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Do or Die Chapters for NEET 2024

In every exam syllabus, there are some particular chapters that hold the most weight in the exam. Those chapters can be called Do or Die Chapters for NEET 2024. These most important chapters need more attention from you in your NEET 2024 Preparation. It will be easier for candidates to get into an excellent All India Rank if they work hard on these NEET 2024 do-or-die chapters.

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Most Important Do or Die Chapters for NEET 2024

The path to success in the NEET 2024 exam necessitates a deliberate approach, hard-core practice, and prioritizing Do or Die chapters during preparation. These chapters are extremely important in NEET 2024 preparation and can guarantee your success. The difficult part is to recognize these chapters and we did this work for you. We have listed all the most important chapters from Botany, zoology, physics, and chemistry. this will allow NEET aspirants to focus their efforts on the important ones that bear the most weight in the examination.

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Why should students prepare Do or Die Chapters for NEET 2024?

  • If students prepare to Do or Die Chapters For NEET 2024 well, it has a ripple effect across their entire NEET preparation 2024. Because studying most of the scoring chapters more automatically influences performance in the NEET UG 2024 exam.
  • Identifying high-weightage physics, chemistry, and biology chapters is an important step in your NEET preparation. Candidates need to do a thorough review of NEET previous years’ question papers and exam patterns to find these chapters. And after this Priority should be given to those topics with consistent study and practice.
  • As students study deeper into these important chapters, the complex concepts of these chapters will be cleared. They will be able to attempt more questions in their NEET 2024 entrance exam.

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Most Scoring Do or Die Biology Chapters for NEET 2024

Some biology chapters hold a lot of weight in NEET exams. Focusing on the most important chapters for NEET 2024 can help aspirants pass the medical entrance exam with ease. Human Physiology, Genetics, structural organization of animals & plants, and Ecology are fundamental and recurring chapters, so preparing for these chapters is critical for NEET 2024 preparation.

Biology Do or Die Chapters For NEET 2024
Important Chapters 
Weightage %
Human Physiology
Genetics and Evolution
Cell Structure and Function
Reproduction 7
Biology and Human Welfare
Structural Organization in Animals and Plants
Biotechnology and Its Applications
Plant Physiology
Ecology 12
Diversity in Living World

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NEET 2024 Biology Important Chapter Wise Questions

According to the NEET marks distribution, the NEET full marks biology exam can be worth up to 360 points. So focus on the following important chapters to get maximum marks in the Biology section.

Important chapters for NEET 2024 – Botany
important chapters Total Class
Biology in Human Welfare 1 XII
Cell & Cell Cycle 5 XI
Diversity of Life 5 XI
Ecology 6 XII
Genetics 6 XII
Plant Physiology 8 XI
Reproduction & Sexual Reproduction 4 XII
Structural Organisation of Plants 5 XI
Animal Husbandry & Biotechnology 7 XII
Evolution: Theories & Evidences 1 XII
Biomolecules 2 XI
Total 50

Do or Die Chapters for NEET 2024_60.1

Zoology important chapters for NEET 2024
Important Chapter Total Class
Biology in Human Welfare 2 XII
Animal Kingdom 5 XI
Animal Husbandry & Biotechnology 6 XII
Evolution 1 XII
Genetics 5 XII
Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health 6 XII
Biomolecules 3 XI
Structural Organisation in Animals 4 XI
Human Health & Disease 1 XII
Human Physiology 10 XI
Cell Structure and Function 4 XI
Ecology 3 XII
Total 50

Do or Die Chemistry Chapters for NEET 2024

The process of determining which chapters are essential for success in NEET 2024 entails evaluating their past performance in previous exams, recognizing common question types, and gaining additional points in NEET chemistry. To gain a solid understanding of organic chemistry, concentrate on chapters such as Hydrocarbons, Biomolecules, and Aldehydes.

Do or Die Chemistry Chapters For NEET 2024
Important Chapters
Weightage %
Coordination Compounds
Chemical Thermodynamics
Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Equilibrium 10


NEET 2024 Chemistry Important Chapter Wise Questions

The NEET chemistry question pattern for the NEET 2024 exam consists of 35 + 15 questions (180 marks). Going through the most important Chemistry chapters for NEET leads to a good result in the neet entrance test.

Chemistry important chapters for NEET 2024
section Total Class
Organic Chemistry 6 XI
Organic Chemistry 11 XII
Inorganic Chemistry 8 XI
Inorganic Chemistry 11 XII
Physical Chemistry 6 XI
Physical Chemistry 8 XII
Total 50


Do or Die Most Scoring Chapters of Physics for NEET 2024

A comprehensive and strategic approach ensures a good grip in these physics chapters, which contributes significantly to overall NEET success. Topics with high weightage, such as optics and thermodynamics, should not be overlooked.

Do or Die Physics Chapters For NEET 2024
Physics Important Chapters
Mechanics 20
Waves and Oscillations
Modern Physics
Optics 15
Electromagnetic Induction

NEET 2024 Physics Important Chapter Wise Questions

Candidates can go through the most important Physics chapters for NEET, which they should focus on first to avoid any inconvenience.

Important Chapter-wise Questions of Physics
chapter name Total Class
Electricity 10 XII
Modern Physics 8 XII
Optics 4 XII
Mechanics 16 XI
Heat & Thermodynamics 2 XI
Magnetism 10 XII
Waves 0 XI
Total 50


How to study scoring Do or Die chapters to maximize your NEET score?

When preparing for NEET 2024 some of the chapters really help in the do-or-die situation to boost our score.  And these do-or-die chapters need more attention than others. While reviewing the NEET important do or die chapters, aspirants are advised to keep the following points in mind.

  1. Make a list of these chapters from physics, chemistry, and biology, and keep proper track of it.
  2. Revise these concepts on a regular basis with 1-week intervals.
  3. Candidates are advised to read expert opinions or toppers’ strategies on what every aspirant must do before diving into the do-or-die NEET chapters.
  4. As much as possible, practice NEET 2024 mock tests and the previous year’s papers.
  5. Plan your studies carefully by prioritizing these chapters.

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