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RBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2024 with Answer Key

The Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) conducted the RBSE Class 10 Maths exam on March 27, 2024. This exam paper was the last examination conducted for the compulsory subject. Now only the third language paper is to be conducted by the Rajasthan Board on the last working day in March. The RBSE Class 10 mathematics exam paper was held successfully as per the specified schedule. Students can now access the RBSE class 10 Maths question paper 2024 here.

RBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2024

The RBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2024 has been released by the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan (BSER) after the conclusion of the exam. The Rajasthan Board Class 10 Math Question Paper 2024 featured different types of questions from the standard syllabus prescribed by the RBSE. The RBSE Class 10th Mathematics Question 2024 Paper consisted of a range of diverse and challenging questions designed according to the exam pattern released earlier by the board.

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RBSE 10th Maths Question Paper 2024 PDF Download

The questions asked in the Rajasthan Board 10th Maths question paper on 27 March 2024 has given below for students in the PDF format. The question paper PDF provided here can be used as a reference for checking their answers with the help of the answer key. Students taking the RBSE 10th board exam in the upcoming years can use this paper for practice. Students can download the PDF f RBSE 10th Math question paper 2024 for free by clicking the download link.

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RBSE 10th Class Mathematics Question Paper Analysis 2024

The RBSE 10th class mathematics exam paper was of the moderate difficulty level. Almost all the questions were derived from the prescribed syllabus. Most of the objective-type questions were simple and straightforward. Students found some objective questions tricky. Students found the question paper to be a bit lengthy due to the subjective part. Subject experts also affirmed that the question paper was of the moderate level. Most of the objective and subjective questions were basic. Students who would have studied thoroughly would score high marks in this exam.

RBSE Class 10 Maths Board Paper Answer Key 2024

The Rajasthan Board Class 10th Maths answer key for the questions present in the March board exam question paper is provided here for students. The answers mentioned here is formulated by expert teachers, so that students can get the correct answer for all the questions. By going through the answer key, students will be able to calculate their overall marks for the Mathematics exam paper. The answer key for the objective questions is given hereunder.

Q. 1)

(i) A

(ii) C

(iii) D

(iv) B

(v) C

(vi) B

(vii) A

(viii) D

(ix) B

(x) B

(xi) C

(xii) A

(xiii) D

(xiv) B

Q. 2)

(i) 22

(ii) -1/2

(iii) 7cm

(iv) 10cm

(v) Mode

(vi) 15

(vii) 0

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RBSE Class 10th Maths Sample Paper

The Rajasthan Board Class 10th sample question paper 2024 has been formulated in both the English and Hindi language, just like the actual board paper. Students taking the class 10 math final exam can tackle these sample questions to better grasp the question paper format. Students will gain an understanding of the types of questions and themes that are important by practicing these questions. Solving these problems allows students to establish an effective time management approach for their final exam.

The RBSE 10th Class Mathematics sample paper is formulated by the expert board members who are also given the task of formulating the board exam paper. So it is highly likely that the questions featuring in the model paper can be asked in the exam as it is or with slight modifications. In the previous years’ exam papers too, the questions have been taken from the sample paper. Therefore, candidates advised to solve the Mathematics model paper with seriousness.

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Rajasthan Board 10th Maths Important Questions

Some of the most important questions for the RBSE 10th Maths final exam 2024 is given below. Students should revise these questions to score excellent marks.

Q) Is it possible to make a mango orchard whose length is twice the width and its area is 800 square meters? It yes, find its length and width. 

Q) Find two consecutive positive integers whose sum of squares is 365. 

Q) Find the ratio in which the point (-3, P) divides the points (-5, -4) and (-2. 3). Also find the value of P?

Q) Prove that the opposite of a quadrilateral circumscribed about a circle sides subtend angles Complement on center front arms. 

Q) The first term and last term of A.P. is 1 and 11 respectively. If the sum of its terms is 36 then find the number of terms.

Q) Two dice are thrown simultaneously. What is the probability that –
i. Equal marks will be obtained in both the dice.
ii. The sum of the numbers of both the dice will be 7.

Q) A chord of a circle of radius 12 cm subtends an angle of 60° at the centre. Find the areas of the corresponding minor and major circle segments.

Q) The length of a wall is 5 meters, width is 30 cm and height is 3 meters. How many bricks measuring 20 cm x 10 cm x 7.5 cm will be required to build a wall?

Q) The shadow of a tower standing on a level ground becomes 40 meters longer when the angle of elevation of the Sun decreases from 60° to 30°, find the height of the tower. 

Q) The value of the angle of each quadrant of a circle is-
(a) 30° (b) 45° (c) 60° (d) 90° 

RBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2024 with Answer Key_5.1

RBSE 10th Maths Question Paper 2024 Pattern

Students must know the Rajasthan Board 10th class maths exam paper pattern in advance so that they can perform well. The Rajasthan Board Class 10 Maths Question paper 2024 has a total of 22 questions. The question paper for Maths subject contains 4 sections in total. The sections present in the Rajasthan Class 10th mathematics question paper are Section A, Section B, Section C, and Section D. The sections are divided on the basis of question type and marks allocated for each question. The detailed pattern for each section of the question paper is given below.

  • The section A of the question paper consists of objective type questions. This section contains multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks and very short answer type questions. Each question in this section is worth 1 mark. There are 3 questions in this section with multiple sub-questions.
  • The section B of the question paper comprise short answer type questions worth 2 marks each. There are 12 questions in this section from Question Number 4 to 15.
  • The section C of the math question paper contains 4 questions from question number 16 to 19. The marks for each question of this section is 3. Questions in this part of the exam paper are short answer type.
  • The RBSE 10th Maths question paper’s section D contains long answer type questions. There are three questions in this section from Question Number 20 to 22. Each question of this section is worth 4 marks.

Unit Wise Weightage for RBSE Maths Class 10 Question Paper 2024

Students can check the unit-wise weightage of topics to plan their exam study accordingly. The weightage assigned to the unit clearly shows the significance of the specific topics.

Unit Name Marks
Number Systems 4
Algebra 18
Geometry 10
Coordinate Geometry 7
Trigonometry 13
Mensuration 11
Statistics and Probability 17
Total 80

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RBSE Sample Paper 2024 Class 10 PDF Download Maths

The RBSE 10th Maths Model Question Paper 2024 is provided below for class 10 board students. Students must solve the questions given in the model question paper with full honesty so that they can score excellent marks in the board exam. The model question paper pdf for the mathematics subject mentioned here is the exact copy of the board exam paper.

RBSE Class 10 Maths Model Question Paper 2024 PDF

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What is the total number of questions in the RBSE 10th class Mathematics exam paper?

The RBSE 10th Mathematics exam paper has a total of 22 questions with multiple sub-questions.

Does the Rajasthan Board 10th Mathematics exam paper contains multiple choice questions?

Yes, the Rajasthan Board 10th Mathematics exam paper contains 20 multiple choice questions.

How many sections does the RBSE 10th Maths question paper has?

The RBSE 10th maths question paper has 4 sections from Section A to Section D.

Where can students download the Rajasthan 10th Maths Model Paper 2024?

Students can download the Rajasthan Board 10th Maths model question paper 2024 from the above article.

How many marks are allocated for the RBSE class 10th Maths question paper 2024?

The RBSE Class 10 Maths theory exam paper is held for 80 marks.

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