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ISC History Answer Key 2024, Class 12 History Questions with Answers

ISC History Answer Key 2024

The ISC Class 12 History 2024 Examination was administered by the Council of the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) on March 7, 2024. Humanities is one of the streams chosen by Class 11 students who intend to pursue a career in the arts. The ISC History syllabus includes topics such as Independence and Partition: The Last Phase (1935-1947), the establishment and development of Indian democracy (1947-1966), Challenges to Indian Democracy (1964-1977), and other events.

The Class 12 ISC History Paper 2024 concluded at 5 p.m, The ISC History Paper was of moderate level. we posted the ISC History Answer Key 2024 in this page. The ISC Class 12 History answer key contains the correct answers to all of the exam questions. The ISC History Question Paper 2024 pdf also can be found here.

ISC Class 12 History Answer Key 2024: Highlights

The ISC Class 12 History answer key 2024 contains the correct answers to all of the History questions. Candidates can calculate their rough marks in the ISC class 12 exams by comparing their answers to the scores in the answer key. The exams last three hours and are scheduled from 2 to 5 p.m. Students were given an additional 15 minutes to read the paper. read more information about the ISC History Paper 2024 below.

Class 12 ISC History Question Paper 2024
Name of Examination Indian School Certificate (12th) Exam
Exam Conducting Body Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations
Category ISC History Answer Key 2024 & Question Paper
Session 2023-24
ISC History Answer Key 2024 Class 12 (Unofficial) March 7, 2024 (Available Here)
History Class 12 Answer Key – Official  TBA
ISC Class 12th History Exam date 2024 7th March
ISC Time Table 2024 Check ISC Class 12 Exam Date
Mode of Exam Offline Mode
Duration 3 Hours
Total Marks (Theory) 80
Official Website www.cisce.org.

CUET 2024

ISC History Paper Analysis 2024

The CISCE administers the ISC class 12 history exam which is a center-based paper. According to the students’ feedback, the exam’s overall difficulty ranges from moderate to tricky. The official ISC class 12 History Answer Key 2024 will be released after the exams have concluded.

  • As per the students, the history question paper difficulty level was moderate.
  • Everything was asked from the prescribed syllabus for ISC Class 12 History.
  • As for a few students, the paper was a bit lengthy.
  • As per experts, students who covered the syllabus in depth will be able to score good marks in the paper.
  • The questions were from the prescribed syllabus.
  • Section A was of moderate to tough level.
  • Some opined that Section B was a bit easier than Section A Section C was above moderate.
  • MCQs were easy. Short-answer type questions were also simple and scoring.
  • The subject experts opined that the history paper was well-balanced and consisted of factual as well as analytical questions.


Answer Key of History ISC 2024

The table below will soon be updated to include all of the correct answers to the ISC class 12 question paper. First Few questions with an answer code will be available here. But most of the question’s solution you will find in the space above.

ISC Class 12 History Answer Keys 2024
Question No Answer Code
Mountbatten Plan laid down the partition of India into two separate nations: India and Pakistan
(ⅱ) Naxal
(iii) Laldenga
Mahila Dakshita Samiti
(C) Rajiv Gandhi
(A) Italy was not given the territories as promised to them by the Allies in a secret treaty signed in London.
(D) Helmut Kohl became the first Chancellor of United Germany since the Second World War.
(B) Both Assertion and Reason are true, and Reason is the correct explanation for Assertion.
(C) Nelson Mandela
Germany and Japan
Ghana and Kenya fought for their Independence, and the methods, challenges, and historical contexts differed significantly between the two nations.
United States joined the War and reshaped global alliances and strategies
Task of Governing
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Jewish National State in Palestine
Refers to a series of revolts or rebellions by the Palestinian people in the Israeli-occupied territories.

ISC History Question Paper 2024 with Solution

The unofficial answer key, which is available in the space below, can be used by students in the meantime. Students can calculate their probable board exam scores using the ISC 2024 history detailed solution. Class 12 ISC History Questions with Answers is provided above.

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ISC Class 12 History Answer Key 2024 PDF

Students may download the expert-provided answer key for ISC History Paper 2024 through the links below. Students are aware that we may use the ISC answer key to calculate their estimate marks. Students can use them to determine which questions they answered correctly on the exam. Students who will be submitting the paper next year may gain knowledge about the exam format by reviewing the Class 12 History Question Paper 2024.

ISC Class 12 History Question Paper 2024, with Solution
ISC History Answer Key 2024 PDF Link 


Steps to Calculate Marks using ISC History Answer Key

The ISC History Answer Key 2024 assists candidates in self-evaluating their marks in the ISC history final exam paper. The steps to calculating scores are listed below.

Step 1: Compare your answers to those found in the official ISC Class 12 History answer key.
Step 2: Assign the marks specified in the history question paper to each correct response.
Step 3: For every incorrect answer, count 0 because there are no negative markings.
Step 4: Add the respective scores to calculate the total marks you may get in your History paper.

ISC History Specimen Paper 2024

The ISC History Specimen Paper is a vital source of material that assists students in understanding the level of difficulty of history questions that may be asked on the exam. Download the ISC History Specimen Paper PDF below.

Download Now – ISC Class 12 History Specimen Paper 2024 PDF Link

ISC History Important Questions

  • Which one of the following was the impact of the policies of Glasnost and Perestroika? [1](a) Anarchy(b) Economic investment(c) Demand for democracy(d) Collapse of the aristocracy
  • Which war is being referred to in the news extract given below? State any three clauses of the agreement that was signed at the end of the war.ISC History Answer Key 2024, History Questions with Answers_4.1
  • One of the key reasons for the defeat of the Axis Powers in the Second World War was their inability to develop and implement a grand strategy. Evaluate any four tactical errors made by them in this war. [4]
  • How did the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League respond to the proposals of the Cabinet Mission Plan of 1946? [4]
  • The crisis of 1948 in Czechoslovakia, a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe, led to the completion of the Iron Curtain. Discuss.

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What was be the difficulty level of ISC History Question Paper 2024?

The History paper of ISC board was moderate.

Can I download the complete ISC History Answer key 2024?

Students may download the expert-provided ISC history answer key for ISC History Paper through the links provided in this post.

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