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IIT Kanpur GATE Cut off 2024

IIT Kanpur will soon release the cut-off marks obtained in the GATE Examination 2024 to get admission to the college for the courses. IIT Kanpur is one of the prominent IITs in the nation and graduates who appear for the GATE examination aim IIT Kanpur as a great destination for pursuing their The GATE exam results were declared on 16 March 2024. All prominent institutions like IIT, NIT, IISC, and others release separate cut-off marks which a student is required to get admission to complete their Read this article to get more information about the IIT Kanpur GATE cut-off 2024 Admission through GATE

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam is the only gateway for the engineering or science backgrounds who are eligible to pursue an from IITs and NIT’s. Nonetheless, the competition among these graduates is immense and the GATE cut-off for different IITs or other institutions is the deciding factor.

Here’s how the process of admission for after GATE happens-

  • Common Offer Acceptance Portal- To get an offer from an IIT to pursue an, a candidate who has appeared for the GATE exam needs to GATE COAP Counselling.
  • Centralized Counselling for (CCMT)- To get an offer from institutions like NITs, GFTI’s, and other important government institutions, Students have to apply for the CCMT Counselling process.

IIT Kanpur GATE Previous year Cut Off

Previous year cut-offs are a metric a candidate can introspect to have an idea about the present year cut-offs. The IIT Kanpur GATE cut-off varies branch-wise and it depends on multiple factors. It depends on the factors like total number of seats available in the institution, the number of students who applied for the college, the difficulty level in the GATE examination, and other important factors.

GATE 2022 Cutoff for IIT Kanpur

The GATE 2022 Cut-off for IIT Kanpur for different branches is stated in the below table. We’ve also provided information about the category-wise closing Rank.

Branch Name Category Closing Rank
Aerospace Engineering General 4683
EWS 853
OBC 2214
SC 1092
ST 744
Mechanical Engineering General 3155
EWS 592
OBC 1529
SC 914
ST 465
Bio-Engineering General 7309
EWS 1409
OBC 3262
SC 2071
ST 1213
Chemical Engineering General 4649
OBC 762
SC 2034
ST 1281
Civil Engineering General 6297
EWS 1078
OBC 2582
SC 1380
ST 430
Computer Science Engineering General 237
EWS 55
OBC 155
SC 94
ST 43
Earth Science General 9614
EWS 1714
OBC 4513
SC 2826
ST 1314
Electrical Engineering General 1368
EWS 287
OBC 696
SC 410
ST 269
Physics General 6383
EWS 1568
OBC 3781
SC 2446
ST 1383
Statistics and Data Science General 1082
EWS 246
OBC 833
SC 588
ST 378
Materials Science and Engineering General 6535
EWS 1226
OBC 3003
SC 1881
ST 1083
Mathematics and scientific computing General 1143
EWS 212
OBC 681
SC 646
ST 325


GATE 2020 Cut off for IIT Kanpur

The Cut off of GATE 2020 of IIT Kanpur for is given below.

Branch Name Category Closing Rank
Aerospace Engineering General 750
EWS 670
OBC 600
SC 495
ST 460
Automation and Robotics General 750
EWS 675
OBC 675
SC 500
ST 500
Bio-Engineering General 750
EWS 675
OBC 675
SC 490
ST 490
Civil Engineering General 730
EWS 680
OBC 680
SC 630
ST 630
Computer Science Engineering General 775
EWS 697
OBC 697
SC 516
ST 516
Earth Science General 430
EWS 330
OBC 330
SC 310
ST 269
Electrical Engineering General 900
EWS 835
OBC 813
SC 683
ST 594
Engineering Physics General 660
EWS 594
OBC 594
SC 396
ST 396
Environmental Engineering General 690
EWS 690
OBC 690
SC 690
ST 690
Geoinformatics General 730
EWS 671
OBC 671
SC 483
ST 483
Mechanical Engineering General 750
EWS 675
OBC 675
SC 558
ST 558

IIT Kanpur specializations through GATE 2024

IIT Kanpur offers a wide range of specialization through GATE score. These specializations are mentioned below-

  • in Mechanical Engineering
  • in Computer Science and Engineering
  • in Aerospace Engineering
  • in Bio-Engineering
  • in Chemical Engineering
  • in Photonics Science and Engineering
  • in Materials and Engineering
  • in Statistics and Data Science
  • in Automation and Robotics
  • in Industrial and Management Engineering

IIT Kanpur GATE 2024 Cut-off factors

The cut-off marks of IIT Kanpur GATE 2024 will depend on various factors –

  • Difficulty of GATE 2024– The difficulty level of the GATE Exam becomes the deciding factor of the cut-off marks set up by IIT Kanpur for Admissions.
  • Number of Applicants – The cut-off marks are greatly influenced by number of applications sitting for the examination.
  • Number of Available Seats -The number of seats available also becomes a crucial factor in deciding the cut-offs.
  • Past trends- Analysing the previous year’s cut is important . The previous year cut-off is given above.

Process of Selection in IIT Kanpur for Course

After the GATE scores are out, there is a definite process that is followed to get admission to IIT Kanpur. The process is summarised here-

  • The candidates are invited to the written test and interview on the basis of their performance in GATE. A few candidates are given direct admission who have scored exceptionally high in CS/IT.
  • The admission process for these candidates is solely based on their performance in test and interview
  • After getting selected, candidates are called for document verification round.

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