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Best Books for NEET Preparation 2025, Get NEET Study Material

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, NEET, is a formidable medical entrance test that requires utmost attention to pass it with a good rank. One of the main part of the NEET preparation is studying from the standard books. The selection of the right study materials ensure whether a candidate is on the right preparation track or not.

Best NEET Books

The NEET preparation books include study material for the physics, chemistry, and biology (botany and zoology). Often, experts recommend one book for particular topic and another from the other book. This lead to mountain of book to be studied and sometimes lead to confusion. That is why, we have come up with the One – Study Material for NEET- 2025 exam.

Best Books for NEET 2025

The expert faculty of the Sankalp Bharat have created the best study books for NEET UG 2025 where students can get all the important topics at one place. This Adda247 NEET books cover concepts from each and every subject in a detailed manner. The book contains chapters and concepts based on the latest NEET syllabus.

Best Books for NEET Preparation 2025

The NTA currently revised the NEET UG syllabus (in 2024). Many chapters and concepts were deleted from physics, chemistry, and biology while many new concepts and chapters were introduced to the syllabus. The books available in the market is based on the old syllabus and contains redundant concepts and chapters.

Studying from the other books available in the market is not only unproductive but also harmful for your NEET 2025 selection chances. The old books contains old syllabus with redundant topics that is of no use for the NEET-UG 2025. As time is a significant resource in NEET preparation, wasting it on such resources will surely diminish your upcoming medical exam performance.

Best NEET Study Material Subject-Wise

After analyzing the entire syllabus and going through all sets of the 2024 NEET exam, our highly accomplished research and faculty team prepared the optimal study material. The books created by the content team of Sankalp Bharat is available in printed edition and in English language. The subject-wise books have been prepared that make sure you do not miss an inch for the NEET exam. The books is available for class 11, class 12, as well as combined for both classes 11 and 12.

Best NEET Preparation Books from Class 11 S

Our NEET 2025 preparation books for class 11 include 9 books in paper format. The language of the book is English. These books covers all the chapters and concepts related to class 11 physics, chemistry and biology. If you study and practice from these books, then your are ensured that you won’t need any extra reference book. The books has combined the topics of NCERT and reference book at one place in a simple language.

You can buy the book from the following link. The book will be started to roll out for students from June 5. Make your order in advance.

NEET Books Class 11

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The candidates purchasing these books will also get to take the Adda247 NEET mock exams conducted on a national level for class 11 topics.

Best Class 12 Study Material for NEET 2025

Class 12 is an important phase for the NEET exam as students appear for the exam just after class 12th. Our expert team have compiled the best study resource for NEET class 12 based on feedbacks from students and NEET faculty around India. The class 12 NEET books of Adda247 contains 9 books for all three NEET sections. The books consists of detailed explanation of every topic, practice questions, statement-based questions, etc.

If you are preparing for NEET (UG) 2025 exam, make sure to study from this book as it contains beautiful explanations of all the sections in a lucid manner. Buy the best NEET books in market for class 12 through the link given below. The books will start dispatching to the buyers address from June 5, 2024.

NEET Books Class 12

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The candidates buying these books will be allowed take the Adda247 NEET mock exams for class 12 and assess their exam performance among a huge number of candidates.

Important Books for NEET 2025 Exam

NEET preparation books are the first thing that any medical applicant thinks of. One of the most crucial parts of any exam preparation is reading from the right set of books. Without NEET books, preparing for the NEET Exam is insufficient. There are a ton of NEET books available on the market, but it’s important to use the appropriate study resources. The finest books for the NEET 2025 exam that has been vetted by the top NEET educators of India is out for purchase in the market.

The NEET book kit for both classes 11th and 12th is now available at a nominal rate, thanks to Sankalp Bharat, Adda247. The One Study Material for NEET- 2025 (English Printed Edition) for Complete Class 11th & 12th consists of 18 books in total. These books is based on the updated NTA’s NEET syllabus. The book has been crafted vey carefully so that students do not have to refer to other resources whatsoever.

The books consists of beautiful illustrations of the biological diagram, consists of equation charts an formula charts for the physics and chemistry section of NEET exam. The book consists of all the important ingredients that is required to top the exam. You can purchase these books from the below link. Make sure to use the coupon code “NEET30” to get extra discount on the book purchase.

Best NEET Books

Along with this product, the students will get the access to appear for the NEET dropper mock tests conducted for all students and analyze their performance nationally.

Features of Best NEET Books by Adda247

A kit with all 18 books for both Class 11 and Class 12 combined or 9 each for class 11 and 12 is being provided by NEET Adda247.This study guide was created by the knowledgeable Content Team of Sankalp Bharat and verified to meet the primary demands of all students studying for the NEET 2025 test at the Undergraduate Level for UG Courses. These books have been vetted by the best faculty for NEET exam across different top coaching institutes.

Take a look at the features of these books.

  • Topic -wise questions in every chapter
  • The book also features new chapter-wise statement based questions
  • Chapter-wise MCQs
  • Chapter-wise Assertion/Reason questions
  • Chapter-wise match the following questions
  • Previous year questions for practice

Apart from the salient characteristics of the books, students buying making these purchases will also have access to the following:

  • Mock & Topic Tests based on Latest Pattern with Detailed Solutions
  • Overall & Sectional Analysis, Ranks and Comparison with Topper
  • Planner, Previous Year Papers and Preparation Tips on Email regularly
  • Doubt Solving on App and Telegram Groups.

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What is the price for the NEET UG exam books for class 12 by Adda247?

The price for the NEET UG 2025 book by Adda247 for class 12 is only Rs.2,240.

Are the books given above sufficient for NEET 2025 exam?

Yes, the NEET books given above contains all the concepts and chapters for NEET exam. Students who will thoroughly study the Adda247 NEET books will not require to consult any other books.

What is unique in these books that make it different from others?

The most unique aspect of these books are its latest syllabus (consists of experimental topics too) that is up to the mark. These books contains all the resources at a single place, making it easy for students to manage their preparation. The books also consists of latest nature of questions like statement-based questions and reason/assertion type questions based on the latest syllabus.

How much marks can I expect from studying these books?

Students who will complete these books by heart along with practicing all its questions are guaranteed to get admitted in one of the top medical colleges in India through NEET 2025 exam.

What is the cost of the NEET 2025 book kit for class 11 and 12 combined?

The combined class 11 and class 12 NEET 2025 book kit consists of 18 printed books. The total price of these books is only Rs.4,200.

Can I change or return the purchased books?

The books can be changed only for the first 24 hours after purchase, or until the book hasn't been shipped by us. We advise you to email us at www.adda247.com/support with the title of the book you want to order in order to begin this procedure. You might be required to pay the difference, if any, for the procedure. However, the return of the book is not allowed.

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