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CBSE Marking Scheme 2023 Class 10th, Check Exam Pattern

CBSE Marking Scheme 2023 Class 10

The CBSE Marking Scheme 2023 Class 10 is available on the Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) website. The names of the chapters and units that will be evaluated in the final exams are listed in the most recent CBSE Class 10 exam pattern.

The CBSE 10th exam pattern 2023 includes the names of the chapters as well as information about how much importance each chapter will get. This article contains the CBSE 10th exam pattern for 2023 for all topics, including math, science, English, and social studies.

CBSE 10th Result 2023 out

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CBSE Board 10th Exam Pattern 2023

The CBSE 10th exam Pattern 2023 gives information about the theory paper conducted by the board and the internal assessment conducted by the respective schools. The kids would benefit greatly from knowing the CBSE 10th test pattern 2023 since they will be able to prepare an effective strategy.

According to the most recent CBSE Class 10 exam pattern 2023, the theoretical paper will carry 80 points, while the internal evaluation portion will carry 20 points.

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Class 10 Preparation Batch

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CBSE 10th Total Marks 500 or 600

  1. This time, the CBSE Class 10 exam format 2023 has been changed to one-term exams that will be held in accordance with the CBSE 10th exam date 2023.
  2. There will be both objective and subjective question types on the test.
  3. The Class 10 exam will last three hours, according to the CBSE exam pattern for 2023. The final exam schedule will be made public through the 2023 CBSE Class 10 sample paper.

CBSE Exam Pattern 2023 for Class 10th Marks

The CBSE Class 10 exam pattern for 2023 is briefly presented in the table below. Students can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions, including information on the CBSE class 10 marking scheme and the overall number of marks scored in the class, in the table provided below.

CBSE Exam Pattern of Class 10th Marks

Subjects Total 100 marks (Class X- Syllabus only)
80 Marks (Theory Board Examination) Passing marks- 33% out of 80 in each subject 20 Marks (Internal Assessment) Passing marks- 33% out of 20 in each subject
Periodic Test (10 Marks) Notebook Submission (5 Marks) Subject Enrichment Activity (5 Marks)
Language 1 Board exam would be of 80 marks for each subject which would cover 100% of class X syllabus only.

Marks and Grades both will be awarded for individual subjects.

9 point grading system would be followed.

Periodic written Test restricted to three in each subject in an academic year.

Average of best two to be taken for final submission.

This Includes:



Assignment Completion


Neatness and upkeep of notebook

Speaking and Listening Skills
Language 2 Speaking and Listening Skills
Science Practical Lab work
Mathematics Maths Lab Work
Social Science Map work and Project Work
6th Additional Subject In case a student opts for language as an additional subject, modalities defined for languages one and two shall be followed

Pattern of Board Exam 2023 Class 10

The CBSE Exam Pattern Class 10, 2023 is provided here. It includes the names of the chapters or units that will be evaluated in the Board examination along with their respective weightage. Accordingly, students can plan their preparation.

CBSE Maths Marking Scheme Class 10 2023

The maths question paper includes 30 questions divided into 4 parts, Very Short Answer Type(VSA) Questions- 6 questions of 1 mark each, Short Answer Type Questions I – 6 questions of 2 marks each, Short answer type questions II – 10 questions of 3 marks each and Long Answer Type Questions – 8 questions of 4 marks each.

Name of the topic Marks
Number System 6
Algebra 20
Coordinate Geometry 6
Geometry 15
Trigonometry 12
Mensuration 10
Statistics and Probability 11
CBSE total marks for 10th 2023 Maths 80
CBSE 10th Exam Pattern for Maths (Topic-wise Marks Distribution)

CBSE Science Marking Scheme Class 10 2023

The Science question paper includes 27 questions divided into two sections A and B. Section A comprises 2 VSA of 1 mark each, 3 SA-I of 2 marks each, 10 SA-II of 3 marks each, and 6 LA of 5 marks each. Section A is based on subject knowledge. Section B comprises 6 questions of 2 marks each based on practical knowledge.

Name of the topic Marks
Chemical Substances- Nature and Behaviour 25
World of Living 25
Natural Phenomena 12
Effects of Current 13
Natural Resources 5
CBSE total marks for 10th 2023 English 80
CBSE 10th Exam Pattern for Science (Topic-wise Distribution of marks)

CBSE SST Marking Scheme Class 10 2023

The Social Science question paper includes 25 questions from the main subject and 1-3 questions based on map skills.

Name of the topic Marks
India and the Contemporary World – II 20
Contemporary India – II 20
Democratic Politics – II 20
Understanding Economic Development 20
Total 80
CBSE 10th Exam Pattern for Social Science (Topic-wise distribution of marks)

CBSE English Marking Scheme Class 10 2023

The English question paper includes 11 questions divided into 3 sections A, B and C.


Section Number of questions Total marks
A: Reading 2 20
B: Writing and Grammar 2 20
C: Literature 2 40
CBSE 10th Exam Pattern for English

CBSE Hindi Marking Scheme Class 10 2023

Hindi question paper is similar to the English question paper

Section Marks
Reading Section ( Unseen Passage ) 10
Writing and Grammar Section 16
Literature Section 14
Descriptive Questions 20
Writing 20
Total 80
Internal Assessment 20
Grand Total 100

CBSE Computer Marking Scheme Class 10 2023

Name of the units and their respective marks are given of the computer application

Unit Name Marks
Networking 15
Cyber ethics 10
Total 50
Practicals 50
Grand Total 100

CBSE Home Science Marking Scheme Class 10 2023

Home Science question paper includes the given topics

Unit Name Marks
Human Growth & Development – II 12
Management of Resources 12
Food and Personal Hygiene 8
Meal Planning 13
Food Safety and Consumer Education 12
Care and Maintenance of Fabrics and Apparel 13
Total 70
Practicals 30
Grand Total 100

CBSE Grading System Class 10 2023-2024

According to the CBSE 2023-24 Exam Pattern for Class 10, the board will grade the students using a 9-point scale. Based on their marks, students will be given a range of grades.

A1 91 – 100
A2 81 – 90
B1 71 – 80
B2 61 – 70
C1 51 – 60
C2 41 – 50
D 31 – 40
E1 21 – 30
E2 0 – 20

CBSE Class 10th Exam Pattern 2023-24 Internal Assessment

The individual schools will give 20 of the total 100 marks as internal marks. These marks will be determined by the school administration based on the results of the periodic exams, the submission of notebooks, and any additional practicals or subject-enrichment events held at the school.

  1. Periodic tests are pen-and-paper assignments completed in class and graded by teachers. Before the main exam, these exams will be used to evaluate students’ level of preparation and, if necessary, to help a student focus more deeply.
  2. Marks for notebook submission are often given based on how frequently students bring up their notebooks or registers for each subject. Additionally, this area includes an assessment of classroom behaviour.
  3. Subject enrichment activities can be of any kind. For instance, in math and science, practicals are typically conducted in accordance with the curriculum; in SST, any activity, such as a quiz or a narration; and in language classes, speaking and listening skills are typically assessed.

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Q. Is there any change in the CBSE 10th Pattern 2023?

Yes, CBSE has made some major changes in the CBSE 2023 Exam Pattern for class 10th. The exams will be held in one term only in February-March 2023.

Q. What if I fail to get passing marks in the CBSE 10th Board examination?

According to CBSE, if a student fails in one or more subjects, then he/she will have to appear in the compartment exams in order to improve their scores.

Q. Is there any negative marking in any paper conducted by CBSE Board?

No, examinations do not have any negative marking in the paper, as per CBSE Class 10 exam pattern 2023.

Q. What are the total marks in CBSE 10th?

The theory papers will consist of 80 marks and the internal assessment will consist of 20 marks.


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