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Aeronautical Engineer Salary in India vs Worldwide

Aeronautical Engineering is a fascinating destination for many aspiring engineers in the country. The job involves a lot of technicality, accountability, and responsibility. Operating the maintenance of aircraft can be both challenging and rewarding. Aeronautical Engineering involves the design and development of Commercial and fighter aircraft.  You must be curious as to how much aeronautical engineers are paid in the country and abroad. Is there any difference between the salaries of an aeronautical engineer in India and a foreign country, say the USA?

Aeronautical Engineer salary in the USA is the highest in the world. It’s USD 102229 (INR 84.70 Lakhs) per year and in India, it’s USD 14881 (12lakhs) per year. You can assess the huge difference between the salary paid to Aeronautical Engineer in India and abroad. You can check the comparison between the salary paid to aeronautical engineers in India and abroad and decide your choice of education.

Aeronautical Engineer Salary in India

After the advent of the Indian Government’s “Make in India” scheme, there has been an increased focus on Indigenous design, manufacture, research, and aircraft production for commercial and defense purposes. The grants given to aircraft maintenance and manufacturing companies like HAL and others have increased. They are actively recruiting well-skilled aeronautical engineers who can get great exposure while working in these companies. There is a ladder of growth that any aeronautical engineer working in these companies takes to reach greater heights of success.

The salary for aeronautical engineers in India varies depending on experience, skills, specialization, and location. Experienced aeronautical engineers can earn Rs 10 lakh- Rs 15 lakh per annum or even higher.

Aeronautical Engineer salary in India and Abroad

The salary of aeronautical engineers depends on a lot of factors. Interested students dreaming of doing aeronautical engineering abroad should be aware of the average package offered to aeronautical engineers in different countries and compare it with India. A detailed comparison of the salaries abroad and in India for aeronautical engineers has been provided below-

Top Countries Aeronautical Engineering Salary Per Year (USD) Aeronautical Engineering Salary Per Year (IND)
USA 102,229 8,470,694
Australia 98,116 8,129,891
France 96,708 8,013,224
Germany 86,776 7,190,259
Canada 85,972 7,123,639
China 54,661 4,529,210
UK 52,220 4,326,949
Russia 22,053 1,827,311
India 14,481 1,199,895


Aeronautical Engineer Salary with Experience

The Aeronautical Engineer’s salary increases with experience like the other jobs. Aspiring aeronautical engineers are curious to know the contrast of the salaries as aeronautical engineers advance upwards in their careers. Is there any major difference between the increment of the Aeronautical Engineer Salary in India and Abroad as these engineers advance in their careers and reach the ladders of success and growth? Let’s dive into it.

The salary of a fresher aeronautical engineer in India is between INR 3.5 lakh to INR 4lakh. After gaining 3-7 years of experience, they can earn over 10 lakh INR.

Experience level Average Salary of Aeronautical Engineer
0-3 Years of Experience INR 3.9 Lakhs per year
3-7 years of Experience INR 10 Lakhs per year
7-10 Years of Experience INR 12.0 Lakhs per year
10 to 15 Years of Experience INR 15.0 Lakhs Per Year

Countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and other developed nations pay much more to experienced Aeronautical Engineers. It has been seen that many Indians are offered a much better package as Aeronautical Engineers in those countries, pointing to the reason why many talented, experienced, and skilled aeronautical engineers leave the country to do aeronautical engineering abroad.

Specialization wise Aeronautical Engineer Salary

The salary of an Aeronautical Engineer varies with the specialization and there are some specialization that pays more than the average.  The list of salaries for different specializations of aeronautical engineers is given below for reference.

Aeronautical Engineering Specialization Salary
Aerodynamics Engineer 10 Lakhs
Propulsion Engineer 8.6 Lakhs
Structures Engineer 10 Lakhs
Avionics Engineer 7 Lakhs
Flight Test Engineer 5 Lakhs


High Paying Companies for Aeronautical Engineers

Various companies pay a tremendous amount to Aeronautical engineers and the trend varies from company to company.  We have listed the top recruiters of aeronautical engineers and the average salaries they pay to Individuals.

Top Paying Countries Top Recruiters Salary
  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin
  • NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
  • Northrop Grumman
  • SpaceX
USD 95,075 to USD 144,000
  • Bombardier
  • Magellan
  • Aerospace CAE
USD 92,000 to USD 143,000
  • Airbus
  • Boeing
  • Defense Contractors operating in Australia
USD 64,000 to USD 66,100
  • Thales
  • Safran
  • Airbus
  • Dassault Aviation
USD 42,500 to USD 48,000
  • ISRO
  • Indian Air Force
  • DRDO
  • HAL
USD 10,000 to USD 14,480


How to become an aeronautical Engineer?

To become an aeronautical engineer, you need to perform excellently in subjects like Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. You’ve to choose PCM in class 11th and dedicate your time to enhancing the concepts of your Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Following a passionate knack for these subjects, you can start appearing for entrance examinations which are the doorway to entering into an engineering college that offers the aeronautical engineering course. To go to a foreign university, you can start appearing for the exams conducted by them by becoming aware of their rules and regulations.

Top Universities to Study Aeronautical Engineering

While talking about India, IITs are the prominent institution to study aeronautical engineering and secure their careers. The faculty members at IIT are well equipped to teach you the intricacies of aeronautical engineering and the exposure gained there will help you a lot in your career. Here is a list of some prominent foreign universities which are top-notch for doing aeronautical engineering in India.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College of London

Apart from these universities, there are various colleges and universities which offer aeronautical engineering courses which an aspiring aeronautical engineer can target to pursue aeronautical engineering in India.



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