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Engineers Day 2022 History, Importance and Significance

Engineers Day 2022

Engineers Day is observed on 15th September annually in honor of Sir M Visvesvaraya, who was the father of Engineering and an eminent Engineer of India. The day is celebrated to perceive the contribution and achievements of Sir M Visvesvaraya. Engineers Day 2022 is celebrated across the country on 15th September by organizing many events, seminars, campaigns, workshops, etc. Engineers are responsible for all the development of the nation and they contribute their knowledge and skills to the growth of the nation. Refer to this article to know all the details regarding Engineers Day 2022 including significance, theme, wishes, etc.

Engineers Day 2022: Significance

Every year Engineers Day is celebrated on the 15th of September to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sir Mokshagundam Visveshvaraya. He was the first Civil Engineer in India and contributed many important things to the field of Engineering. It is also known as Civil Engineering Day 2022. By observing his contribution and dedication Government of India awarded him with a prestigious award ‘Bharat Ratna’. Engineers day is the inspiration for all the Engineers to follow Sir M Visveshvaraya’s principles and work for the development and growth of the country using their knowledge and skills.

Engineers Day 2022 India

Engineers Day 2022 India occurs on 15th September in the country. The day is celebrated on Visveshvaraya Jayanti 2022 as this day is the birth date of Sir M Visveshvaraya.

Engineers Day 2022 Theme

The Engineering Day 2022 theme has not been announced yet officially. It is observed to pay the tribute to Sir Visveshvaraya. The Engineers Day 2022 theme will be updated here once announce of it. Last year Engineers Day was celebrated under the theme “Engineering for A Healthy Planet – Celebrating the UNESCO Engineering Report.” The theme was decided to shape the world with the latest emerging technologies and to face the challenges against the planet.

World Engineers Day

World Engineers Day is observed on 15th September every year across the globe to appreciate the Engineers and their contribution to society. As per the UNESCO 40th General Conference in 2019, World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development is celebrated worldwide on 4th March of each year since 2020 as a day for engineers and engineering. Engineering professionals invent, design, and build systems for various purposes with a motive to make human life easier. World Engineering Day 2022 is also organized worldwide by launching various programs and events and making initiatives for engineers.

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Engineering Day 2022 Wishes

The Engineering Day 2022 is organized at a grand level. It’s a day to pay tribute to Sir M Visveswaraya who contributed a lot in the field of Engineering. We should provide our good wishes to Engineers fit their remarkable contribution to society. All the prominent personalities like President, Prime Minister, etc. give their best wishes on Engineers Day.

Happy Engineers Day 2022

We are wishing Happy Engineers Day to all the Engineers of the country.

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