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Tamil Nadu 10th English Question Paper 2024, Model Paper PDF

Tamil Nadu 10th English Question Paper 2024

The Directorate of Government Examinations (DGE) held the Tamil Nadu SSLC English Exam 2024 on March 28, 2024. Our team released the TN SSLC question paper and answer key for English and Tamil exam; bookmark this page to receive all papers as soon as possible. Students can find the TN English Question Paper 2024 with the answer key on this page. Aside from the TN Public exam questions, students should also practice the TN 10th English Model Paper as much as possible. Students can download the PDF from the links provided if they want to practice the TN SSLC English Model Paper 2024.

TN 10th English Public Exam Paper 2024: Highlights

Students and educators rated the Tamil Nadu SSLC English Question Paper 2024 as easy to moderate. The SSLC exam begins at 9.15 am.

Candidates are always encouraged to arrive at the exam center at least 30 minutes early for each paper. According to the Tamil Nadu Board, after the exam begins, students will have between 10 and 10.10 a.m. to review the TN 10th question papers. During this time, they are going to be able to choose which questions to try first. Let’s take a look at the key points from the Tamil Nadu 10th English Question Paper.

TN SSLC English Question Paper 2024
Particulars Details/Dates
Exam Conducting Body Tamil Nadu Directorate of Government Examinations (DGE)
Examination Name Tamil Nadu Class 10 Board Examination
Subject English
Session 2023-24
Tamil Nadu SSLC English Model paper 2024 PDF Available Here
Tamil Nadu Class 10th English Exam date 28th March, 2024
Check your next SSL exam TN SSLC Time table 2024
Mode Offline
Total Marks 100
Official Website dge.tn.gov.in

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TN Class 10 English Question Paper Pattern

The Tamil Nadu English question paper 2024 is worth 100 marks, and students have three hours to finish it. Section I of the English paper includes all mandatory questions. The TN SSLC English Question Paper 2024 has five sections. The TN board 10th exam was held in offline mode. The English question paper for the TN SSLC exam consists primarily of grammar, vocabulary, prose, and poetry. The Tamil Nadu class 10 exam pattern 2024 for English is shown below, divided into sections.

TN SSLC English Question Paper Pattern
Subjects Sections / Questions Marks
Total Questions
English (Paper I)
Section A 20
Section B 25
Section C 15
Section D 20
Section E 20
English (Paper II)
Section I 35
Section II 15
Section III 15
Section IV 35

TN SSLC English Question Paper 2024

The Tamil Nadu English Question Paper with Answer Key allows you to evaluate all of your answers and see how many were correct and incorrect. After practicing the TN SSLC English model question papers, try solving TN 10th english paper 2024 too. We have provided links to previous years’ original question papers for the TN 10th Quarterly Exam, along with answer keys in this page.

Download Link
TN 10th Public Exam English Question paper (Previous Year)

Tamil Nadu SSLC English Answer Key 2024

The Tamil Nadu Class 10 English Paper 2024 with Answers is available on this page. The Tamil Nadu English Answer Key 2024 assists students in determining correct and incorrect answers. Correct answers validate knowledge and hard work, increasing motivation and confidence. All of the answers are correct and have been checked for accuracy. In addition to the answer key, we offered student and subject professional feedback on the paper. Please leave feedback below if students think any of the answers need to be changed.

SSLC English Questions and Answers

Questions 1-5: Read the excerpt from ‘Vanka’ and answer the questions that follow.(5×1=5)

Vanka gave a sharp sigh and once more gazed at the window pane. He remembered his grandfather going to get a Christmas tree for the gentry and taking his grandson with him. Oh, what happy times those had been! Grandfather would give a chuckle, and the frost-bound wood chuckled, and Vanka, following their example, chuckled, too. Before chopping down the fir-tree, Grandfather would smoke a pipe, take a long pinch of snuff, and laugh at the shivering Vanka… The young fir-trees, coated with frost, stood motionless, waiting to see which one of them was to die. And suddenly a hare would come leaping over a snow-drift, swift as an arrow. Grandfather could never help shouting:
‘Stop it, stop it… stop it! Oh, you stub-tailed devil!

  • What does Vanka remember about his grandfather during Christmas?

Answer: He remembered his grandfather going to get a Christmas tree for the gentry and taking his grandson with him

  • Identify the word from the passage that means ‘to cut down a tree’.

    Answer: chopping down

  • Pick out a sentence that tells you, Vanka missed his happy times.

Answer: Oh, what happy times those had been!

  • What is the movement of the hare compared to ?

    Answer: chopping down

  •  How are the fir trees described in the passage?

Answer: The fir-trees were coated with frost; stood motionless, waiting to see which one of them was to die.

Questions 6-9: Read the lines from the poem ‘Lines written in Early Spring’ and answer the questions given below.

Through primrose tutts,
in that green bower,
The periwinkle trailed its wreaths;
And ’tis my faith that every flower
Enjoys the air it breathes.
The birds around me hopped and played,
Their thoughts I cannot measure:-
But the least motion which they made
It seemed a thrill of pleasure.

  • What feelings do the movement of the birds evoke in the poet’s mind?

    Answer: a thrill of pleasure

  • What is the poet’s faith?

Answer: Every flower enjoys the air it breathes

  • Pick out any two visual images from the stanzas given above.

Answer: primrose, periwinkle, birds, flowers (any two)

  • Identify the rhyme scheme followed in the lines given.

Answer: abab

Questions 11-15: Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow.

Everyone needs sleep, but its biological purpose remains a mystery. It is a fact that sleep is important in our daily routine. We spend about one-third of our time sleeping. Without proper sleep, one finds it difficult to concentrate and respond quickly to various situations.
Sleep is important to several brain functions, including the communication of nerve cells (neurons) with each other. Our brain and body stay remarkably active while we sleep. Recent research suggests that sleep plays a housekeeping role by removing toxins that are formed in our brain, while we are awake.
Lack of sleep affects almost every type of tissue and system in the body from the brain, heart, and lungs to metabolism, immune function and mood. Chronic sleep disorders increase the risk of diseases like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, and obesity.

  • How does lack of sleep affect our body?

    Answer: Lack of sleep affects almost every type of tissue and system in the bodyfrom the brain, heart and lungs to metabolism, immune function and mood

  • Our brain and body stay _____ while we sleep.
    (a) passive
    (b) active
    (c) still
    (d) idle

Answer: active

  • What is the finding of recent research mentioned in the passage?

    Answer: Recent research found that sleep plays a housekeeping role by removing toxins that are formed in our brain, while we are awake

  • How much time do we spend sleeping?

Answer: one-third of our time(8 hours)

  • Pick out a word from the passage that means ‘something difficult to understand

Answer: mystery.

Answer Key Download Link
TN 10th English Public Exam Answer Key (Previous Year)

Tamil Nadu SSLC English Model Paper 2024 PDF

Students should practice using this government model question paper to increase their chances of passing the public exam. DGE TN has released the Tamil Nadu 10th English Model Question Paper 2024. The question papers are in both Tamil and English. This Tamil Nadu Board Class 10 Model Paper contains sample questions from the Tamil subject based on the most recent syllabus and blueprint. As a result, by practicing with the TN Class 10 English Model Paper, you can score full marks in the Tamil Nadu 10th Public Exam 2024. You can now prepare for your exam by obtaining the TN SSLC English Sample Paper PDF using the link provided below.

TN SSLC Model Paper Download Link
 TN SSLC English Model Question Paper PDF 1 (2022)
Tamil Nadu SSLC English Model Question Paper PDF 2 (2020)

TN SSLC English Model Questions 2024


Choose the appropriate synonym for the italicised words.
1. Navika Sagar Parikrama was a project undertaken in consonance with the National Policy.
(a) connection
(b) agreement
(c) comparison
(d) arrangement
2. The little seagull even gnawed at the dried pieces of eggshell.
(a) chewed
(b) cackled
(c) swallowed
(d) craved
3.His idea of going away, made me forget all about his ruler and how cranky he was
(a) tyrannical
(b) strange
(c) powerful
(d) learned
Choose the appropriate antonym for the italicised words.
4. Technology … is also a boon to citizens with special needs.
(a) bonus
(b) bane
(c) blast
(d) block
5. They were the steps of a man walking mpidly around the dining-table.
(a) timidly
(b) silently
(c) slowly
(d) decently
fi. What was the selection process?
(a) rejection
(b) extension
(c) termination
(d) collection
7. Choose the correct plural form of loaf from the following:
(a) loafes
(b) loafs
(c) loafies
(d) loaves

8. Form a derivative by adding the right suffix to the word ‘appear’.
(a) – able
(b) – enice
(d) ance
9. Choose the correct expansion of the abbreviation III.
(a) Indian Institute of Telecommunication
(b) Indian Institute of Theology
(c) Indian Institute of Transportation
(d) Indian Institute of Technology
10. Complete the following sentence with the most appropriate phrasal verb given below. The sailors soon food and water.
(a) got along with
(b) stood up for
(c) ran out of
(d) looked up to
11. Choose the suitable option to pair it with the word ‘fare’ to form a compound word.
(a) engine
(b) play
(c) away
(d) well
12. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate preposition given below.
The child hid the stairs when the mother called her for a bath…
(a) among
(b) upon
(c) above
(d) under
13. Complete the following sentence using the most appropriate tense form of the verb given below.
If he her, she would have waited for him.
(a) has informed
(b) informed
(c) had informed
(d) was informing
14. Choose the most appropriate linker from the given four alternatives.
My uncle entered my house I was doing my homework.
(a) when
(b) since
(c) whenever
(d) after


Answer any three of the following questions in a sentence or two. 3×2-6
15. What woke up the mother?
16. What was the daily routine of Sanyal ?
17. Who arrested Smith? What were the charges against him?
18. What devices help David to move from one place to another?


Read the following sets of poetic lines and answer any three of the following. 3×2=6
19. My heart will keep the courage of the quest, And hope the road’s last turn will be the best.
(a) What kind of quest does the poet seek here?
(b) What is the poet’s hope ?
20. Began to complain when he found that, at home, His cupboard was empty, and winter was come.
(a) Who does ‘he’ refer to?
(b) Why was his cupboard empty?
21. We were taken from the ore-bed and the mine, We were melted in the furnace and the pit
(a) Who does ‘we’ refer to ?
(b) Where are they melted?
22. It never grows leaves,
Not in the winter, spring, summer or fall.. It just sits there, never getting small or ever growing tall.
(a) What does it refer to ?
(b) In what way is the tree a mystery?


Answer any three of the following. 3×2-6
23. Rewrite the following sentence in Active voice. You are advised not to be careless.
24. Change into indirect speech. Maya said, “When is Zigzag coming here?”
25. Punctuate the following sentence. the general is a woman yelled the soldiers.
26. Transform the following sentence into a simple sentence.
Ramesh changed his dress and went out to play.
27. Rearrange the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences.
(a) followed/suggestion/my/they
(b) hard-working/Mathew/was/businessman/a


Answer the following question.1×2=2
28. A stranger wants to visit the Museum. Write the steps to guide him to reach his destination.

Tamil Nadu 10th English Question Paper 2024, Model Paper PDF_4.1


Answer any two of the following in a paragraph. 2×5-10
29. Describe the struggle underwent by the young seagull to overcome its fear of flying.
30. Give a brief character sketch of Sasanka Sanyal
31. How do we use technology in our day-to-day lives?
32. Give an account of the last day of M. Hamel in school.


Answer any two of the following. 2×5-10
33. What is the central theme of the poem “No men are foreign’?
34. How are today’s women portrayed by the poet ?
35. Read the following stanza and answer the questions given below.

She’s a lioness; don’t mess with her.
She’ll not spare you if you’re a prankster.
Don’t ever try to saw her pride, her self-respect.
She knows how to thaw you, saw you so beware!

(3) Pick out the rhyming words from the above lines.
(ii) Write the rhyme scheme of the given stanza.
(ii) Identify the figure of speech employed here in this stanza.
(iv) Pick out the alliterating words in the fourth line.
36. Paraphrase the following stanza.
At night the house seems to be alive,
Lights flicker on and off. I am often tempted to go to the house, To just take a look and see what it is really about, But fear takes over me.


Answer any one of the following.
37. Rearrange the following sentences in coherent order. 1×5-5
(1) The King of Naples and Antonio repented the injustice they had done to Prospero.
(ii) Before Prospero left the island, he dismissed Ariel from his service.
(iii) He showed him his son Ferdinand playing chess with Miranda.
(iv) Our food lasted till we landed on this desert island.
(v) I will make you rich amends, by giving you my daughter.

38. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.
In total despair at their failure to wake Zigzag, or at least stop him snoring, they shut themselves in the bedroom that was furthest away from Mrs. Krishnan’s studio where Zigzag was creating the terrible din. Mrs. Krishnan was just unraveling a roll of cotton wool to stuff in her ears, when they heard their maid, Lakshmi, shrieking as if she had been electrocuted.
(1) Were they able to stop Zigzag from snoring?
(ii) Where did they shut themselves?
(iii) What was Mrs. Krishnan trying to do?
(iv) Who is Lakshmi?
(v) How did Lakshmi scream?


Answer any four of the following.4×5-20
39. Prepare an attractive advertisement using the hints given below.
Raj Apparels Aadi Sale 40% Special combo offers Buy 1 Get 1 – West street – Madurai.
40. Write a letter to the Manager of a popular children’s magazine, ordering subscription for your school library.
41. You are Aruna/Akash, the Literary Association Secretary of GHSS, Madurai. Prepare a notice on behalf of your school, inviting the students to participate in the oratorical competition to be conducted next month.
42. Look at the following picture and express your views on it in a paragraph of five sentences,

Tamil Nadu 10th English Question Paper 2024, Model Paper PDF_5.1

43. Make notes or write a summary of the following passage.
Dragon tales are known in many cultures, from the Americas to Europe, and from India to China. It’s not clear when or where stories of dragons first emerged, but the huge, flying serpents were described by the ancient Greeks and Sumerians.
The word ‘dragon’ comes from the ancient Greek word ‘draconta’, meaning ‘to watch’, suggesting that the dragons are responsible for guarding valuables. Dragons typically guard treasures such as mountains of gold coins or gems. Some dragons have wings; others don’t. Some dragons breathe fire; others can’t. Some are only a few feet long others span miles. Some live under the ocean; others can only be found in caves and inside the mountains.

44. Identify the errors in the following sentences and rewrite them correctly.
(a) I bought an book this morning.
(b) Sita goes to the market yesterday.
(c) We have not eaten anything from a long time.
(d) Sundar is either a cricket player nor a football player.
(e) We watched the sheeps grazing in the field.


45. Quote from memory. Some water, coal and drive. 1×5-5


46. Write a paragraph of about 150 words by developing the following hints.2×8-16
(a) True Story little boy named Peter rescues his fellowmen sees a small hole – water flows like a stream thrusts his fingerstops the leaking water next morning people repair the hole thank Peter.
(b) Mulan-woman of courage joins army fights well good leadership qualities – leads the troops – becomes General – Doctor reveals Mulan’s identity – again wins the battle Emperor appoints royal adviser Mulan returns home happily.

47. Read the following paragraph and answer the questions given below. Elephants are considered keystone and umbrella species as they play a key role
within the environment that they live in. As elephants live in herds and require large habitable areas, they tend to change the surrounding atmosphere from forests to grasslands and help to disburse the seeds in an ecosystem that has no natural means of pollinating the area. An elephant requires around 70 to 100 litres of water everyday. Therefore, the elephants in dry zones and dry seasons, dig holes in riverbeds in order to collect water and help sustain water for other species as well. The elephants’ habit of clearing the path they roam has acted as natural buffer zones when forest fires take place.
(a) What are the elephants considered as ?
(b) How many litres of water does an elephant require everyday?
(c) Where do they dig holes to collect water?
(d) What acts as buffer zones during the forest fires?
Read the following poem and answer the questions given below.
Books are what I like the best They’re not just toys like all the rest That break, or get old, or don’t want to play A book gets better everyday.
Sit down and open it-Soon you’ll find A whole new world jump up in your mind, People and places and all sorts of things – Dragons and princesses, goblins and kings.
Dinosaurs walking the earth like thunder, Ancient Egyptians who make you wonder, Books about planets and space exploration, The truth about rocks, and the birth of our nation.
And perhaps the most interesting story of all That tells of the Prince who is going to call, And even a picture to show how he looks- Now these are the things that I like about books.
(a) What jumps out of a book to take you to a new world?
(b) How do the dinosaurs walk?
(c) Why does the poet say that books are better than toys?
(d) What sort of books do you like to reed?

TN English Question Paper: Instruction

  • Check the printing on the question paper to ensure fairness. If there is a lack of fairness, notify the Hall Supervisor immediately.
  • Apply blue or black ink to write and underline.
  • In Part 1, answer all of the questions.
  • Choose the most appropriate answer from the four alternatives provided and record the
  • option code and corresponding answer in the first 14 MCQ questions.

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How can I download TN 10th English Model Paper 2024 pdf?

Tamil Nadu SSLC model question paper and previous years paper pdf links are available in this article.

What is the total marks of TN public exam english paper ?

The total marks of TN english exam question paper is 100.

How many hours students get to finish the Tamilnadu class 10 english paper?

Total 3 hours are given to answer the TN SSLC english question paper 2024.

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