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Plus Two Physics Answer Key 2024, Kerala 12th Physics Paper Download

As the examination for the Kerala Plus Two Physics exam is over now, students can check out the Plus Two Physics Answer Key 2024 and Kerala 12th Physics Paper 2024. The question paper 2024 pdf is given in the article below. Students can use the question paper and answer key 2024 to match their answers.

Kerala Plus Two Physics Question Paper 2024

The DHSE Kerala conducted the Kerala +2 Physics board exam on 1 March 2024. Students can get the Kerala Plus Two Physics Model Question Paper 2024 along with the solutions from this page. The Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE) conducted the Kerala Plus two public exam for the Physics subject from 9:30 AM to 11:45 AM. Candidates are provided with the board question paper along with the answer key. Students can predict their score by matching their answers with the expert answer key.

Kerala 12th Physics Paper Download 2024

The Kerala 12th Physics board exam paper PDF 2024 is being provided by us below. The board paper provided below is the actual board exam paper asked on the 2nd of March 2024. Download the question paper 2024 PDF below.

Kerala Plus Two Physics Paper 2024 PDF

Plus Two Physics Answer Key 2024

The Plus Two Physics answer key for the Kerala Board has been made available by our experts. The answer to the objective questions asked in the Plus Two Physics exam paper is provided below. Students should match their responses with the answer options provided below.

1) (c) N m² C^-1

2) (a) Zero

3) (d) D

4) False

5) λ=hp

6) Nickel

7) A semiconductor without any significant dopants present in it is known as the intrinsic semiconductor. e.g.: Silicon, Germanium

Plus Two Physics Model Question Paper 2024

The Plus Two Physics Model Question Paper 2024 is released by the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE) Kerala after the conclusion of the exam. The Kerala Plus 2 Physics public exam 2024 is being held on March 1, 2024, from 9:30 to 11:30 in the morning. Candidates are given 2 hours time for writing their answers and the additional 15 minutes is given for reading the questions properly which is known as the cool-off time.

The Kerala Plus 2 Physics exam is held in offline mode at different exam centers located in the state of Kerala. The weightage of the Plus Two Physics Model Question Paper 2024 is 60 marks. The rest of the marks are awarded on the basis of the practical examination. The Kerala plus 2 question paper 2024 along with the solutions for important questions can be accessed by the students on this page after the conclusion of the exam paper on March 1. Until then students can get the model questions and previous years; questions with answers to boost their performance.

Kerala Plus Two Physics Question Paper 2024: Highlights

The Kerala plus two physics question paper 2024 is important for every science stream student, whether from the medical domain or non-medical domain. The Physics question paper of the Kerala Board consists of different types of questions ranging from very short answer type questions to long answer type questions. The Kerala physics paper is conducted in two different languages: English and Malayalam. The highlights of the Kerala plus two physics question paper 2024 are given below.

Parameters Details
Exam Name Kerala +2 final exam
Academic Year 2023-24
Subject Physics
Exam Authority Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE)
Exam Date 1 March 2024
Exam Paper Marks 60
Exam Mode Offline (Pen and Paper-based Exam)
Exam Medium English and Malayalam
Plus two physics question paper 2024 Release date 1 March 2024
Physics +2 sample paper release status Released
Official Website www.dhsekerala.gov.in

Plus Two Physics Model Question Paper 2024 with Answers (PDF Based)

The important questions for the Kerala +2 Physics subject is provided below for students going to take the exam. The answers to the short answer-type questions is provided below. The answers for other questions will be updated after sometime.

1. The SI unit of electric field is……….

Ans: volts per metre (V/m)

2. The effective capacitance when two capacitors C1 and C2 are connected in parallel is…….

Ans: C1 + C2

3. The electromagnetic wave used in TV remote is
a) Microwave b) IR Wave c) Gamma Rays d) X –Rays

Ans: b) IR Wave

4. Lenz’s law obeys the law of conservation of…..
a) Charge b) Energy c) Mass d) Momentum

Ans: b) Energy

5. The bending of light around the corners of an obstacle is called…..

Ans: Diffraction

6. Balmer series lies in………region of electromagnetic spectrum

Ans: Visible 

7. Total number of protons and neutrons are called…….

Ans: mass number

8. Define resistivity and mention its unit
9. Write any two properties of magnetic field lines
10. A light bulb is rated at100W for a 220 supply. Find
a) The resistance of the bulb
b)The peak voltage of the source
11. Infra-Red rays are known as thermal radiations .Why?
12. Write any two differences between Interference pattern and Diffraction pattern.
13. Write the drawbacks of Bohr’s model of hydrogen atom.
14. Find the radius of the nucleus of Aluminium with mass number 27

CUET 2024

15. a)Define electric field
b) Derive the equation for electric field due to a dipole along an axial line
16. Derive the expression for potential energy of a dipole place in an external field
17. a)Name the which explains the relation between current and the magnetic field produced
by the current
b) Using this law, obtain the expression for Magnetic Field on the axis of a circular current
18.a)Define Magnetic Permeability.
b) Obtain the relation connecting relative permeability and Magnetic Susceptibility
19.a)State Huygens’s Principle
b) Prove the law of reflection on the basis of Huygens’s principle
20.a) What is meant by work function?
b) The Work function of a Caesium is 2.14 eV.Find the Threshold Frequency of Caesium.
21. Explain a Half Wave Rectifier and draw the input and output voltage waveforms.

22. With the help of a neat diagram derive an equation for effective capacitance of three
capacitors connected in series and parallel.
23. What is Wheatstone’s principle? Explain with diagram.
24. Explain the working of a Transformer with a neat diagram
25. What is meant by a microscope? Deduce an equation for magnification for a compound

26. Derive an expression for refractive Index of the material of the prism interms of angle of
minimum deviation and angle of the prism.
27. State Gausses’ theorem in electrostatics. Using this theorem, derive an expression for
Electric Field at a point due to a thin sheet of charge.
28. Explain the construction and working of a Moving Coil Galvanometer.
29. Explain a full wave rectifier, and draw the input and output voltage wave forms.

+2 Kerala Physics Model Question Paper 2024 PDF

The Kerala Plus two Physics model question papers 2024 were made available on the board’s official website in February 2024. This page also contains the Kerala 12th sample question papers in PDF format for students to download. For better preparation, students studying for the Kerala DHSE second year exams should download the Kerala +2 model question paper for Physics. To get ready for the board exams, they will have to finish the Kerala Plus Two sample paper questions. The PDF of the +2 Physics model question paper is given hereunder.

Kerala Plus 2 Physics Model Paper 2024 PDF

CUET Science PCM

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Kerala +2 Physics Final Exam Previous Year Question Papers

The previous year question paper for the Kerala Physics final exam is given below. Students must prepare from these papers in order to score excellent marks in the exam.

Kerala Plus 2 Physics Question Paper 2023

Kerala +2 Physics Question Paper 2022

Kerala +2 Physics Question Paper 2021

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What is the maximum marks allocated for the Kerala +2 Physics theory exam paper?

The Kerala Plus two physics theory exam paper is held for 60 marks.

What is the time limit to solve the +2 Physics final exam paper?

Candidates are given 2 hours to solve the questions paper and extra 15 minutes to read the question paper in the beginning for the +2 Physics final exam.

What is the total number of questions in the +2 physics final exam paper 2024?

The Kerala Board Class 12 Physics final exam paper 2024 consists of 29 questions in total.

How many 5-marks questions are present in the Kerala +2 Physics final exam paper?

There are four questions of 5 marks each in the +2 physics board paper of which students are required to solve any three questions.

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