss Franc                                 B) U.S. Dollar                               C) Euro                                   D) Pound Sterling


  1. What is the objective of the ASHA Project in Kerala ?

A) To ensure better health care for women and children in rural areas

B) To provide support and guidance to AIDS victims in the State

C) To rehabilitate sex workers

D) To give support for people suffering from terminal illness


  1. Union Minister of Law :

A) Pranab Mukherjee                                              B) Veerappa Moily

C) P.Chidambaram                                                  D) Salman Khursheed


  1. Occupy Wall Street is a popular movement against :

A) U.S. intervention in Afghanistan                        B) Obama administration

C) Growing economic inequality                            D) Nuclear power plants

  1. What is the resolution of a Full H.D. Television screen ?

A) 1920 x 1080p                                                     B) 2048 x1080i

C) Depends on screen size                                     D) 1280 x 768p


  1. The Election Commission of India recently ordered to cover up all statues of elephants in a State in India in connection with the Assembly Elections in that State. Identify the State :

A) Uttarakhand                                                      B) Punjab

C) Manipur                                                             D) Uttar Pradesh


  1. Which of the following is/are leap year(s) ?

1) 1800   2) 2000  3) 2011 4) 2012

A) 3 only                                            B) 1, 2 and 4 only                              C) 1 and 2 only                           D) 2 and 4 only


  1. The Mascot of London Olympics 2012 :

A) Mandeville                                                         B) Wenlock

C) Sumi                                                                  D) Miga


  1. The approximate number of Ayalkootams’ (neighourhood groups) in the ‘Kudumbasree’ Project in Kerala

A) 1,25,000                                                              B) 85,000

C) 46,200                                                                 D) 1,94,000

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  1. The book by K.P. Ramanunni, selected for Vayalar Award 2011 :

A) Jeevithathinte Pusthakam                                    B) Sufi Paranja Katha

C) Balimrugangal                                                     D) Purusha Vilapam


  1. Mozilla Firefox is alan

A) Antivirus programme                                          B) Web browser

C) Website offering free services                              D) Product of Microsoft


  1. The Five K’s symbolize which religion in India ?

A) Buddhism                                                            B) Hinduism

C) Jainism                                                                D) Sikhism


  1. HDMI port is used in which of the following ?

1) HD Television sets

2) Video cameras

3) Laptops

A) 1 only                            B) 1 and 2 only                                  C)1, 2 and 3                            D) 3 only


  1. Which Article of the Indian Constitution guarantees right to life and personal liberty for all citizens ?

A) Article 15                                                             B) Article 21

C) Article 41                                                             D) Article 17

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HCA Study Material: 25 Important Previous year Solutions (25 പരിഹാരങ്ങൾ)

  1. Correct Choice : C) Koraput

Solutions : Traditional farming systems in India have received a major boost at a time when Indian agriculture is struggling to come to terms with modern technologies. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has accorded the status of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) to the traditional agricultural system being practiced in Koraput region of Odisha. The official announcement was made by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during the inauguration of Indian Science Congress at Bhubaneswar on Tuesday. The Traditional Agriculture Koraput System is the first agricultural system in India that been recognised for its outstanding contribution to promote food security, biodiversity, indigenous knowledge and cultural diversity for sustainable and equitable development. The recognition has come following a proposal submitted by Chennai-based MS Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) to conserve the practice.


  1. Correct Choice : C).Pakistan

Solutions : The memogate controversy (also Mullen memo controversy) revolves around a memorandum (addressed to Admiral Mike Mullen) ostensibly seeking help of the Obama administration in the wake of the Osama bin Laden raid to avert a military takeover of the civilian government in Pakistan, as well as assisting in a civilian takeover of the government and military apparatus. The memo was delivered in May 2011; Mansoor Ijaz wrote a Financial Times article in October 2011 bringing initial public attention to the affair. The memo, which at first was questioned to even exist, was published in November, leading to the resignation of Ambassador Haqqani and the continuing Pakistani Supreme Court investigation. Central actors in the plot include Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz, who alleged that long-time friend and former Pakistan Ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani asked him to deliver a confidential memo asking for US assistance.


  1. Correct Choice : A) Street vendor

Solutions : The honor of Time magazine’s 2011 “ Person of the Year” goes to “the protester” — from the demonstrators across the Arab world to the Occupy Wall Street movement that continues to make headlines. The beginning of a year of protests began in Tunisia, where a 26-year-old street vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in December 2010, the magazine says. The event set off the beginning of the “Arab Spring” revolution, which eventually spread a spirit of protest throughout the U.S., and more recently, Russia.


  1. Correct Choice : C) Nasik

Solutions : Kumbh Mela or Kumbha Mela is a major pilgrimage and festival in Hinduism. It is celebrated in a cycle of approximately 12 years, to celebrate every revolution Brihaspati (Jupiter) completes, at four river-bank pilgrimage sites: the Allahabad (Prayagraj) (Ganges-Yamuna-Sarasvati rivers confluence), Haridwar (Ganges), Nashik (Godavari), and Ujjain (Shipra). The festival is marked by a ritual dip in the waters, but it is also a celebration of community commerce with numerous fairs, education, religious discourses by saints, mass feedings of monks or the poor, and entertainment spectacle. The seekers believe that bathing in these rivers is a means to prāyaścitta (atonement, penance) for past mistakes, and that it cleanses them of their sins. The festival is traditionally credited to the 8th-century Hindu philosopher and saint Adi Shankara, as a part of his efforts to start major Hindu gatherings for philosophical discussions and debates along with Hindu monasteries across the Indian subcontinent.


  1. Correct Choice : D) Manchester in U.K.

Solutions : Bidve was shot on Ordsall Lane in Ordsall, Greater Manchester at 01:30 GMT on 26 December 2011. He died later in hospital. According to some news reports, more than 400 people paid tribute at a memorial service for him on the night of 2 January 2012 at the scene of the shooting in Salford. The site is less than a mile from the skyscrapers of Manchester city centre and its landmark Beetham Tower.

The Bidve family were accompanied on their visit by dignitaries from the consulate general of India in Birmingham. They were greeted by Chief Superintendent Russ Jackson of Greater Manchester Police, who had previously travelled to India to meet the family, Assistant Chief Constable Dawn Copley, and Barbara Spicer, the chief executive of Salford City Council.


  1. Correct Choice : B) Bhuvaneswar

Solutions : The 99th Indian Science Congress was held at Bhubaneswar after a gap of 35 years, underthe auspices of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) and National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar. from January 3rd to 7th, 2012. Dr.Manmohan Singh, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, inaugurated the Congress on 3rd January, 2012. General President of 99th ISC Prof. Geetha Bali, while welcoming the dignitaries delivered her address on the Focal Theme “Science and Technology for Inclusive Innovation: Role of Women”. She said “Achieving inclusive development through innovations and unfettered involvement of women in the development process in the country” was the main focus during the99thIndianScienceCongress.


  1. Correct Choice : D) Justice A.S.Anand

Solutions : On 18 February 2010, the Supreme Court decided to constitute a five-member empowered committee to study all the issues of Mullaperiyar Dam and seek a report from it within six months. The Bench in its draft order said Tamil Nadu and Kerala would have the option to nominate a member each, who could be either a retired judge or a technical expert. The five-member committee will be headed by former Chief Justice of India A. S. Anand to go into all issues relating to the dam’s safety and the storage level. The then late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi said that immediately after the Supreme Court announced its decision to set up a committee, he had written to Congress president asking the Centre to mediate between Kerala and Tamil Nadu on Mullaperiyar issue.


  1. Correct Choice : A) Cornea

Solutions : The cornea is the only part of a human body that has no blood supply; it gets oxygen directly through the air. The cornea is the fastest healing tissue in the human body, thus, most corneal abrasions will heal within 24-36 hours. The transparent front part of the eye that covers the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber, providing most of an eye’s optical power. The cornea has unmyelinated nerve endings sensitive to touch, temperature and chemicals; a touch of the cornea causes an involuntary reflex to close the eyelid. Because transparency is of prime importance the cornea does not have blood vessels; it receives nutrients via diffusion from the tear fluid at the outside and the aqueous humour at the inside and also from neurotrophins supplied by nerve fibers that innervate it.



  1. Correct Choice : B) BIOS

Solutions : In computing, BIOS (Basic Input/Output System and also known as the System BIOS, ROM BIOS, BIOS ROM or PC BIOS) is firmware used to perform hardware initialization during the booting process (power-on startup), and to provide runtime services for operating systems and programs. The BIOS firmware comes pre-installed on a personal computer’s system board, and it is the first software to run when powered on. The name originates from the Basic Input/Output System used in the CP/M operating system in 1975. The BIOS originally proprietary to the IBM PC has been reverse engineered by some companies (such as Phoenix Technologies) looking to create compatible systems. The interface of that original system serves as a de facto standard.


  1. Correct Choice : D) 1e, 2d, 3a, 4b, 5c

Solutions : 1) Osama bin Laden                                –  e) Geronimo

2) Mobile Phone                                                        –  d) IMEI

3) Earthquake                                                            –  a) Fukushimo

4) Statue of Liberty                                                   –  b) U.S.A.

5) RIM                                                                       –  c) Blackberry

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  1. Correct Choice : C) Tehrik-e-Insaf

Solutions : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  is the current ruling political party of Pakistan. It was founded in 1996 by former Pakistani cricketer turned politician Imran Khan. PTI is one of three major political parties of Pakistan along with PML-N and PPP, and the largest party in terms of representation in National Assembly as of the 2018 Pakistani general election. With over 10 million members in Pakistan and abroad, it claims to be Pakistan’s largest party by primary membership and one of the largest political parties in world.

Despite Khan’s popular image, the party had limited initial success in its initial era.[6] It failed to win a single seat in the 1997 elections and in 2002, only Khan was able to win a seat for the party. The party remained in opposition to the pro-Musharraf government led by PML-Q and later boycotted the 2008 election, accusing it of being conducted with the fraudulent procedure.


  1. Correct Choice : D) Pound Sterling

Solutions : The pound sterling (symbol: £; ISO code: GBP), known in some contexts simply as the pound or sterling, is the official currency of the United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, the British Antarctic Territory, and Tristan da Cunha. It is subdivided into 100 pence (singular: penny, abbreviated: p). The “pound sterling” is the oldest currency in continuous use. Some nations that do not use sterling also have currencies called the pound.

Sterling is the fourth most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market, after the United States dollar, the euro, and the Japanese yen. Together with those three currencies and the Chinese yuan, it forms the basket of currencies which calculate the value of IMF special drawing rights. As of mid-2021, sterling is also the fifth most-held reserve currency in global reserves. One pound sterling is equal to 103.14 Indian Rupee.


  1. Correct Choice : A) To ensure better health care for women and children in rural areas

Solutions : ASHA will take steps to create awareness and provide information to the community on determinants of health such as nutrition, basic sanitation & hygienic practices, healthy living and working conditions, information on existing health services and the need for timely utilization of health & family welfare services. She will counsel women on birth preparedness, importance of safe delivery, breastfeeding and complementary feeding, immunization, contraception and prevention of common infections including Reproductive Tract Infection/Sexually Transmitted Infection (RTIs/STIs) and care of the young child. She will arrange escort/accompany pregnant women & children requiring treatment/ admission to the nearest pre-identified health facility i.e. Primary Health Centre/ Community Health Centre/ First Referral Unit (PHC/CHC /FRU).


  1. Correct Choice : D) Salman Khursheed

Solutions : In the General Election of 2009, Salman Khursheed was elected as Member of Parliament from Farrukhabad, winning as a candidate of the Indian National Congress, with 169,351 votes. He became the Union Minister of State (with Independent Charges) of Corporate Affairs and Minority Affairs in the Government of India. He took over as Minister on Friday, 29 May 2009. In the Cabinet reshuffle of 12 July 2011, he was made Cabinet Minister for Law and Justice, and for Minority Affairs, in the Government of India. One of his disciples, Zishan Pervez, had been his constituency co ordinator for the General Election in Farrukhabad in the year 2010.

Kiren Rijiju is the current Law and Justice minister of India.


  1. Correct Choice : C) Growing economic inequality

Solutions : Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was a protest movement against economic inequality that began in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City’s Wall Street financial district, in September 2011. It gave rise to the wider Occupy movement in the United States and other countries.

The Canadian anti-consumerist magazine Adbusters initiated the call for a protest. The main issues raised by Occupy Wall Street were social and economic inequality, greed, corruption and the undue influence of corporations on government—particularly from the financial services sector. The OWS slogan, “We are the 99%”, refers to income and wealth inequality in the U.S. between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population. To achieve their goals, protesters acted on consensus-based decisions made in general assemblies which emphasized redress through direct action over the petitioning to authorities.


  1. Correct Choice : A) 1920 x 1080p

Solutions : 1080p (1920×1080 progressively displayed pixels; also known as Full HD or FHD, and BT.709) is a set of HDTV high-definition video modes characterized by 1,920 pixels displayed across the screen horizontally and 1,080 pixels down the screen vertically; the p stands for progressive scan, i.e. non-interlaced. The term usually assumes a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, implying a resolution of 2.1 megapixels. It is often marketed as Full HD or FHD, to contrast 1080p with 720p resolution screens. Although 1080p is sometimes informally referred to as 2K, these terms reflect two distinct technical standards, with differences including resolution and aspect ratio.


  1. Correct Choice : D) Uttar Pradesh

Solutions : The Election Commission has defended its order to cover statues of Mayawati and elephants in UP and lashed out at the chief minister for attributing anti-casteist motives to its January 8 directive.

Rejecting BSP leader Satish Chandra Mishra’s plea that EC reconsider its decision as the statues were erected with “party funds,” the poll panel, in a strongly-worded statement, said “the order is in accordance with the law and in keeping with its constitutional mandate for ensuring level playing field during the elections with the objective of ensuring free and fair polls. The commission reminded BSP about a complaint it received in 2009 seeking freezing of the elephant symbol on account of its misuse through erection of elephant statues across the state.


  1. Correct Choice : C) 1 and 2 only

Solutions : 1800  & 2000 are leap years. To be a leap year, the year number must be divisible by four – except for end-of-century years, which must be divisible by 400. This means that the year 2000 was a leap year, although 1900 was not.

2020, 2024 and 2028 are all leap years.


  1. Correct Choice : B) Wenlock

Solutions : Wenlock is the official mascot for the 2012 Summer Olympics, and Mandeville is the official mascot for the 2012 Summer Paralympics, both held in London, England, United Kingdom. Named after Much Wenlock and Stoke Mandeville, they were created by Iris, a London-based creative agency. The mascots were unveiled on 19 May 2010, marking the second time (after Vancouver’s Miga, Quatchi, Sumi and Mukmuk) that both Olympic and Paralympic mascots were unveiled at the same time. Wenlock’s name is inspired by Much Wenlock in Shropshire, England, where in 1850 the Wenlock Olympian Society held its first Olympian Games, regarded as an inspiration for the modern Olympic games. The five friendship rings on his wrists correspond to the five Olympic rings, and three points on his head represent the three places on the podium.


  1. Correct Choice : D) 1,94,000

Solutions :

The most recent data (31 March 2019) shows that there are more than 4.3 million women members of the Kudumbashree, comprising 291, 507 Neighborhood Groups, 19,489 Area Development Societies, and 1064 Community Development Societies. As of May 2019, it has collected around 47.52 billion Rupees (634.29 million USD) as thrift and there are around 2600 small-scale enterprises managed by Kudumbashree members.


  1. Correct Choice : A) Jeevithathinte Pusthakam

Solutions : Jeevithathinte Pusthakam, a novel written by K.P. Ramanunni, has been selected for the 35th Vayalar Rama Varma literary award instituted by Vayalar Rama Varma Memorial Trust. The novel was selected by a jury comprising M. Mukundan, novelist and former chairman of the Kerala Sahitya Akademi; M. Krishnan Namboothiri, director, Department of Malayalam, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady; and Umar Tharamel, associate professor, Malayalam-Kerala Studies wing, Calicut University. Trust president M.K. Sanu presided over the judging panel meeting here on Saturday. Mr. Mukundan and other panel members told reporters that the selection was unanimous. The novel stood out for its rich theme, unique language, and the skill in unravelling a totally new world. The protagonist Govinda Varma Raja, a bank officer, is struck by amnesia following a train accident and reaches a fisherman’s hut.


  1. Correct Choice : B) Web browser

Solutions : Mozilla Firefox or simply Firefox, is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox uses the Gecko rendering engine to display web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards. In 2017, Firefox began incorporating new technology under the code name Quantum to promote parallelism and a more intuitive user interface. Firefox is available for Windows 7 or Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. Its unofficial ports are available for various Unix and Unix-like operating systems including FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, illumos, and Solaris Unix.Firefox is also available for Android and iOS. However, the iOS version uses the WebKit layout engine instead of Gecko due to platform requirements, as with all other iOS web browsers. An optimized version of Firefox is also available on the Amazon Fire TV, as one of the two main browsers available with Amazon’s Silk Browser.


  1. Correct Choice : D) Sikhism

Solutions : In Sikhism, the Five Ks are five items that Guru Gobind Singh, in 1699, commanded Khalsa Sikhs to wear at all times. They are: keshi (short length cloth), kangha (a wooden comb for the hair), kara (an iron bracelet), kachera (a 100% cotton tieable undergarment, must not be elastic), and kirpan (an iron dagger large enough to defend oneself with).The Five Ks are not just symbols, but articles of faith that collectively form the external identity and the Khalsa devotee’s commitment to the Sikh rehni, ‘Sikh way of life’. A Sikh who has taken Amrit and keeps all five Ks are known as Khalsa (‘pure’) or Amritdhari Sikh (‘Amrit Sanskar participant’), while a Sikh who has not taken Amrit but follows the teachings of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is called a Sahajdhari Sikh.


  1. Correct Choice : C) 1, 2 and 3

Solutions : HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and is the most frequently used HD signal for transferring both high definition audio and video over a single cable.It is used both in the commercial AV sector and is the most used cable in homes connecting devices such as digital TV, DVD player, BluRay player, Xbox, Playstation and AppleTV with the television.

More and more home AV devices are being connected using this simple, effective cable, but now HDMI is also featuring on laptops and PCs and therefore becoming the standard for the corporate and commercial markets – for education, presentation, digital signage and retail display to transmit high quality audio video siganls from device to device.


  1. Correct Choice : B) Article 21

Solutions : Article 21 is at the heart of the Constitution. It is the most organic and progressive provision in our living Constitution. Article 21 can only be claimed when a person is deprived of his ‘life or ‘personal liberty’ by the ‘State’ as defined in Article 12. Thus, violation of the right by private individuals is not within the preview of Article 21.

Article 21 secures two rights :

1)  Right to life, and

2) Right to personal liberty.

It prohibits the deprivation of the above rights except according to a procedure established by law. Article 21 corresponds to the Magna Carta of 1215, the Fifth Amendment to the American Constitution, Article 40(4) of Eire 1937, and Article XXXI of the Constitution of Japan, 1946.


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