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Daily Concept Booster Electrical Engineering: Classification of AC Winding Design

Classification of AC Winding Design

The windings used in rotating electrical machines can be classified as
1. Concentrated Windings
2. Distributed Windings

Concentrated Windings

• All the winding turns are wound together in series to form one multi-turn coil.
• All the turns have the same magnetic axis.
• For concentrated winding, the number of poles is equal to the number of slots.
Examples of concentrated winding are:
– field windings for salient-pole synchronous machines
– field windings for D.C. machines
– Primary and secondary windings of a transformer

Distributed Windings

• All the winding turns are arranged in several full-pitch or fractional-pitch coils.
• These coils are then housed in the slots spread around the air-gap periphery to form phase or commutator winding.
• Number of poles is not equal to the number of slots.
Examples of distributed winding are
– Stator and rotor of induction machines.
– The armatures of both synchronous and D.C. machines.


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