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VITEEE Question Paper 2023, 17 & 18 April PDF (Available) Download

VITEEE Question Paper 2023: VITEEE 2023 examination is ongoing at Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University from April 17 to 23. The VITEEE exam is online computer-based. Today was the second day of the VIT Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE 2023) for BTech admission at the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). Students who took the VITEEE 2023 exam today assessed it to be easy-moderate in difficulty.

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VITEEE Question Paper 2023

The VITEEE 2023 exam is administered in three slots each day, and applicants were given the option of selecting a session during the slot booking procedure. Here in this article, we will be discussed the VITEEE Question Paper 2023 of 18th April Slot 1 and 17th April. The VITEEE question paper 2023 has 125 questions from the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Aptitude, and English. Admission to BTech programs will be based on the VITEEE 2023 merit rank, which varies from year to year. Candidates having a rank of up to one lakh are eligible for counseling at the Vellore and Chennai VITEEE campuses.

VITEEE 2023 Exam Date, Syllabus, Eligibility, Pattern


VITEEE Question Paper 2023 PDF Memory Based 18th April

The applicants are not going to receive a printed copy of the VITEEE question paper 2023 because the VITEEE 2023 test will be computer-based. As a result, the VITEEE 2023 memory-based questions from the 18th April slot 1 exam, students may be found in this article. According to the student’s latest reaction – the mathematics section was difficult, and the physics section was easy to moderate. Questions from vector 3D and definite integration received the most weightage in the mathematics portion. Students assessed the arithmetic part as difficult and long overall.

VITEEE Slot Booking 2023 @viteee.vit.ac.in, Direct Link here


VITEEE 2023 Question Paper 18th April difficulty Level

The level of difficulty for each area of the VITEEE question paper 2023 is listed below. VITEEE Day 2 Slot 1 was held on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, from 9 AM to 11:30 PM. Today’s computer-based test was with 125 questions in 5 parts, although the weightage is unevenly distributed. Mathematics and Biology had the most weightage (40 questions), followed by physics and chemistry, each of which received 35 questions. English had the least weightage of 5 questions, whereas the aptitude part received 10 questions.

VITEEE Question Paper 2023 – 18th April Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level
Easy to Moderate
Maths Tough
English Easy
Chemistry Easy
Aptitude Easy


VITEEE Question Paper 2023 18th April Analysis

We will be receiving the memory-based VITEEE Question Paper 2023 questions shortly after the 18th April exam concludes from the test takers. Then, depending on the student’s responses, we will list the VITEEE 18th April Memory-based questions in this article, which will be developed by our topic specialists. According to a candidate who took the exam on April 1st, the difficulty level of the exam was moderate.


VITEEE 18th April Slot 1 Question Paper 2023

However, only the Mathematics section was tough and time-consuming in VITEEE 18th April Question Paper 2023, but the other sections were manageable. The VITEEE question paper 2023 Chemistry section in the first slot has an easy difficulty level. According to test takers on April 18th, the English and Aptitude difficulty level was Very Easy. Topics such as Vector 3D, Magnetum, and Definite Integration received the most weightage. The good attempt in VITEEE Question paper 2023 18th April can be 105 to 107 as of now according to subject matter experts.


VITEEE Question Paper 2023 17th April Analysis

The VITEEE Question paper 2023 memory-based question paper for the 17 April 2023 Slot 1 test is updated here. The difficulty level for Slot 1 17th April exam was Easy to Moderate. Whereas the difficulty level of VITEEE 2023 question paper 2023 of 17th April Slot 2 was Moderate. Here some of the questions based on student reaction asked in Slot 1 and Slot 2 exam is discussed below.

  • Catalytic dehydrogenation of primary alcohol will result in the formation of a ____.
  • A hydrogen atom electron in its fourth orbit returns to its ground state. What is the number of visible lines in the spectrum?
  • Determine the current flown by a solenoid of length 40 cm that is subjected to a magnetic field of 40 units.
  •  If the charge is 11 uC, how much current will flow in 56 minutes?
  • What are the probable flaws in NaCl?
  • Another name for Gypsum.
  •  Which of the four oxides listed below is the most dangerous?

VITEEE Question Paper 2023, 17 & 18 April PDF Download_9.1

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How can I get VITEEE question papers 2023 ?

The VITEEE question paper 2023 will be available for download from the official website, vit.ac.in.

Where can I get the analysis of the VITEEE 18th April question paper?

In this post, we have supplied you with a complete VITEEE Question paper 2023 analysis. Please read the entire material.

Where can I get the VITEEE 2023 question papers?

VITEEE question paper 2023 pdf may be downloaded from the official website - viteee.vit.ac.in.

What is the objective of completing VITEEE sample papers 2023?

Candidates complete a number of VITEEE sample papers to become acquainted with the test format and to assess their level of performance.

Is the amount of questions in the VITEEE question paper 2023 different from section to section?

Absolutely each section of the VITEEE exam syllabus will be weighted differently. However, the Physics and Chemistry portions will have a weightage of 28% each (with 35 questions in each).

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