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AP EAMCET Sample Papers 2024, Download Free Sample Papers PDF

AP EAMCET Sample Papers 2024: The AP EAMCET 2024 sample papers are a must to do strategy in the last few days before the exam. It is because, the AP EAMCET sample papers 2024 are made by expert teachers who have years of experience formulating the exact papers for the competitive exams. The importance o solving the sample paper is so crucial that the JNTUK, the exam conducting body of the AP EAMCET 2024 exam, releases its official sample papers for the AP EAMCET, now AP EAPCET 2024 exam.

AP EAMCET Sample Papers 2024

The AP EAMCET sample papers contains questions from the updates syllabus and the latest exam pattern of the AP EAPCET exam. Aspirants studying for the EAMPET 2024 exam can find great benefit from the AP EAMCET 2024 sample papers. The AP EAMCET 2024 sample paper has been made available by JNTU Kakinada to aid students in properly comprehending the format of the EAPCET exam. By consulting the practice papers that are available in PDF format, candidates can gain additional insight into the pattern, number of questions, marking scheme, and other important aspects of the AP EAMCET exam.

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AP EAMCET 2024 Sample Papers

It is a known formula in the competition world, that no matter how hard you study, but if you do not practice the sample papers for the exam, you will not get a good score and a good rank. Sample papers are extremely helpful for candidates getting ready for the exam. Sample papers for the AP EAMCET are a great way to prepare for the test in the best possible way. While solving the sample papers, students must make sure that they follow the exam time conditions and do not practice sample papers casually.


AP EAMCET Sample Paper 2024 Important Questions

The additional important questions based on the sample papers’ questions have been provided for students for extra practice. The important questions given here is accompanied by the answers. Students should first try to solve the questions on its own and then match the same with the official answers provided.

Q) A particle is projected with a velocity v so that its horizontal range is twice the greatest height attained. The horizontal range is

a. v2/g

b. 2v2/3g

c. 4v2/5g

d. v2/2g

Ans: c

Q)The ratio of the dimensions of Planck constant and that of moment of inertia has the dimensions of

a. time

b. frequency

c. angular momentum

d. velocity

Ans: b

Q) A stone of mass 0.05 kg is thrown vertically upwards. What is the direction and magnitude of net force on the stone during its upward motion?

a. 0.49 N vertically upwards

b. 0.49 N vertically downwards

c. 0.98 N vertically downwards

d. 9.8 N vertically downwards

Ans: b

Q) The kinetic energy of a body of mass 4 kg and momentum 6 Ns will be

a. 2.5 J

b. 3.5 J

c. 4.5 J

d. 5.5 J

Ans: c

Q) If the mass of a body is M on the surface of the earth, the mass of the same body on the surface of the moon will be

a. M/6

b. M

c. 6 M

d. zero

Ans: b

Q) Moment of Inertia of a thin uniform rod rotating about the perpendicular axis passing through its centre is 1. If the same rod is bent into a ring and its moment of inertia about its diameter is F. Then the ratio I/I’ will be

a. (3/2) π2

b. (8/3) π2

c. (2/3) π2

d. (5/3) π2

Ans: c

Q) The efficiency of a Carnot engine which operates between the two temperatures T1 = 500 K and T2 = 300 K is





Ans: d

Q) 1 gram of ice is mixed with 1 gram of steam. At thermal equilibrium, the temperature of the mixture is

a. 0 °C

b. 100 °C

c. 50 °C

d. 55 °C

Ans: b

Q) While charging the lead storage battery.______.

a. PbSO4 on anode is reduced to Pb

b. PbSO4 on cathode is reduced to Pb

c. PbSO4 on cathode is oxidized to Pb

d. PbSO4 on anode is oxidized to PbO2

Ans: a

Q) Adenosine is an example of

a. Nucleotide

b. Purine base

c. Pyrimidine base

d. Nucleoside

Ans: d

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Q) Orlon has a monomeric unit

a. Acrolein

b. Glycol

c. Vinyl cyanide

d. Isoprene

Ans: c

Q) H2O2 cannot oxidise

a. PbS

b. Na2SO3

c. O3

d. KI

Ans: c

Q) On heating with concentrated NaOH solution in an inert atmosphere of CO2, white phosphorous gives a gas. Which of the following statement is incorrect about the gas?

a. It is less basic than NH3

b. It is more basic than NH3

c. It is highly poisonous and has a smell like rotten fish

d. It’s solution in water decomposes in the presence of light

Ans: b

Q) The electrolyte having maximum flocculation value for AgI/Ag+sol. is

a. NaCl

b. Na2S

c. Na2SO4

d. Na3PO4

Ans: a

Q) The Set A has 4 elements and the set B has 5 elements then the number of injective mappings that can be defined from A to B is

a. 144

b. 72

c. 60

d. 120

Ans: d

Q) If 3 tan–1 x + cot–1 x = π then x equal to

a. 0

b. 1

c. –1

d. ½

Ans: b

Q) If A is any square matrix of order 3×3 then |3A| is equal to

a. 3|A|

b. 1/3| A |

c. 27|A|

d. 9|A|

Ans: c

Q) If A is a matrix of order m × n and B is a matrix such that AB’ and B’A are both defined, the order of the matrix B is

a. m × m

b. n × n

c. n × m

d. m × n

Ans: d

Q) Write the set builder form A = {–1, 1}

a. A = {x : x is a real number}
b. A = {x : x is an integer}
c. A = {x : x is a root of the equation x2 = 1}
d. A = {x : x is a root of the equation x2 + 1 = 0}

Ans: c

Q) If the 2nd and 5th term of G.P. are 24 and 3 respectively, then the sum of 1st six terms is ______

a. 189/2
b. 189/5
c. 179/2
d. 2/189

Ans: a

Q) Foot of perpendicular drawn from the origin to the plane 2x – 3y + 4z = 29 is _______

a. (5, –1, 4)
b. (2, –3, 4)
c. (7, –1, 3)
d. (5, –2, 3)

Ans: b

Q) Which one of the following statement is correct?

a. Chasmogamous flowers always exhibit geitonogamy.

b. Cleistogamous flowers always exhibit autogamy.

c. Chasmogamous flowers never exhibit autogamy.

d. Cleistogamous flowers exhibit both autogamy and geitonogamy.

Ans: b

Q) E. coli bacteria grew in I5NH4Cl medium for several generations are allowed to grow in 14NH4Cl medium. After 2 generations, the bacteria are isolated from the medium and DNA of bacteria centrifuged in CsCI. The result of the density gradient of DNA is.

a. only hybrid DNA

b. both hybrid and heavy DNA

c. both heavy and light DNA

d. both hybrid and light DNA

Ans: d

Q) Facultative absorption of water from primary urine is influenced by the hormone

a. Androgens

b. Epinephrine

c. Vasopressin

d. Thyroxine

Ans: c

Q) Identify the correct equation for Hardy-Weinberg law.

a. p + q = 1

b. p – q = 1

c. (p + q)2 = 1

d. (p – q)2 = 1

Ans: a and c

Q) In plants, lateral roots arise from

a. epidermis

b. hypodermis

c. endodermis

d. pericycle


Q) Snow blindness is caused due to

a. Ozone hole

b. Nuclear winter

c. Acid rain

d. Green house effect

Ans: a

Q) A person who has allergy, the type of antibody produced in his body is

a. IgA

b. IgG

c. IgE

d. IgM

Ans: c

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AP EAPCET 2024 Exam Pattern

The name of the AP EAMCET has been changed to AP EAPCET because the medical courses are now offered only through the NEET UG exam and AP EAPCET now provides admission to pharmacy courses based on its merit list. The exam pattern aids in better preparation and gives aspirants an earlier look at the exam. Let’s examine the AP EAMCET exam pattern 2024 in more detail.

Exam Mode: The AP EAMCET is a Computer Based Test (CBT), i.e., the exam mode is online

Examination Medium: The AP EAMCET 2024 exam will be conducted both in English and Telugu languages

Time Duration of the Exam: The overall time duration of the AP EAMCET 2024 exam is three hours.

Type of Questions: The exam features only Objective-type questions, with each question presented with four answer options from which the right answer must be selected.

Marking Scheme: Each question of the paper carries one mark for the correct answer, and there is no negative marking in the exam.

Subjects: AP EAMCET exam is conducted for three subjects- Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology (Biology for bio-technology engineering and mathematics for the rest of the engineering branches)

Questions Distribution: The Physics section comprises 40 questions, Chemistry includes 40 questions, and Mathematics/Biology contains 80 questions

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AP EAMCET (EAPCET) Sample Papers 2024 PDF Free Download

The expert sample papers with answers have been provided here for free download. Students must make sure to solve these questions to increase their score and improve their All India rank in the exam.

AP EAMCET Sample Paper 2024 Set 1

AP EAMCET Sample Paper 2024 Set 2

AP EAMCET Sample Paper 2024 Set 3

AP EAMCET Sample Paper 2024 Set 4

AP EAMCET Sample Paper 2024 Set 5

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When will the AP EAMCET 2024 exam be organized?

The JNTU Kakinada, on behalf of the APSCHE, will conduct the AP EAMCET exam 2024 from May 16 to May 23, 2024.

Why should we solve AP EAMCET 2024 sample paper?

The pattern and structure of the AP EAMCET 2024 sample papers are identical to those of the real exam. Through the solution of AP EAMCET sample questions, candidates will have an understanding of the actual exam.

What subjects are covered in the AP EAMCET 2024 sample papers?

The AP EAMCET 2024 sample papers consists of questions from the Physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology (option between the two) subjects. The questions level are identical to the 11th and 12th standard syllabus of the Indian education boards.

Where can I download the AP EAMCET 2024 sample papers?

Aspirants can download the AP EAMCET 2024 sample papers PDF for free along with their solutions from the above article.

Does the AP EAMCET sample papers 2024 provided above follows the latest syllabus?

Yes, the most recent syllabus for the test is the basis for the AP EAMCET Sample Papers 2024 provided above. They address every pertinent subject and topic listed in the official AP EAMCET syllabus. Selecting sample papers that are current and in line with the exam format is crucial.

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