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How Many Students Appeared For NEET 2024

The number of students appearing for the NEET exam is increasing day by day. Lakhs of students aspire to become a doctor by taking this exam in India. The number of students appearing for any exam tells us about the competition level of the exam. In India, NEET is a single national-level exam for entry of students into different medical courses like MBBS, BDS, BAMS, etc. In this article, we will provide students with a detailed analysis of the number of students who appeared for NEET 2024.

How Many Candidates Applied for NEET 2024

Before the NTA officially reopened the application window, it was reported by the media that a total of 23,81,833 candidates had registered for NEET. Notably, female aspirants outnumbered their male counterparts, with 13,63,216 registrations. Uttar Pradesh secured the top position in registrations with 3,39,125 applicants, closely followed by Maharashtra with 2,79,104 registrations for NEET 2024. It’s important to highlight that these figures are not officially released by the NTA but are derived from a comprehensive analysis of NEET 2024 registrations.

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NEET Students Appeared 2024

Student Appeared in NEET over the years

Year Total registrations
2024 Over 24 lakh
2023 20,87,445
2022 18,72,343
2021 16,14,777
2020 15,97,435

How Many Students are Appearing for NEET 2024 Category wise

Category Numbers % of total registrations
Total registrations 23,81,833
Male candidates 10,18,593 42.80%
Female candidates 13,63,216 57.20%
Third gender 24
General category 6,43,596 27%
OBC 10,43,084 43.80%
SC 3,52,107 14.80%
ST 1,54,489 6.50%
Gen – EWS 1,88,557 7.90%

NEET Students Appeared 2024 State wise

State Number of registrations
Uttar Pradesh 3,39,125
Maharashtra 2,79,104
Rajasthan 1,96,139
Tamil Nadu 1,55,216
Karnataka 1,54,210
Kerala 1,44,949
Bihar 1,39,398
Madhya Pradesh 1,33,644
West Bengal 1,20,743

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How Many Students Appeared For NEET 2023

More than 20 lakh students appeared for the NEET 2023 exam for UG courses. The number of students appearing for NEET exam has become a talk of the town from some years as it is drawing lakhs of students every year. Everyone gets curious to know about the number of students who appeared for the NEET exam, whether they are NEET aspirant or a common person. To be precise, a total of 20,87,462 aspirants registered for the NEET exam in 2023 out of which 20,38,596 candidates took the examination. This number is significant as it heralds students about the cut-throat competition existing in the medical field. The number of candidates who appeared in NEET 2023 is tabulated hereunder.

How Many Students Qualified NEET 2023

More than 11 lakh students qualified the NEET exam in 2023. Out of 20.38 lakh appearing candidates, around 11.46 lakh students qualified the exam. Two candidates scored full marks (720 out of 720)in NEET 2023. The percentage of students qualified the NEET exam was a little more than 56%.

How Many Students Qualified NEET 2023 Statistics
Particulars Values
Number of Candidates Qualified NEET 2023 11,45,976
Number of Male Candidates Qualified NEET 2023 4,90,374
Number of Female Candidates Qualified NEET 2023 6,55,599
Number of Transgender Candidates Qualified NEET 2023 3
NEET 2023 Cutoff Marks 720-137 for General Candidates

136-107 for OBC, SC, and ST candidates


How Many Students Appeared For NEET 2023 Statistics
Particulars Quantity
Number of Candidates Registered for NEET 2023 20,87,462
Number of Candidates Appeared for NEET 2023 20,38,596
Number of Candidates Absent from NEET 2023 48,866

How Many Students Appeared For NEET 2024 -_5.1

How Many Students Appeared for NEET 2023 – Gender Wise

NEET UG is one of the few national-level exam in which the number of test-taking girls are more than the number of boys. A total of 11.8 lakh female aspirants registered for NEET 2023, surpassing male candidates by 2.8 lakhs. The number of students appearing for NEET 2023 is stated hereunder.

How Many Students Appeared For NEET 2023 Gender Wise
Gender Registered Candidates Appeared Candidates
Male 9,02,936 8,81,967
Female 11,84,513 11,56,618
Transgender 13 11

How Many Students Appeared for NEET 2023 State Wise

Maharashtra leads the race in terms of state-wise registrations, having registered the most NEET 2023 applicants overall, followed by Uttar Pradesh, demonstrating the broad participation from many parts of the nation. The number of candidates broken down by state for each parameter is shown in the table below.

State/UT Number of Candidates Registered Number of Candidates Appeared Number of Candidates Qualified
Andaman & Nicobar Islands 1,046 1,025 537
Andhra Pradesh 69,690 68,578 42,836
Arunachal Pradesh 4,811 4,624 2296
Assam 39,206 38,153 19,133
Bihar 1,21,647 1,18,533 64,916
Chandigarh 3,160 3,098 2,219
Chhattisgarh 42,130 41,196 19,610
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 1,062 1,028 588
Daman & Diu 491 460 257
Delhi 55,890 54,701 39,764
Goa 4,370 4,277 2,204
Gujarat 79,040 73,180 49,915
Haryana 45,197 44,217 29,794
Himachal Pradesh 18,830 18,448 10,962
Jammu & Kashmir 37,276 36,431 20,564
Jharkhand 29,793 29,135 17,894
Karnataka 1,34,381 1,31,318 75,248
Kerala 1,37,396 1,33,450 75,362
Lakshadweep 361 349 167
Madhya Pradesh 1,04,265 1,02,161 49,324
Maharashtra 2,77,903 2,73,819 1,31,008
Manipur 8,777 7,736 4,556
Meghalaya 3,428 3,271 1,603
Mizoram 2,024 1,951 913
Nagaland 3,020 2,945 1,648
Odisha 57,092 55,866 28,330
Puducherry 5,797 5,715 3,140
Punjab 18,846 18,430 12,043
Rajasthan 1,48,364 1,45,824 1,00,316
Sikkim 1,324 1,292 632
Tamil Nadu 1,47,583 1,44,516 78,693
Telangana 73,883 72,842 42,654
Tripura 4,839 4,701 2,334
Uttar Pradesh 2,73,572 2,67,383 1,39,961
Uttarakhand 19,250 18,788 10,843
West Bengal 1,04,923 1,02,557 59,053
Ladakh 774 740 422
Others 6,021 5,858 4,237

How Many Students Appeared for NEET PG 2023

NEET PG is the national-level medical entrance exam that is conducted by the NBE (National Board of Examinations) to admit students into post graduate medical courses like MD, MS, DNB, etc. It is the post-graduate version of the NEET UG exam. Just like NEET UG, it is conducted once a year. In 2023, a total of  2,08,898 candidates appeared for the NEET PG exam. The examination was conducted in 277 cities across 902 exam centers.

How Many Students Appeared for NEET 2023 in Maharashtra

In NEET 2023, the maximum number of registered candidates came from Maharashtra. So, from NEET point-of-view, Maharashtra was the first state in terms of students registered for the NEET UG exam. Maharashtra also ranked 1 in the number of students who appeared for NEET 2023. A total of 2,77,903 aspirants registered for NEET 2023 in Maharashtra. Out of all the registered candidates, 2,73,819 aspirants appeared for the exam. 4,084 students were absent from the exam. In terms of the number of qualified candidates, Maharashtra ranked 2nd after Uttar Pradesh. A total of 1,31,008 candidates qualified the NEET 2023 exam in Maharashtra.

How Many Students Appeared For NEET 2024 -_6.1

How Many Students Appeared for NEET 2023 Category Wise

The detailed information about the number of students registered, appeared, and qualified candidates from different categories is stated hereunder.

Category Registered Candidates Appeared Candidates Qualified Candidates
General 6,07,131 5,92,110 3,12,405
OBC 8,90,150 8,73,173 5,25,194
SC 3,03,318 2,94,995 1,53,674
ST 1,32,490 1,26,121 56,381
EWS 1,54,373 1,52,197 98,322
PwD 8,037 7,819 3,508

Number of Candidates Appeared for NEET 2023 Nationality Wise

As we know, the NTA (National Testing Agency) has allowed International students to take the NEET exam for admission into prestigious universities. The number of candidates appeared for NEET 2023 Nationality-Wise is tabulated below.

Citizenship Registered Candidates Appeared Candidates Qualified Candidates
Indian 20,85,096 20,36,316 11,44,399
Foreigner 815 786 521
NRI 877 852 533
OCI 674 642 523


NEET 2023 Cutoff Marks

The NEET 2023 result for the UG exam was released by NTA on 13th June. Along with the result, NTA also released the cutoff marks for different categories. The NEET 2023 cutoff marks and important statistics related to the NEET 2023 result is tabulated below.

Category NEET 2023 Cutoff Marks Range Number of Qualifying Candidates
General 720-137 10,14,372
OBC 136-107 88,592
SC 136-107 29,918
ST 136-107 12,437
General, EWS and PH 136-121 405
OBC & PH 120-107 179
SC & PH 120-107 50
ST & PH 120-108 23

How Many Students Appeared for NEET 2023 vs 2022

The detailed comparison between the number of candidates registered, appeared, and qualified in NEET 2023 and NEET 2022 is tabulated herein.

Gender NEET 2023 NEET 2022
Registered Candidates Appeared Candidates Qualified Candidates Registered Candidates Appeared Candidates Qualified Candidates
Male 9,02,936 8,81,967 4,90,374 807538 763545 429160
Female 11,84,513 11,56,618 6,55,599 1064794 1001015 563902
Transgender 13 11 3 11 11 7
Total 20,87,462 20,38,596 11,45,976 1872343 1764571 993069

How Many Students Appeared for NEET 2023 Trends

The number of students appearing for the NEET exam in 2023 has been rising steadily over time, usually at a pace of almost 10% every year. But in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had a major effect on the numbers, which caused a sharp fall. The exam was finally scheduled for September 13, 2020, although it had to be rescheduled several times. Only 13.6 lakh students showed up for the exam out of the initial 16 lakh enrolled candidates, which is the lowest growth rate in almost ten years.

NEET experienced additional delays in 2021 as a result of the ongoing pandemic. In spite of this, 15.4 lakh of the expected 16 lakh students who registered for the exam were able to show up.

Notably, once things started to settle down, there were more students enrolled than the year before. Using the most recent statistics available, we can see that there was a notable increase in the number of NEET registrations in 2022. Of the approximately 18.7 lakh pupils who enrolled for the test, 17.64 lakh students actually showed up.

These patterns demonstrate how outside variables, like the COVID-19 pandemic, have an impact on the amount of students who take the NEET exam each year. NEET draws a large number of prospective medical students despite the difficulties encountered; the exact number of candidates changes every year depending on a variety of factors.

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How many students appeared in NEET 2023?

A total of 20,38,596 students appeared for NEET 2023.

How many times NEET exam is conducted in a year?

NEET exam is conducted only once in a year.

How many MBBS seats are available through NEET 2023?

1,01,043 MBBS seats across 660 colleges are available to candidates who pass the NEET 2023 exam. 52,778 of these seats are open in government colleges, with the remainder seats reserved for privately run MBBS programs. With 11,225 NEET seats, Tamil Nadu has the most, followed by Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh with 11,020 and 9,253 seats, respectively.

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