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Maharashtra HSC Class 12th Economics Board Paper 2024, Answer Key PDF

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education conducted the Maharashtra HSC Economics exam 2024 on 9 March 2024 in a single shift. The Maharashtra Board allows students from all the streams to take the Economics examination in class 12. Only a single Economics exam paper is held for all the streams. we are offering students the  Maharashtra HSC Economics question paper 2024 with solutions along with the previous year’s papers for acing the next year’s exam. Also, the Maharashtra HSC Economics Answer Key 2024 PDF is provided here, download and match your answers.

Maharashtra HSC Economics Model Paper 2024

The Maharashtra Board has released the Maharashtra HSC Economics model paper 2024 for students going to attend the 12th Economics paper. The model paper is based on the latest exam pattern and contains questions that are trending and most likely to appear in the exam. The sample paper with answers helps students master their concepts and increase their scoring ability. The model paper contains the same number of questions that the actual board paper consists of. The Maharashtra HSC Economics paper consists of 6 main questions with many sub-questions.

Maharashtra HSC 12th Economics Board Paper 2024

The 12th economics board paper 2024 was released by the Maharashtra State Board after the conclusion of the examination on 6 March 2024. Similarly, the Maharashtra HSC Economics question paper 2024 was released after its conclusion. After the exam is over, students can download the HSC Economics Paper 2024 of the Maharashtra State Board in PDF format from here. Along with the question paper, students can also get the answer key for the HSC Economics question paper. To score high marks in the exam, students can download the model question paper with answers and the previous year’s Economics HSC papers below.

Check: Maharashtra HSC Date Sheet 2024

Maharashtra HSC Economics Paper Analysis 2024

  • Students responded well to the Maha HSC Class 12 Economics Paper.
  • Many students found the paper to be organized as well as balanced in difficulty.
  • Experts believe that students with an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter would have been able to handle the paper effectively.
  • Students stated happiness with their performance and hope for positive results.
  • Some students particularly enjoyed the application-based questions, which tested their knowledge of real-life scenarios.
  • Experts and teachers agree that the paper covered a broad range of topics, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding of macroeconomic concepts.
  • While there were some difficult questions, especially in the application-based sections.
 Maharahtra Class 12 Economics Paper Analysis – Difficulty Level
Overall difficulty level of the paper
Easy to moderate
Overall expected a good score 60 to 65
Difficulty level of 1-mark questions Easy
10-mark questions Moderate
Difficulty level of 8-mark Questions Moderate
12-mark Questions
Moderate to Difficult

Maharashtra HSC Economics Answer Key 2024

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE)  administered the Maharashtra HSC Economics exam in an offline format on March 9, 2024. Both Macro Economics and Micro Economics-related questions are included in the Maharashtra Economics HSC paper 2024. The Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Economics paper carries 80 marks in the final exam. Candidates need to perform well in the internal assessments to get 20 marks. Now match answers from the given Maharashtra HSC Economics Answer Key 2024.

HSC Economics Answer Key 2024 – QUESTION 1(A)
Questions No Answer Codes
i (3) Only c
ii (4) a,c,d
iii (2) a,b,c
iv (2) a,b,c
v (4) Only d

Maharashtra Economics Paper HSC 2024 Answer Key

Students are given hours to solve the Maharashtra State Board HSC Economics Paper 2024. The HSC Economics exam is being administered during the evening shift. At 3 PM, the Maharashtra HSC Economics Board Paper 2024 began. At 6:00 PM, the HSC Economics exam came to an end. It is significant to remember that students do not receive additional time to read the question paper’s questions. The 2024 Maharashtra HSC Economics paper consists of questions from the prescribed syllabus.

Maharashtra HSC Economics Answer Key 2024 – QUESTION 1(B)
Questions No Answer Codes
i Market demand
ii Static concept
iii Zero budget
v Land


Maharashtra HSC Economics Answer Key 2024 – QUESTION 1(C)
Questions No Answer Codes
Increase in demand
ii Demand deposit
Price Discrimination
iv marginal cost
Income elasticity of demand


Maharashtra HSC Economics Answer Key 2024 – QUESTION 1(D)
Questions No Answer Codes
i partial
ii product method
iii Service utility
perfectly inelastic
v Increase

12th Economics Question Paper in Marathi PDF with Solutions

The important sample paper questions in the PDF form for the Maharashtra Board Class 12 Economics subject are provided below. These model questions have a high chance of appearing in the board paper on 9 March. The pdf contains questions and answers to the questions given in the practice paper. The answers provided will help students whenever they get stuck in a complicated question. The Economics important questions class 12 state board 2024 pdf with solutions is given below.

Maharashtra 12th Economics with Answers

Economics Question Paper 2024 Class 12 PDF Maharashtra Board

The Maharashtra state board class Economics previous year question papers 2024, 2022- 2023 pdf is provided below for the upcoming board exam. In addition to studying the full syllabus, students should also practice the previous year’s Economics question papers of the Maharashtra 12th HSC Board to enhance their exam preparation. The previous year papers serve as the best reference material that resembles the actual board paper.

Maharashtra HSC Economics Question Paper 2023 PDF

Maharashtra HSC Economics Question Paper 2022 with Answers PDF

Economics Paper Pattern HSC 2024 with Weightage

The Weightage of the Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Paper 2024 for the Economics subject is provided below. The weightage tells students about the importance of every chapter in the exam and how many questions are expected from each chapter. Students should focus more on solving the high-weightage chapters first. Check out the Maharashtra state board class 12 Economics paper weightage for the Maharashtra board exam 2024.

HSC Economics Paper 2024 Weightage

Economics Paper HSC 2024 Answer Key

Our expert faculty publishes the answer key for different subjects of the Maharashtra Board HSC exam papers after the exam gets over. For the Economics question paper 2024 too, the answer key will be provided by us. The answers to the questions that were asked on the board test are included in the answer key. After finishing their exam, students need to make sure that their answers match to the solutions given on this page. The answer key for the objective-type questions asked in the board exam. Check out the Maharashtra HSC Economics answer key 2024.

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Economics Question Paper Class 12 Maharashtra State Board PDF 2024

The Economics question paper for Class 12 Maharashtra state board is being provided below in the PDF form for students who took the board exam as well as those who will be taking the board exam next year. The question paper can be used as a reference source for checking the answers from the answer key to be provided in the article. Students should keep checking the page to get the Economics board paper 2024 on the exam day.

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Maharashtra 12th Economics Important Questions 2024

Some of the important questions that are expected to appear in the HSC Class 12 final exam 2024 is listed below. The complete question bank of important board questions can be download in the article below. Answers to the important questions will be provided shortly.

Q) Give economic terms:
i. Branch of economics that deals with small part of national economy –
ii. Average of all prices of goods and services currently being produced in an economy –
iii. Utility that arises when ownership of goods is transferred from one person to another –
iv. Aggregate of utility derived by the consumer from all units of a commodity consumed –
v. Total demand for a commodity from all the consumers at a given price during a given period of time.
vi. Demand for a commodity which can be put to several uses –
vii. Degree of responsiveness of a change in quantity demanded to a change in the income of the consumer –
viii. Infinite change in the quantity demanded of a commodity taking place due to slight or zero change in the price –
ix. Rise in the quantity supplied of a commodity due to a rise in its price, other factors remaining constant –

Q) Distinguish between:
i. Slicing method and Lumping method
ii. Partial equilibrium and General equilibrium
iii. Time utility and Place utility
iv. Total utility and Marginal Utility
v. Direct demand and Indirect demand
vi. Joint/Complementary demand and Composite demand
vii. Individual demand schedule and Market Demand Schedule
viii. Demand curve and Supply Curve
ix. Expansion of demand and Contraction of demand
x. Increase in demand and Decrease in demand
xi. Price elasticity of demand and Income elasticity of demand
xii. Perfectly elastic demand and Perfectly inelastic demand
xiii. Stock and Supply
xiv. Expansion of supply and Contraction of supply
xv. Increase in supply and Decrease in supply
xvi. Total cost and Total revenue
xvii. Short period and Long period
xviii. Perfect Competition and Monopoly
xix. Monopoly and Monopolistic competition
xx. Simple index number and Weighted index number
xxi. Price index number and Quantity index number
xxii. Gross Domestic Product and Net Domestic Product
xxiii. Public finance and Private finance

Q) Answer in detail:
i. Explain the concept of microeconomics and its features
ii. Explain the concept of macroeconomics and its features
iii. Explain the law of diminishing marginal utility and its exceptions
iv. Explain the law of demand and its exceptions
v. Explain the concept of price elasticity of demand and its types
vi. Explain the Total expenditure method and Geometric method of measuring price elasticity of demand
vii. Explain the law of supply and its exceptions
viii. Explain the concept of perfect competition and price determination under perfect competition
ix. Define Index number and explain the various steps involved in the construction of index numbers
x. Explain the practical difficulties in the estimation of national income

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What is the maximum marks for the HSC Economics theory 2024?

The Maharashtra HSC Economics theory exam is held for 80 marks.

How much time is given to students for solving the Maharashtra state board class 12 Economics board paper 2024?

Students are given 3 hours to solve the Maharashtra HSC Economics Paper 2024.

Where can I download the Maharashtra Board HSC Economics model paper 2024?

Students can download the Maharashtra Board HSC model paper 2024 PDF from the above article.

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