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CLAT Exam Analysis 2024- Student Review, Difficulty Level, Good Attempts

CLAT Exam Analysis 2024 is finally out after the examination for the CLAT 2024 exam has been over. The CLAT 2024 exam analysis will tell students about the overall difficulty level of the examination. The exam analysis will help students forecast the number of questions that might be considered a good attempt for the CLAT exam in 2024 . Students who took the exam were eagerly waiting for the CLAT exam analysis 2024 as it has been finally released by the experts at Adda247. The CLAT 2024 exam has been more or less of the same difficulty level as it was expected. Candidates can review the CLAT exam analysis 2024 on this page, which includes information on the total number of questions, the difficulty level of each section,  projected cutoff, good attempts, etc.

CLAT Exam Analysis 2024

The CLAT 2024 exam has been concluded and the exam analysis has been released after the students feedback and analysis by experts. The CLAT 2024 exam has been of easy to moderate level. Apart from the Legal Reasoning and Mathematical Techniques section, all the rest of the CLAT exam paper sections were of easy level. These two exam sections were of the moderate difficulty level. The CLAT Exam Analysis 2024 is the best way to prepare for the upcoming CLAT exams as it help in boosting the score by 5 to 10 percent. It is a smart preparation strategy to go through the detailed exam analysis and analyze the type and difficulty level of questions asked in the different section. It also help us to know the trends which the examiner is following like whether the exam paper focuses more on the analytical or memory-based questions. The exact detailed analysis will be available soon after the thorough dissection of the CLAT 2024 exam paper, once it becomes available. The CLAT exam analysis 2024 based on the initial accounts of the students and experts is given below.

Section Difficulty Level
English Language Easy
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge Easy
Legal Reasoning Moderate
Logical Reasoning Easy
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate

CLAT Answer Key 2024, Download PDF

CLAT 2024 Expected Cut Off Based on Initial Analysis

The CLAT 2024 expected cut off based on the initial input of students and brief analysis of the questions by experts is given below.

Category Cut Off Marks (Expected) Out of 120 marks
General 85-90 marks
OBC 78-81 marks
SC 55-60 marks
ST 50-55 marks
EWS 81-85 marks

CLAT Exam Analysis 2024 by Adda247

Once the exam concludes, Adda247 law experts provide us with an exam analysis of the CLAT exam, which includes information on the question paper’s specifics and the degree of difficulty for each part. Stay tuned with us.

CLAT Exam Analysis 2024: Student’s Review

In addition to expert CLAT Exam analysis, we will share the initial reactions of hopefuls who took the CLAT Exam today. The CLAT Exam Analysis by Test Takers will assist applicants who want to take the CLAT Exam in the next years. As per students, the CLAT 2024 exam level and ideal attempt will be updated soon.

Section Difficulty Level Good attempt
English Language Available Soon
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge Available Soon
Legal Reasoning Available Soon
Logical Reasoning Available Soon
Quantitative Aptitude Available Soon
Overall Paper

CLAT 2025 Foundation BAtch

CLAT 2024 Exam Analysis & Pattern

The CLAT 2024 exam is going to be held on Today, December 3, 2023. But before delving into the exam analysis, let us first get ourselves acquainted with the CLAT exam pattern. The CLAT exam pattern has been recently revised, so students should carefully observe the new exam pattern in order to avoid any last-minute confusion. The CLAT revised exam pattern is tabulated below.

Particulars Details
Time duration 2 hours
Mode Offline mode (pen paper-based mode)
Conducting Body Consortium of National Law Universities
Type of questions Objective-type questions
Number of questions CLAT UG – 120 questions
Total marks UG CLAT- 120 marks
CLAT UG marking scheme Correct answer – 1 mark
Incorrect answer – 0.25 marks deduction
Un-attempted questions – No negative marking
Language English

CLAT Last year Exam Analysis

The exam analysis as well as student’s review of the previous year’s CLAT exam paper will be quite helpful for students in comprehending the exam level for the upcoming CLAT exam. Speaking of the last year, students said that CLAT was a little challenging. It was not enough for two hours. The English portions were a little easy, but the legal aptitude was simple. It took longer to use the logical arguments. According to experts and candidates, the CLAT question paper has been very challenging over the past three years, with a few challenging problems in the CLAT UG Quantitative Aptitude portion. Furthermore, the most erratic questions were found in only two sections: Legal Reasoning and Current Affairs and General Knowledge. The detailed expert analysis and student’s reaction is given below.

Expert Analysis

As per the experts, in contrast to the previous year, CLAT 2023 may be described as exceedingly long and somewhat challenging. With the examination’s level of difficulty, negative grading ought to be significant this year. In general, 90+ is anticipated to be the CLAT cut-off for the top three NLUs. The section wise expert analysis is given below along with the good score and good attempt for each section.

English Language and Comprehension

In the English part, there were six readings with thirty questions. While some of the portions were a little challenging, most were straightforward. The questions made sense and were simple. The majority of RC questions focused on the passage’s tone, conclusions, main theme, etc. This part also covers questions, idioms, phrases, and grammatical principles.

  • Difficulty Level – Lengthy and a little challenging compared to previous year, but easy to moderate
  • Good Score – 20-21 marks
  • Good Attempt – 25-27 questions

Legal Reasoning

There were queries from significant legislation and recent rulings in this area. There were eight current affairs passages that addressed subjects including contract law, tort law, the Indian Penal Code, and other relevant ideas. The secret to this section was to understand the concepts.

  • Difficulty Level – Easy to moderate, yet time-consuming
  • Good Score – 32–33 marks
  • Good Attempt – 34–37 questions

General Knowledge

Students said this was an unexpected segment. It could be referred to as a CLAT surprise. Questions were asked on FTX, FIFA, the expansion of the agribusiness, and other subjects. A total of seven passages served as the basis for 35 questions. The majority of the questions lacked clarity.

  • Difficulty Level – Moderate
  • Good Score – 15–16 marks
  • Good Attempt – 20–21 questions

Logical Reasoning

Thirty questions were posed based on five passages. The questions focused on critical reasoning and were simple to understand. Time management was therefore essential. This section had easy to moderate level difficulty.

Quantitative Aptitude

There were three sets of questions in this section consisting of a total of 15 questions. It took a while and included questions ranging in difficulty from simple to complex. This segment was challenging all around.

Based on this expert review, the overall exam analysis along with the god score, good attempt, and exam difficulty level for different sections are tabulated herein.

Section Name Total Questions Good Attempt Good Score Difficulty Level 
Reading Comprehension 30 25–27 19-21 Moderate
GK, including Current Affairs 35 20-21 14-15 Moderate
Legal Reasoning 40 35-37 31-32 Moderate
Logical Reasoning 30 26-27 19-21 Moderate
Quantitative Aptitude 15 07-09 06-07 Difficult
Total 150 113–121 89-96 Moderate

Students’ Review on Previous Year CLAT Exam

The perspective of students on the CLAT previous year exam is very important as they are the one who are attempting this competitive test. As per students, the CLAT 2023 exam level and ideal attempt is given herein.

Section Difficulty Level Good attempt
English Language Easy but lengthy 25
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge Easy to moderate 20
Legal Reasoning Easy 36
Logical Reasoning Moderate – Difficult 26
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate 08
Total Moderate 115

CLAT Exam Analysis: Good Attempts

Looking at the previous year’s trends and exam analysis, it is expected that the difficulty level of the CLAT exam 2024 will more likely to remain the same. As the competition is increasing every year, it is better to be on the safer side by attempting the good number of questions. A respectable CLAT score in 2024 would be between 78 and 85 points, or 65-70%. Those that score in the top three NLUs can do so with a score range of 78–85.

Difficulty Level of CLAT Exam

The exact difficulty level of the CLAT exam 2024 can be stated only after the exam gets over. However, from the previous few years exam analysis, it is expected that the CLAT Exam difficulty level will be easy to moderate for the most of the sections. The difficulty level of the Quantitative Techniques section is likely to be challenging. The GK section too could be more on the moderate to difficult level due to the vast syllabus nature of this section. The question paper is expected to be a bit length so as to curb the rigorous competition.

CLAT Paper Analysis 2024: Expected Cut Off

Although it is too early to anticipate the CLAT cutoff, candidates can do so based on the CLAT review and the CLAT cutoff from the previous year. The following elements, however, must also be taken into account as they will impact the cut off trends.

  • Number of seats available in each National Law University (NLU) that the candidates have indicated as their preference.
  • The level of complexity of the CLAT exam.
  • The number of candidates compared to previous year, over 10,000 more candidates are running this time around.
  • The CLAT cutoff is probably going to be impacted by the reservation rules of NLUs, as they have been modified in several NLUs.

Based on these factors, the experts have predicted the cut off rank and cut off score for some of the top CLAT colleges for the General category candidates.

College/University Name Last rank (Expected) Marks (Expected)
National Law School of India University 97 92.75
NALSAR University of Law 177 89.75
National Law University Jodhpur 323 86
The West Bengal National University of Juridicial Sciences 227 88.25
Gujarat National Law University 470 83.25
The Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law 1012 77.5
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University 738 80
National Law University Cuttack 1052 77.25
National Law University and Judicial Guwahati 1584 73.75
National Law Institute University, Bhopal 532 82.25

CLAT Exam Analysis 2024- Student Review, Difficulty Level, Good Attempts -_4.1

CLAT 2022 Exam Analysis

The CLAT 2022 exam analysis will help students who are going to attempt the CLAT exam in knowing the level of difficulty and the nature of questions asked in the exam. There were 131 test locations across the country for CLAT 2022, and many test takers complained that the continuous student protests made it impossible for them to get to the exam site. Nonetheless, the exam analysis was shared by individuals who took the CLAT 2022 as follows:

Section Level of Difficulty Details
English Language Easy Every question of this section was asked from the designated syllabus.
Current Affairs and General Knowledge Moderate(due to a few unexpected questions) Unexpected questions on current events. Questions about the war in Ukraine, Drone Shakti, business CSR, ISRO, and other topics were asked.
Logical Reasoning Moderate (due to lengthy questions) Long portion with a few challenging questions. There were brief yet contextual sections.
Legal Reasoning Easy to Moderate (due to a few tricky questions) Long portion with a few challenging questions. Various sections of the Indian Constitution, the Special Marriage Act, Fundamental Rights, bigamy, monism, and dualism from international law were the subject of some of the questions.
Quantitative Techniques Moderate (due to a few tricky questions) Every question was simple to answer and was based on the syllabus. A few of the questions concerned the sufficiency and interpretation of the data. There were no questions based on graphs, though.
Overall Difficulty Level Moderate Lengthy Questions and Moderately Difficult

CLAT 2021 Exam Analysis

It is always better to go into the competitive examination like CLAT only after knowing the detailed exam analysis as it aids student in knowing the type of questions to prepare before the exam. For this purpose, we have provided students with the detailed CLAT 2021 exam analysis by experts and students. According to test-takers, the question paper on CLAT 2021 was lengthy but of an easy to moderate difficulty. There were 150 passage-based, objective-type, 150-mark questions on the CLAT question paper for UG courses. The exam had to be completed by candidates in two hours. For each wrong response, there was also a 0.25 mark deduction. The majority of students who took the CLAT exam thought the paper was long. The exam was easy to moderately difficult overall. The number of good attempts from every section is given below for the CLAT 2021 exam.

Section Level of Difficulty Good Attempt
English Language Easy 24-27
Current Affairs including General Knowledge Easy to Moderate 20-24
Logical Reasoning Moderate 19-21
Legal Reasoning Easy to Moderate 34-36
Quantitative Techniques Easy 8-10
Total Easy to Moderate 105-115
The section wise analysis of the CLAT 2021 exam by the top experts in the CLAT exam is given hereunder.
1) Legal Reasoning

There were the mostly passages and multiple-choice questions in this section. 40 multiple-choice questions and eight passages made up this section. The section’s questions were simple to moderate. Some students had trouble understanding the questions’ meaning due to the high-level of English vocabulary used.

2) Quantitative Techniques

The section has the fewest passages and multiple-choice questions (MCQs) as it did last year. 15 multiple-choice questions and three readings made up the section. Quantitative Techniques was the easiest section to tackle out of all of them.

3) Logical Reasoning

30 multiple-choice questions and six passages made up the section. The section’s questions ranged from easy to moderate in difficulty. Particularly for some kids, the logical reasoning portion was too long. Numerous sections were devoted to the COVID-19 epidemic.

4) GK and Current Affairs

35 multiple-choice questions and seven paragraphs made up this section. The section’s questions ranged in difficulty from moderate to challenging. Additionally, a lot of the questions relied on the static GK portion. Due to the vast nature of the syllabus, this section was quite difficult as compared to other sections of the CLAT exam.

5) English

This section was easy as expected from the trends. 30 multiple-choice questions and six passages made up the section. Almost all the questions were of easy level.

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Will CLAT exam be difficult?

The exact difficulty level of the CLAT exam cannot be predicted. But looking at previous years' exam papers, it is expected that the CLAT exam will be of easy to moderate level.

What is the good score for CLAT ?

Looking at the rising competition and previous years' cut-off, the good score for CLAT should be 75-85 marks in order to get the top law colleges through CLAT for the general category students.

Will there be any repeated questions in the CLAT Exam from the previous year question papers?

Indeed, the CLAT exam will have repeated questions. For thorough preparation, it is therefore advised to complete as many previous year papers as you can.

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