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NEET Exam Total Marks 2024, Check NEET Marks Distribution

The NEET exam has undergone many changes recently, that includes revision in syllabus twice and the change in number of total questions. Along with that, the NEET exam pattern also altered by the introduction of two sections: A and B in the NEET exam paper. The NEET Exam total marks have however remained the same. But how come the change in questions did not affect the NEET (UG) total marks? Let us understand this by examining the NEET total marks and marks distribution.

NEET Exam Total Marks

The NEET exam total marks is 720. The NEET exam marks have remained the same since its re-implementation in 2016. Even the distribution of marks among its three subject sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology has been constant over the years. The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is the first step toward a lucrative medical career in India. Every year, thousands of aspiring doctors compete for limited slots in medical colleges, making NEET one of the most competitive exams in the country. Knowing the total marks and the marking scheme is essential for strategizing NEET preparation and maximizing the NEET score.


NEET Exam Total Marks 2024

The National Testing Agency (NTA) defines the NEET test pass mark as well as the marks required to qualify for the medical UG entrance exam. The total scores for NEET 2024 are 720, with 360 marks from Biology (Botany + Zoology), 180 marks from Physics, and 180 marks from Chemistry.

While the NEET UG qualifying marks have been changing every year due to the increase in competition and changes in other factors, the NEET exam total marks has remained fixed. The upcoming NEET 2024 will have a large number of seats accessible for students. Across India, there are about 1 lakh MBBS seats, 28,088 BDS seats, 52,720 AYUSH seats, 525 BVSc seats, and AH courses.

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NEET UG Total Marks 2024

The questions about the NEET 2024 passing marks for both the pre- and post-phase of the test are distinct. For pre-NEET UG 2024 preparation, applicants can use the NEET 2024 total marks to examine the distribution of NEET marks by subject/topic. After the NEET 2024 exam, aspirants can use the answer key to analyze the total marks they will receive in NEET or to calculate their predicted scores. Aspirants can read the article NEET pass mark 2024, which includes the exam pattern and benefits of total marks for both the pre and post-phases of the medical entrance exam.


NEET Exam Subject-Wise Total Marks

The number of questions have been increased in the NEET (UG) exam but the number of compulsory questions have remained the same. The NEET exam consists of 200 questions of which students need to answer 180 questions. Each question accounts for 4 marks. The questions have been divided into two parts: A and B. The subject-wise total marks for the NEET exam is given herein.

Subjects Number of Questions Marks
Physics 35 + 15 questions (only 10 questions compulsory from Part B) 180
Chemistry 35 + 15 questions (only 10 questions compulsory from Part B) 180
Botany 35 + 15 questions (only 10 questions compulsory from Part B) 180
Zoology 35 + 15 questions (only 10 questions compulsory from Part B) 180
Total 200 (180 compulsory questions) 720

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NEET Marks Distribution

The NEET 2024 test consists of 200 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), divided equally across Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology combined). However, candidates are only need to attempt 180 questions, 45 from each subject. Each correct answer is worth four points, while erroneous responses or more than one response are worth one point less. Remember that there is no negative grading for unanswered questions.

NEET Subject Marks
Physics 180
Chemistry 180
Biology 360
Total 720

NEET Exam Total Marks 2024, Check NEET Marks Distribution_5.1

NEET Passing Marks Out of Total Marks

The NEET passing marks out of total marks of 720 is difficult to predict as it depends on several factors. The NEET 2024 cut-off for general category applicants is the 50th percentile. SC/ST/OBC and general-PH aspirants have NEET qualifying marks in the 40th and 45th percentiles, respectively. According to the previous year’s cutoff, the NEET passing marks for the general category ranged from 720 to 137, while those for SC/ST/OBC were 136-107. Aspirants should keep in mind that the NEET result 2024 cutoff marks for each category are issued with the results.

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NEET Exam Total Marks After Exam

Candidates that take the NEET 2024 exam can profit significantly from their overall score. Candidates can calculate their expected NEET scores before the results are announced. Candidates can estimate their NEET scores by using the NEET answer key and following the marking scheme. Candidates can use the steps outlined below to obtain their NEET exam 2024 total score after completing the exam.

  • Candidates can tally their answers using the NEET official answer key 2024 once it is available.
  • Students should keep an eye on the code of the NEET 2024 question paper and the answer key when tallying.
  • Aspirants can locate the sets and language of the answer key on top of both the NEET answer key and the OMR sheet.
  • Medical students will then need to count the correct and incorrect replies to determine their NEET score in 2024. If a question has more than one answer, applicants should consider it unanswered.
  • The marking scheme discussed above in the article for NEET UG 2024 will be utilized to determine scores.
  • Candidates must apply the NEET marks calculation formula (given below) to calculate their NEET exam score.

NEET Exam Total Marks 2024, Check NEET Marks Distribution_6.1

Formula for NEET Exam Total Score

Candidates can derive their NEET exam total score by following the score calculation formula given hereunder. For this, students should have first match their answers with the official or expert answer key released after the exam. Checkout the NEET exam score calculation formula.

NEET UG Score = [4*(Number of Correct Responses)] – [1*(Number of Incorrect Responses)]

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What is the total marks for the NEET exam?

The total marks for the NEET exam is 720.

What is the section wise total marks for the NEET (UG) exam?

The section-wise marks distribution of the NEET UG exam is given below.
Physics: 180
Chemistry: 180
Biology: 360

What is the NEET 2024 passing marks?

The passing marks varies each years and are released after the result announcement. The general category's qualifying mark is set at the 50th percentile, whilst SC/ST/OBC applicants have distinct qualifying norms at the 40th percentile.

How can we calculate the NEET score of a student?

The NEET score of a candidate can be calculated after the release of the answer key. The formula to calculate the NEET score is given above.

How good is 600 marks out of 720 in NEET?

600 is a decent score that can get you into select private medical colleges or government colleges in less competitive states. However, entrance to premier government medical colleges requires a substantially higher score.

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