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Maharashtra HSC Maths Paper 2024, Get Board Paper PDF & Answer Key

The Maharashtra HSC Maths Paper 2024 has been released by the Maharashtra Board after the conclusion of the exam. Students can download the HSC Maths Paper 2024 of the Maharashtra State Board in PDF format from here. Along with the question paper, students can also get the answer key for the HSC Maths paper. The Maharashtra HSC Maths exam is formally known as HSC Mathematics & Statistics exam. The Mathematics subject is taken by students from all three streams in Maharashtra. Students can download the model question paper with answers and the previous year’s Maths HSC papers below.

Maharashtra HSC Maths Paper 2024

The Maharashtra HSC Maths paper 2024 was conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) on 2 March 2024 in offline mode. The Maharashtra Maths HSC paper 2024 consists of questions from different topics ranging from calculus to probability. The weightage of the Mathematics paper in the HSC exam is 80 marks. The rest of the 20 marks are awarded on the basis of internal assessment.

Maharashtra Maths Paper HSC 2024

The Maharashtra Maths Paper HSC is conducted for 3 hours. The Maths HSC examination was held in the morning shift. The examination begins at 11 AM in the morning. The HSC Mathematics exam ended at 2 PM in the afternoon. It is important to note that students are not provided with any extra time to read questions in the question paper. The Maharashtra HSC paper 2024 comprises questions of 1 marks, 2marks, 3marks, and 4 marks, each divided into different sections.

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HSC Maths Paper 2024 Maharashtra: Highlights

The Maharashtra Board HSC Mathematics and Statistics Question Paper and Answer Key assist students in identifying correct and incorrect answers. Furthermore, students who took the Maharashtra 12th board exam next year can refer to the Maharashtra Board HSC Maths Question Paper 2024 to determine the level of difficulty.

Maharashtra Board HSC Maths Question Paper 2024
Examination Name Maharashtra Board 12th Exam 2024
Exam Authority Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE)
Exam Paper Mathematics & Statistics
Exam Mode Pen paper Mode
Maharashtra HSC Board Paper 2024 Release Date 2 March 2024
Unofficial HSC Maths Answer Key 2024 Release date 2 March 2024
Maharashtra Class 12 Math Paper Total Marks 80 Marks
Duration 3 Hours
Type of Questions Objective Type and Subjective Type Questions
Negative Marking No

Maths Paper Pattern HSC 2024 Maharashtra Board

The exam pattern of the Maharashtra HSC board exam has been released for the Math subject. It is important to know the exam pattern so that students can ace the exam and can assess their performance in a better way after the exam. The Maharashtra HSC Mathematics exam paper consists of four different sections from A to D. The nature of questions and marks for each question varies in each section. The internal choices are present between questions in each of the section of the Maths board paper. The detailed pattern for all the sections is provided below.

Section A: Q. 1 contains Eight multiple choice type of questions, each carrying Two marks. Q. 2 contains Four very short answer type questions, each carrying one mark.

Section B: Q. 3 to Q. 14 contain Twelve short answer type questions, each carrying Two marks. (Attempt any Eight)

Section C: Q. 15 to Q. 26 contain Twelve short answer type questions, each carrying Three marks. (Attempt any Eight)

Section D: Q. 27 to Q. 34 contain Eight long answer type questions, each carrying Four marks. (Attempt any Five)

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Maths Question Paper Class 12 Maharashtra State Board PDF 2024

The Maths question paper for Class 12 Maharashtra state board is being provided below in the PDF form for students who took the board exam as well as those who will be taking the board exam next year. Students must go through the questions to compare their answers with the answer key developed by our experts. Students should keep checking the page to get the Maths & Statistics board paper on the exam day.

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Maths Paper HSC 2024 Answer Key

Our knowledgeable faculty has publishes the Maharashtra Board HSC solution key for the Mathematics & Statistics board paper 2024. The answers to the questions that were asked on the board test are included in the answer key. After finishing their exam, students need to make sure that their answers match those on this page. The answer key for the objective-type questions is provided below.

(i) B

(ii) B

(iii) D

(iv) C

(v) C

(vi) D

(vii) C

(viii) D

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12th Math & Statistics Imp Questions 2024 Maharashtra Board

The important questions for the Mathematics subject is provided below for the Maharashtra Class 12 Board students. These questions are important for all the board students who took Mathematics as a subject, whether from the science, commerce, or arts stream.

Q) The area of the triangle with vertices (1, 2, 0), (1, 0, 2) and (0, 3, 1) in sq. unit is _______.
(a) 5     (b) 7     (c) 6     (d) 3

Q) Write the joint equation of co-ordinate axes

Q) If three numbers are added, their sum is 2. If 2 times the second number is subtracted from the sum of first and third numbers, we get 8. If three times the first number is added to the sum of second and third numbers, we get 4. Find the numbers using matrices.

Q) Express the following equations in the matrix form and solve them by the method of reduction.
𝑥 + 𝑦 + 𝑧 = 6 , 3𝑥 − 𝑦 + 3𝑧 = 6 , 5𝑥 + 5𝑦 − 4𝑧 = 3

Q) The cost of 4 dozen pencils, 3 dozen pens and 2 dozen erasers is ₹ 60. The cost of 2 dozen pencils, 4 dozen pens and 6 dozen erasers is ₹ 90. Whereas the cost of 6 dozen pencils, 2 dozen pens and 3 dozen erasers is ₹ 70. Find the cost of each item per dozen by using matrices.

Q) The total cost of 3 televisions and 2 VCR’s is Rs.35,000. The shopkeeper wants profit of Rs.1000 per television and Rs.500 per VCR. He sells 2 televisions and 1 VCR and gets the total revenue as Rs.21,500. Find the cost of a television and a VCR by using reduction method.

Q) In ∆𝐴𝐵𝐶, 𝑎 = 3, 𝑏 = 4 and sin 𝐴 =3/4, find ∠𝐵.

Q) Find the principal solutions of cosec 𝑥 = 2.

Q) Find the principal solutions of sin 𝑥 − 1 = 0. 

Q) Find the general solution of the equation cos 2𝜃 = cos 𝜃 

Q) Find the combine equation of the pair of lines passing through the point (2,3) and parallel to the coordinate axes. 

Q) Show that the combine equation of pair of lines passing through the origin is a homogeneous equation of degree 2 in x and y. Hence find the combined equation of the lines 2x+3y=0 and x-2y=0

Q) Prove that medians of a triangle are concurrent

Q) A spherical soap bubble is expanding so that its radius is increasing at the rate of 0.02 cm/sec. At what rate is the surface area is increasing, when its radius is 5 cm?

Q) Find the area of the region bounded by the parabola y²= 32x and its Latus rectum in first quadrant

Q) In a meeting, 70% of the members favor and 30% oppose a certain proposal. A member is selected at random and we take X=0 if he opposed, and X=1 if he is in favor. Find E(X) and Var (X)

Maths Important Questions Class 12 State Board 2024 PDF

The model question paper for the Maharashtra Board Class 12 Mathematics & Statistics subject is being provided below. These model questions are important for the board paper. Model questions provide students with the information about the nature of questions and difficulty level of the exam. The maths important questions class 12 state board 2024 pdf is given below.

Maharashtra HSC Maths Model Paper 2024 PDF

Maths Important Questions Class 12 State Board PDF (PYQs)

The maths important questions class 12 state board pdf previous year question papers of the HSC Maharashtra Board for Mathematics and Statistics subject is provided below. In addition to studying the full syllabus, students can also practice the previous year’s Math and Statistics question papers from the Maharashtra 12th HSC Board to enhance their exam preparation.

Maharashtra HSC Maths & Statistics Question Paper 2019

Maharashtra HSC Maths & Statistics Question Paper 2020

Maharashtra HSC Maths & Statistics Question Paper 2022

Maths Important Questions Class 12 State Board 2024 PDF

The PDF for the important questions for the Maharashtra Class 12 state board mathematics exam is given below. Check out the important questions and practice them to score high marks.

Maharashtra HSC Maths Important Questions PDF Set 1

Maharashtra HSC Maths & Statistics Important Questions PDF Set 2

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Weightage of Maths Class 12 HSC 2024

The Weightage of Maths class 12 HSC 2024 is provided below. The weightage tells students about the importance of every chapter in the exam. Students should focus more on solving the high-weightage chapters first. Check Full the maths paper pattern HSC 2024 Maharashtra board.

HSC Math & Statistics Weightage 2024

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What is the time limit for the HSC mathematics exam paper 2024?

The HSC mathematics exam paper 2024 is being held for 3 hours.

How many questions are there in the Maharashtra Class 12 Mathematics & Statistics exam paper?

The Maharashtra HSC Mathematics & Statistics exam paper 2024 consists of a total of 34 questions. There are choices provided between questions in the exam paper.

What is the maximum marks for the Maharashtra State Board Class 12 Math exam paper 2024?

The Maharashtra Class 12 Mathematics exam paper is conducted for 80 marks.

Is there any negative marking in the HSC Maths exam 2024?

No, there is no negative marking in the HSC mathematics & statistics exam paper.

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