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SSC JE Current Affairs Questions, Important Topics and Benefits

SSC JE Tier 1 examination is going to be conducted on 5,6 and 7 June 2024. The general awareness section comprising 50 Marks will be asked in the examination. Candidates are always worried about scoring decently on this paper. A student getting higher marks in the General Awareness section will perform better than their peers. Current affairs form an important section in the General Awareness syllabus. Covering Current affairs regularly can fetch good marks from candidates.

Current affairs cover topics like Defence, Sports, Technology, Books and Authors, Important Dates, Important themes, Important Personalities, the Indian Economy, GDP rates, and others. Covering Current affairs can be excruciating but with the right approach, one can master Current affairs in the limited time frame.

Importance of Current Affairs in the SSC JE Exam

Around 8-10 Questions in the General Awareness section in the SSC JE Tier 1 examination are asked from the Current Affairs. Current affairs can increase your chances of selection. It can give you a lead of 8-10 marks if you follow Current affairs regularly. A strong grasp of current affairs is crucial to gain confidence in this section. Questions of Current Affairs are not so deep. A regular go-through through this section improves your marks in the Paper.

How to ace the SSC JE Current Affairs Section?

The preparation of current affairs requires discipline and dedication to do well in the paper. Since the scope of Current Affairs is so vast, it’s important to devise a good strategy to score the maximum in the paper.

Here are some tips for the Current Affairs Section-

  • Reading of Current Affairs – Reading current affairs is important to recall the information you have learned. You can Read Current Affairs on the Adda 247 App or Website. You can also give quizzes which will enhance your knowledge.
  • Watching Videos of Current Affairs- For some aspirants, watching videos helps them recall everything that they have learned. It’s important to watch daily videos and revision videos too. You can check the Adda247 YouTube channel for daily current affairs videos.
  • Maintaining Notes- Making and Maintaining notes is very helpful at the time of revision. Candidate can revise it multiple times and it will help increase their grasp of the section.
  • PDF Study- You can check the weekly or Monthly PDFs provided by the dynamic team of Adda247. It is also one of the best ways to revise.

Important Current Affairs Topics for SSC JE

The important topics covered in Current Affairs are discussed below-

  • Recent affairs concerning government policies, schemes, achievements, and other information.
  • Important events happening in the country or worldwide
  • News related to Science and Technology.
  • News related to the Indian Economy, Growth, and figures.
  • News related to recent prizes and Awards given.

Benefits of Reading Current Affairs for SSC JE Exam

Reading Current affairs is not only limited to scoring well in the examination, it boots your knowledge, it keeps you updated with the latest events happening in the country, it makes you aware of the situation of the country. Reading Current affairs for the SSC JE exam will also help you in other examinations along with helping in this examination. Being a regular reader of Current Affairs makes you very knowledgeable.


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