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The Tiger King Class 12: About the Chapter

The tale “The Tiger King” is a satire on the arrogance and obstinacy of those in positions of authority. The author transports us to the era of tyrannical and peculiar kings. These kings fear the British because they formerly lived under their tyranny. The majority of the time, the rulers preferred to engage in silly activities rather than helping the populace and working for their well-being. They disregarded all laws and twisted them to serve their own personal agendas. The Maharaja of Pratibandapuram attempted to deny what his fate had decreed. The chief astrologer had foreseen that a tiger would be the cause of his demise. The King made every effort to disprove the prophecy. His tiger-hunting campaign was a great success. Until he killed 99 tigers, all of his techniques and clever ideas were successful. But he died before he caught the hundredth tiger. The irony of fate brings to the Maharaja’s abrupt demise. The only remaining tiger was unkillable by the hero who had already killed 89 of them. The last tiger he believed to be extinct lived. The King’s arrow had been off-target. Ironically, the 100th tiger that killed him wasn’t a vicious creature made of blood and flesh. It was a tiger made of wood. His right hand was wounded by one of the wood chips, which resulted in an infection and a suppurating sore. He eventually died as a result of it.

The Tiger King Class 12 Question Answers: Video Explanation

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