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AILET Exam Analysis 2024- Good Attempts, Difficulty Level

AILET Exam Analysis 2024 is now out as the exam concluded on 10th December 2023 at 1 PM. The AILET Exam Paper Analysis will help students understand the overall nature of the question paper. As per the AILET Exam Analysis 2024 by the test-takers, The overall difficulty level of AILET 2024 was moderate to challenging. The most difficult component of the exam was Logical Reasoning. The English component of the AILET 2024 exam was quite long, taking up the majority of the time given to answer questions in the AILET 2024 exam. The AILET 2024’s English part was very long. As the exam pattern changed this year, every student is anxious and eagerly waiting for the exam analysis of AILET 2024. The detailed AILET 2024 exam analysis has been shared on this page.

AILET Exam Analysis 2024

The AILET 2024 exam analysis indicates the exam’s overall difficulty level and the number of questions that will be considered as a good attempt. The analysis of the AILET paper offers a detailed look at the quantity, format, and difficulty level of the exam. Test-takers reported that the AILET 2024 question paper was somewhat surprising, with multiple subject questions based on a single passage. In general, AILET 2024 was moderate in the level of difficulty. The AILET 2024 exam difficulty level is hard to ascertain at this moment due to changes in the number of sections.

AILET Exam Analysis 2024- Good Attempts, Difficulty Level_30.1

AILET Exam 2024 Paper Analysis

To assess their performance and predict the anticipated cut-offs, candidates should go through the detailed AILET Exam Analysis 2024 discussed in this video.

AILET 2024 Exam Analysis

The AILET 2024 exam concluded on December 10, 2023, at 1 PM, the analysis of AILET 2024 will be available here. Exam analysis will assist candidates in understanding the expected cutoff for AILET 2024. Candidates who plan to take the AILET in the future will benefit more from knowing the general level of difficulty of the test, the kinds of questions that are asked, and the primary themes covered by the questions.

The following factors will serve as the basis for AILET 2024 analysis:

  • Total exam difficulty
  • Level of difficulty for a section
  • kinds of questions asked in the test
  • Major subjects/topics from which questions in the AILET 2024 have been asked

AILET 2024 Analysis – Student Reaction

The AILET 2024 analysis has been presented here based on the test takers who appeared in today’s exam. Here are the major highlights of the AILET Exam analysis 2024:

  • The difficulty level of the AILET 2024 exam ranged from moderate to difficult.
  • The most difficult component of the exam was Logical Reasoning.
  • The most easy section was GK and Current Affairs.
  • The English component was quite difficult due to its length.

AILET 2024 Exam Pattern

The AILET 2024 exam pattern has been revised this year for the BA LLB program. The number of sections have been reduced from 5 to 3. The total number of questions still remain 150, hence, increasing the section-wise questions from previous 30 to 50. The AILET exam pattern for the year 2024 for LLB and LLM course is given below.

Particulars BA LLB LLM
Exam mode Offline Offline
Test duration 120 minutes 120 minutes
Exam timings 11 am to 1 pm 11 am to 1 pm
Test medium English English
Type of questions Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) MCQs
Total questions 150 questions 100 multiple choice questions
Total marks 150 marks 100 marks
Number of Sections 3
Marking scheme +1 mark for each correct answer

-0.25 marks for each incorrect answer

+1 mark for each correct answer

-0.25 marks for each incorrect answer

AILET 2024 Difficulty Level

The Section wise difficulty level of AILET Exam 2024 is analyzed based on the feedback of students as well as the expert analysis. That is, the overall difficulty level is moderate level. The section-wise and overall difficulty level for the AILET exam is given below.

Section Difficulty Level
English Language Difficult
Current Affairs & General Knowledge Moderated to easy
Logical Reasoning Difficult
Overall Difficulty Level Moderate

AILET Exam Analysis 2024 – Good Attempts

The detailed analysis of the AILET 2024 exam will not only help candidates in ascertaining the overall difficulty level of the exam but will also help them in gaining an idea about the good attempt. Good attempt means the number of questions that a student must answer in order to comfortably surpass the cut-off marks. The good attempts decide the good score for the exam and the expected cut-off. The student’s take and the question paper review will give the idea about the good attempt and good score. The section-wise and overall good attempts and good score will be updated once the exam concludes and the inputs of the exam questions become available.

Section Good Attempt Good Score
English Language To be Updated Soon To be Updated Soon
Current Affairs & General Knowledge To be Updated Soon To be Updated Soon
Logical Reasoning To be Updated Soon To be Updated Soon
Total To be Updated Soon To be Updated Soon

Benefits of AILET Exam Analysis 2024

The exam analysis provided by the expert provides many benefits. It gives students an idea about the overall good score and the expected cut off. This help in the decision making of students well before the actual result declaration. It also aid students in planning their future academic decisions. The following points help to clarify the significance of exam analysis and student response for the AILET exam:

  • provides a general understanding of the exam format
  • aids in comprehending the rationale behind the entrance exam
  • gives information on the anticipated cut-off
  • Comprehensive study for prospective lawyers hoping to sit for the test in the future
  • gives the exam’s conducting authority feedback on the difficulties that test-takers encountered so that they can address such issues in future sessions.

AILET Exam Analysis 2024- Good Attempts, Difficulty Level_40.1

AILET Exam Analysis 2023

It is always advisable to look at the detailed exam analysis of previous year in order to catch any trend in the difficulty level and nature of questions. It will provide students with lots of information so that they can gauge the good attempt and good score for the next session of the exam. It will also help them gaining an understanding about the topics which are more important. The key highlights of the AILET 2023 exam analysis is given below.

  • The AILET 2023 exam format was modified, creating anxiety among test-takers.
  • The portions on English language and logical reasoning were combined.
  • Additionally, passage-based questions were introduced in the English language component.
  • When compared to the previous year (AILET 2022), the AILET 2023 question paper was simpler.
  • In addition, the exam wasn’t too long because students could finish answering the questions in the 90 minutes that were allocated.
  • The GK component was the easiest of the three, with English coming in second. Many students felt that the Logical Reasoning questions were challenging.
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What is the difficulty level of the AILET 2024 exam?

The overall difficulty level of the AILET 2024 exam is easy to moderate.

How many sections are there in the AILET 2024 exam for the BA LLB program?

There are three sections in the AILET 2024 exam for the BA LLB program. These sections are English Language, Current Affairs & General Knowledge, and Logical Reasoning.

What is the exam timing for the AILET exam 2024?

AILET exam will be held for 02 hours, from 11 AM to 1 PM.

Which courses are offered through the AILET exam?

AILET exam offers different courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. It offers a BA LLB program at the undergraduate level. LLM program is offered at the postgraduate level at the postgraduate level. Apart from that, AILET also offers PhD program.

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