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How To Study For Your 10th Board Exam 2023?

How To Study For Your 10th Board Exam?

An exam referred to as “the largest exam of your life” is difficult to prepare for. (I wouldn’t make that up; it’s true!) The lead-up to your first board exams can be a frightening experience, what with old teachings weighing heavily on your mind, new ones building up, well-wishers keeping track of your study hours, and the study hours getting shorter by the day. But is that necessary? Not if you have a clever little study strategy in place for your 10th board examinations.

Make a study schedule and, arrange your time, advise every study guide on the world. But how do you go about it? Check out our study guide for the 10th-grade board exams if you’re one of the people chewing your nails and dreading the impending danger.

How To Study For Class 10th Board Exam 2023: Subject-Wise Preparation 


  • If you understand the fundamentals, mathematics may be a topic that you do well in.
  • You should practice a lot to improve your speed and accuracy because computations might take a long time.
  • Practice common square root and cube root problems might help you find answers to problems quickly.


  • Pay close attention to the idea behind the crucial diagrams.
  • Since it is primarily a theoretical subject, review the key definitions for each area.
  • Make sure to memorize the crucial concepts and how they relate to one another.


  • Ensure that you understand the foundational ideas.
  • Practice theorems and formulas from previous exam papers.
  • For optimum preparation, practice both direct equations and theorem-based questions.


  • Make an effort to practice map pointing every day.
  • Latitude and longitude-related practice questions may be excellent exam questions for the topic.


  • Practice the last year’s test and compare your answers to the solutions.
  • Write essays, letters, and descriptive questions to become familiar with the structure.
  • It’s important to learn poems, their meanings, and the kinds of questions that may be posed using them.
  • Review grammar rules and practice answering questions in them.


  • Chemistry is a subject that scores well and takes little preparation time.
  • Research reactions, create a chart showing the formulas, and put them to use.
  • You can improve your ability to answer questions quickly and accurately by studying the topic in depth.


  • Reading science fiction, novels, and newspapers helps students prepare for tests by enhancing their English language skills.
  • Pay attention to the format and word limit. Learn to compose letters, applications, and speeches so that you may comprehend the right format.
  • Reading Comprehension (Factual and Discursive Passage) and Writing Comprehension with Grammar bear a combined weight of 50 points and require additional effort.
  • To complete the class 10 English terms 1 and 2, read the best grammar books, familiarise yourself with the rules, and then practice as many questions as possible.
  • Work on unseen portions because they are easy to score and require little effort.
  • Read the literature carefully because it contains both analytical and substantive questions.


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How To Study For Class 10th Board Exam 2023: General Tips

1. Plan For Lengthy Answers

It’s perfectly normal for kids to become anxious while studying lengthy responses because it’s never simple to read through a long text. Students should therefore plan a strategy for long responses, such as dividing them into paragraphs, writing them down on paper, and linking them to real-life events to maintain them in their memory for a long time to overcome their fear of learning long replies.

2. Create a schedule

Students should create a schedule in order to organize and discipline their CBSE Class 10 preparation. Once you are aware of “What to Prepare?” you should consider “How to Prepare?” Create a schedule with short- and long-term objectives to help you adequately prepare for the CBSE 10th board test. Establish realistic and achievable objectives. Schedule your study time for when you feel most productive and able to concentrate and schedule more time for the harder subjects.

3. Self-assessment

It is not sufficient to simply finish a chapter to pass the CBSE class 10 Board Exam. the chapter-by-chapter exercise Verify the NCERT solutions. Complete your NCERT textbook first, and only then should you look at sample papers for the CBSE class 10 test.

Arrange previous year’s exams, and after you’ve taken them, take the time to scan and properly examine the answers. While attempting example board papers, you should also evaluate your correctness in addition to speed. You can build your confidence and become more comfortable with the CBSE Class 10 test format by completing a number of questions from the NCERT textbook and sample papers.

4. While studying, take breaks

If a student sits still while attempting to maintain concentration, learning is tough for them. It’s recommended that students take brief breaks while studying. You may stay healthy, active, and cognitively equipped for future sciences by taking a 10- to 15-minute break from your studies to exercise.

5. Write down Your Own Notes

While your teachers at school undoubtedly gave you notes, your handwritten notes have always been the best. Therefore, make it a habit to take notes while you are studying so that you will have them for your revision.

While creating such notes, be sure to highlight crucial passages, headings, and equations.


How To Study For Your 10th Board Exam 2023?- FAQs

Ques 1. Will following the previous advice a high score?

Ans. Yes, getting good grades by strictly observing the preceding advice. Be persistent in your efforts and avoid taking on too much stress, as this slows down learning and wears out the body and mind.


Ques 2. How can I perform better on the board exam?

Ans. By completing full-length practice papers every day, you can raise your board exam performance. Additionally, it helps you increase your pace while retaining accuracy.


Ques 3. What if I score 60% in class 10?

Ans. 60% is a respectable proportion, however, it falls short of the criteria for class 10 board results.


Ques 4. How long should I study in order to pass the class 10 board exam?

Ans. To pass the board test with a satisfactory grade, students must devote at least eight hours per day to their studies.


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