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Weightage of Chapters in NEET 2024 PDF Download by NTA

The NEET syllabus 2024 has undergone several changes and that in turn changed the NEET Chapter Wise weightage 2024 for the NEET This year examination. The NEET Syllabus has been released by the NMC for the NEET 2024 exam. The NEET 2024 detailed notification along with the information bulletin has also been released by the NTA that contains the detailed NEET Chapter wise Weightage 2024 for the upcoming NEET exam. The NEET UG 2024 exam is scheduled for 5 May 2024.

NEET Chapter Wise Weightage 2024

Students who are going to take the NEET 2024 exam must make sure that they know the NEET 2024 chapter wise weightage to strategize their preparation for scoring excellent marks. The NEET Chapter wise weightage 2024 has changed due to revisions in the NEET 2024 syllabus. There are chapters that have been added to each of the three subjects, even while some have been eliminated from the others. As a result, the weightage of the NEET 2024 chapters will alter.

There is currently no way to calculate the weightage assigned to the recently added chapters. We have removed the topics and weightage that were deleted from the NEET 2024 syllabus for the convenience of the applicants. The NEET chapter-wise weightage pdf from NTA will assist candidates taking the medical entrance exams in determining and scheduling the amount of time to spend on each topic/subject based on its weightage for the exam.


Weightage of Chapters in NEET 2024 by NTA

The NEET (UG) 2024 exam is approaching closer and the NTA has started the NEET UG registration process 2024 from 9 February onwards. So, students who are preparing for the NEET exam must go through the chapter-wise weightage as per the latest syllabus released by the NTA. The chapter-wise weightage for all the three subjects of the NEET exam: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany & Zoology) is based on the revised NTA NEET syllabus 2024. Check out the weightage of chapters in NEET 2024 exam for all subjects below.

NEET Physics Chapter Wise Weightage 2024

Laws of Motion, System of Particle and Rigid Body, Thermodynamics, Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism, Current Electricity, etc. are the most crucial chapters for the NEET Physics section. More time on these chapters is advised by experts. In addition to studying from NCERT and other reference materials, a candidate should concentrate on answering problems involving numbers in order to get good grades in Physics. The NEET Reduced Syllabus 2024 physics chapter-wise weightage for all units of the Class 11 and 12 syllabus is given below in the following table.

NEET 2024 Physics Chapter wise Weightage
Class 11 – NEET Physics Syllabus 2024 Chapter-wise Weightage  Class 12 – NEET Physics Syllabus 2024 Chapter-wise Weightage 
Chapters Weightage Chapters Weightage
Physical-world and measurement 2% Electrostatics 9%
Chapter–1: Physical World Chapter-1: Electric Charges and Fields
Chapter–2: Units and Measurements Chapter-2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
Kinematics 3% Current Electricity 8%
Chapter–3: Motion in a Straight Line Chapter-3: Current Electricity
Chapter–4: Motion in a Plane Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism 5%
Laws of Motion 3% Chapter-4: Moving Charges and Magnetism
Chapter–5: Laws of Motion Chapter-5: Magnetism and Matter
Work, Energy and Power 4% Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current 8%
Chapter–6: Work, Energy and Power Chapter-6: Electromagnetic Induction
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body 5% Chapter-7: Alternating Current
Chapter–7: System of Particles and Rotational Motion Electromagnetic Waves 5%
Gravitation 2% Chapter-8: Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter–8: Gravitation Optics 10%
Properties of Bulk Matter 3% Chapter-9: Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
Chapter–9: Mechanical Properties of Solids Chapter-10: Wave Optics
Chapter–10: Mechanical Properties of Fluids Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation 6%
Chapter–11: Thermal Properties of Matter Chapter-11: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
Thermodynamics 9% Atoms & Nuclei 3%
Chapter–12: Thermodynamics Chapter-12: Atoms
Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory 3% Chapter-13: Nuclei
Chapter–13: Kinetic Theory Electronic Devices 9%
Oscillation & Waves 3% Chapter-14: Semiconductor Electronics
Chapter–14: Oscillations    
Chapter–15: Waves


NEET Chemistry Chapter Wise Weightage 2024

The NEET Chemistry section consists topics from Physical, Inorganic, and Organic chemistry. The NEET Syllabus 2024 chemistry chapter-wise weightage for all units of the Class 11 and 12 syllabus is given below in the following table.

NEET Chemistry Chapter wise Weightage 2024
Class 11 – NEET Chemistry Syllabus 2024 Chapter- wise Weightage  Class 12 – NEET Chemistry Syllabus 2024 Chapter-wise Weightage 
Chapters Weightage Chapters Weightage
Basic Concepts of Chemistry 1% Solid State 2%
Structure of Atom 2% Solutions 5%
Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties 2% Electrochemistry 2%
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 5% Chemical Kinetics 3%
States of Matter: Gases and Liquids 2% Surface Chemistry 2%
Thermodynamics 8% Isolation of Elements 2%
Equilibrium 6% p-Block Elements 5%
Redox Reactions 3% d- and f-Block Elements 4%
Hydrogen   Coordination Compounds 9%
s-Block Elements 2% Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 3%
Some p-Block Elements 2% Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 4%
Organic Chemistry: Basic Principles & Techniques 4% Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 4%
Hydrocarbons 3% Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen 2%
Environmental Chemistry 2% Biomolecules 3%
Chemistry in Everyday Life 2% Polymers 3%

NEET Biology Chapter Wise Weightage 2024

The biology section is very important for the NEET exam as half of the total questions are asked from this section. The chapter wise weightage  for NEET 2024 Biology syllabus pdf from NTA will assist applicants in determining and planning the time to be given to a topic/subject based on its weightage for the NEET exam. The tables below show the NEET 2024 Biology chapter weightage and units in the class 11 and 12 syllabus. This analysis is based on previous years’ trends.

NEET 2024 Biology Chapter wise Weightage 
Class XI
Unit Topic / Chapters Weightage
I Diversity of Living Organisms
Chapter-1: The Living World
Chapter-2: Biological Classification
Chapter-3: Plant Kingdom
Chapter-4: Animal Kingdom
II Structural Organisation in Plants & Animals
Chapter-5: Morphology of Flowering Plants
Chapter-6: Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Chapter-7: Structural Organisation in Animals
III Cell: Structure and Function
Chapter-8: Cell-The Unit of Life
Chapter-9: Biomolecules
Chapter-10: Cell Cycle and Cell Division
IV Plant Physiology
Chapter-11: Transport in Plants
Chapter-12: Mineral Nutrition
Chapter-13: Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
Chapter-14: Respiration in Plants
Chapter-15: Plant – Growth and Development
V Human Physiology
Chapter-16: Digestion and Absorption
Chapter-17: Breathing and Exchange of Gases
Chapter-18: Body Fluids and Circulation
Chapter-19: Excretory Products and Their Elimination
Chapter-20: Locomotion and Movement
Chapter-21: Neural Control and Coordination
Chapter-22: Chemical Coordination and Integration
NEET Biology Chapter wise Weightage 2024
Class XII 
Unit Topic / Chapters Weightage
VI Reproduction
Chapter 1: Reproduction in Organisms
Chapter 2: Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Chapter 3: Human Reproduction
Chapter 4: Reproductive Health
VII Genetics and Evolution
Chapter 5: Principles of Inheritance and Variation
Chapter 6: Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Chapter 7: Evolution
VIII Biology and Human Welfare
Chapter 8: Human Health and Diseases
Chapter 9: Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
Chapter 10: Microbes in Human Welfare
IX Biotechnology and its Applications
Chapter 11: Biotechnology – Principles and Processes
Chapter 12: Biotechnology and its Application
X Ecology and Environment
Chapter 13: Organisms and Populations
Chapter 14: Ecosystem
Chapter 15: Biodiversity and Its Conservation
Chapter 16: Environmental Issues
Total 100%


NEET Chapter Wise Weightage: Physics Important Topic

Here is a list of a few basic physics chapters that were commonly asked and can be noted as essential when studying, based on an analysis of the NEET 2023 examination paper’s physics section. To improve your score, revise these NEET 2024 physics important topics at least three times.

NEET Chapter wise Weightage Physics Important Topics
Work, Energy, and Power
Modern Physics
Rotational Motion
Heat and Thermodynamics
Laws of Motion
Magnetism and Current Electricity
Electrostatics and Semiconductors
Ohm’s Law
Electromagnetic waves and Electromagnetic induction
Types of Lens and Reflection of Light
Angular Momentum
Poisson’s Ratio
Units of Force and Conversion of Units
Velocity and Waves

NEET Chapter Wise Weightage: Chemistry Important Topics

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, as well as each of its chapters, are all equally important for the upcoming NEET 2024 examination. After evaluating the NEET examination paper chemistry section, below is a list of a few essential chemistry chapters that were commonly asked. Revise this NEET chemistry syllabus 2024 important topics as much as possible to better understand the concepts.

  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Equilibrium
  • Hydrocarbons
  • S, P, D, and F-Block Elements
  • Molecular Structure and Chemical bonding
  • Atomic Structures
  • Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids
  • Coordination Compounds
  • Hybridization
  • Electron Configuration
  • Charles S Law
  • Aufbau Principle
  • Mole Concept
  • Atomic numbers along with symbols and 118 Elements
  • Periodic Classification of Elements
  • Hund’s Rule
  • Oxidation and Reduction

NEET Chapter Wise Weightage: Biology Important Topics

However, based on an analysis of the NEET 2023 question paper, below is a list of several fundamental biology chapters that were frequently asked and can be recognized as significant while preparing. After finishing the entire NEET 2024 biology syllabus, review the following important topics to skyrocket your score.

NEET Chapter wise Weightage Biology Important Topics
Human Physiology
Plant Physiology
Cell Structure and their Function
Human Heart
Respiration and Alimentary Canal
Human Digestive System
Cell Prokaryotic Cell and Eukaryotic Cell


NEET Weightage 2024: Physics Chapter Wise Questions

Candidates studying for the NEET Physics portion should examine the topic-wise question allocation from all chapters, as shown in the table below. This assists in gaining a better understanding of the topics that should be given greater emphasis and can result in positive outcomes in the examination.


NEET Physics 2024 Topics for Question Paper
Number of Questions
Alternating Current – Average, peak and rms values 3
Capacitance – Definition of capacitance 1
Current Electricity – Definition of Current, Current Densities, Drift 5
Surface Tension – Surface tension, Surface energy and capillary rise 1
Wave Optics – Principle of superposition, path difference, Wavefronts, and coherence 1
Projectile Motion – Definition, Projectile on a horizontal plane 1
Friction – Kinetic friction 1
Gravitation – Universal law of gravitation 2
Modern Physics – Photoelectric Effect 5
Rigid Body Dynamics – Kinematics 5
Sound Wave – Equation of sound wave, wavelength, frequency, pressure and displacement amplitude 1
Geometric Optics – Plane Mirror 3
Electromagnetic Waves 2
Newton’s Law of Motion – Type of forces, newton’s third law, free body diagram 1
KTG and Thermodynamics – Kinetic Theory of gases 2
Solid and Semiconductor – Semiconductor, Energy Band 3
Measurement Error 2
Electro Magnetic Field – Magnet and Magnetic field due to a moving charge 3
Electro Magnetic Induction – Flux and Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction 1
Electrostatics – Properties of charge and Coulomb’s Law 3
Rectilinear Motion – Distance and Displacement 2
Fluid Mechanics – Measurement and calculation of pressure 1
Work, Power, Energy – Work Done By Constant Force 2
Elasticity and Viscosity – Elastic behavior longitudinal stress, young modulus 2
Simple Harmonic Motion – Equation of SHM 1

NEET 2024 Chemistry Weightage: Number of Questions Per Chapter

In NEET 2023, Inorganic Chemistry received the most questions, followed by Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Candidates preparing for the NEET chemistry part should examine the topic-wise question arrangement from all chapters, as shown in the table below. This assists in gaining a better understanding of the topics that must be given more priority and can result in satisfactory outcomes in the examination.


NEET Chemistry Question Distribution 2024 – Class 11
Unit Chapters
Number of Questions
I Basic Concepts in Chemistry 2
II Atomic Structure 2
III Elements’ classification and periodicity in properties 1
IV Bonding between chemicals and molecular structure 2
V Liquids and gases are states of matter 2
VI Thermodynamics 1
VII Equilibrium 2
VIII Redox Reactions 1
IX Hydrogen
X s-Block Element 2
XI Several p-Block Elements 2
XII Organic Chemistry: Basic Concepts and Methods 4
XIII Hydrocarbons 3
XIV The Chemistry of the Environment 1
NEET Chemistry Question Distribution 2024 – Class 12
Unit Topic / Chapters
Number of Questions
I Solid State 2
II Solutions & Colligative Properties 2
III Electrochemistry 3
IV Chemical Kinetics 2
V Surface Chemistry 1
VI General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements 1
VII p-Block Elements 2
VIII Elements of the d- and f-Blocks 1
IX Coordination Compounds 2
X Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 1
XI Phenols, alcohols, and ethers 2
XII Carboxylic Acids, Ketones, and Aldehydes 3
XIII Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen 2
XIV Biomolecules 1
XV Polymers 1
XVI Chemistry in everyday life 1

Weightage of Chapters in NEET 2024 PDF Download by NTA_9.1

Chapter Wise Question Weightage in NEET 2024 Biology

The number of questions that can be asked from each of the chapters in the NEET Biology syllabus is given below for the NEET 2024 exam. The NEET UG exam is worth 720 marks, with the Biology section alone worth 360 points. In other words, the Biology section of the NEET contains 90 questions, while the Botany and Zoology sections each contain 45.

The questions asked in the Biology section of NTA NEET are generally straightforward and concept-based, allowing well-prepared students to score higher marks. Therefore, a solid grasp of Biology can help student boost their overall score.  We examined NEET question papers and chapter-by-chapter weightage for NEET 2024. The questions numbers asked in past years’ NEET exams are chapter wise discussed in detail.

NEET Biology 2024 Chapter wise Questions
No. of Questions
The Living World 1
Biological Classification 1
Plant Kingdom 5
Animal Kingdom 4
Morphology of Flowering Plants 2
Anatomy of Flowering Plants 3
Structural Organisation in Animals 3
Digestion and Absorption 2
Breathing and Exchange of Gases 3
Body Fluids and Circulation 3
Transport in Plants 1
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants 4
Respiration in Plants 1
Plant Growth and Development 3
Cell: The Unit of Life 2
Biomolecules 3
Cell Cycle and Cell Division 7
Locomotion and Movement 4
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering plants 3
Human Reproduction 3
Reproductive Health 3
Principles of Inheritance and Variation 2
Molecular Basis of Inheritance 10
Evolution 1
Human Health and Disease 3
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production 3
Microbes in Human Welfare 1
Biotechnology: Principles and Processes 6
Biotechnology and its Applications 5
Organisms and Populations 4
Ecosystem 3
Environmental Issues 1

NEET Biology Chapter wise Weightage 2024 for Botany

As we know that the NEET Biology section is divided into Botany and Zoology, one must prepare for both the parts thoroughly. Below the table shows NEET chapter-wise weightage for Biology – botany Part. This analysis is based on previous years’ trends.


NEET Biology Chapter-wise Weightage 2024 – Botany
Biology Topics
Weightage of the Chapter (In percentage)
The average No. of Questions came in the exam
Plant Diversity 12% 7
Plant Anatomy 4% 2
Morphology of Flowering Plants 7% 4
Cell Structure & Function 10% 6
Bio-molecule 3% 2
Plant Physiology 13% 8
Plant Reproduction 9% 5
Genetics and Evolution 24% 15
Ecology and Environment 16% 10
Total 100%

NEET 2024 Biology Chapter-wise Weightage for Zoology

Candidates must, however, allocate their time wisely among the many chapters asked in zoology. Candidates should strive to revise the most relevant topics for NEET 2024 on a regular basis. This will assist them in remaining equipped for the examination, whenever it is held. students can organize their studies appropriately including multiple revisions. Here NEET Biology chapter wise weightage 2024 for zoology topics are discussed below.


NEET 2024 Biology Chapter-wise Weightage – Zoology
Biology topics
Weightage of the Topic (In percentage)
Average No. of Questions from the Chapter
Animal Kingdom 10% 3
Structural Organization in Animals 5% 2
Human Physiology 45% 13
Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health 18% 5
Origin & Evolution 10% 3
Animal husbandry 3% 1
Biology and Human Welfare 2% 1
Human Health & Diseases 9% 3
Total 100%

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Weightage of Chapters in NEET 2024 PDF Download

The NTA has formally released the latest chapter wise syllabus PDF for the NEET 2024 on its official website. The weightage of chapters in neet 2024 pdf download is primarily divided into three sections: biology, chemistry, and physics. Both botany and chemistry are included in the biology topics, and chapter-wise weighting will be explained for each component. This NEET 2024 chapter-by-chapter weighting aids and counsels students in effectively preparing for the entrance exam. The PDF released by the NTA on behalf of the NMC is given below.

Chapter wise Weightage for NEET 2024 PDF by NTA

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What is the weightage of each subjects in the NEET 2024 exam?

The weightage for each of the three subjects of the NEET exam is given below.
Physics: 25% weightage
Chemistry: 25%
Biology: 50%

What is the total number of questions in the NEET 2024 exam?

The NEET 2024 exam will consist of 200 questions in total, of which students will have to answer 180 questions.

Name some high weightage chapters for the NEET exam?

The most weighted subjects in NEET 2024 are Carbon Compounds and Thermodynamics from Chemistry, and Optics and Thermodynamics from Physics. The NEET 2024 chapter weightage for Biology is higher for Diversity from Living Organisms, Human Physiology, Genetics, and Evolution.

IS NCERT enough to prepare for the NEET 2024 exam?

It goes without saying that the NCERT is the most crucial book for NEET test preparation. However, candidates are encouraged to read through more top NEET 2024 books to gain a deeper understanding of concepts and formulas.

What are some of the high weightage chapters in chemistry section of NEET exam?

Surface Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Hydrocarbons, Thermodynamics, etc. are some of the high weightage chapters in the Chemistry section of the NEET exam.

Name some key chapters for the Physics section of the NEET exam.

The NEET exam paper will contain 50 questions in the Physics subject. The study of kinematics, the law of motion, current electricity, etc., is among the key subjects.

Which topics are important for the Biology subject in context to NEET exam?

Reproduction, Human Physiology, Diversity in Living Organisms, Genetics and Evolution, etc. are important topics for the NEET Biology section.

What is the maximum marks in the NEET exam?

The maximum marks in the NEET exam is 720.

Should I study only high weightage topics?

While studying and prioritizing high weightage topics are important, one must make sure to cover the entire syllabus to get a good rank in the exam.

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