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NEXT 2023, Exam Date Postponed, Apply @next.aiimsexams.ac.in

NMC NExT 2023 : The National Exit Test (NExT) is a planned examination for all MBBS students in India who must complete the final year in order to practise medicine. Admission to postgraduate courses will be determined on a candidate’s performance in NEXT 2023 . The exam will be given for the first time in 2024.The NExT exam 2023 will be a computer-based test with multiple-choice questions. The test syllabus will cover all of the subjects taught in the MBBS programme. The exam will last approximately 6 hours.NExT’s goal is to ensure that all MBBS graduates in India have the information and skills needed to practise medicine safely and effectively. The exam will also aid in the standardisation of medical education across the country.NExT is a fundamental overhaul in India’s medical education system. It is projected to improve the quality of medical graduates and increase the efficiency of the Indian healthcare system.

NExT 2023 Exam

The goal of this new medical decision-making process is to provide a standardised exit exam for final-year medical students. If the proposed legislation is passed, this test will be the only one required for final-year medical students, medical practise licences, and entry to medical postgraduate programmes. This comprehensive strategy aims to simplify the examination process and establish a standardised path for medical students transitioning into professional practise or pursuing postgraduate education.

NExT 2023 Exam Postponed

The National Medical Commission (NMC) recently made an announcement through a public notice. According to the notice, the National Exit Test (NExT) for final year MBBS students of the 2019 batch has been deferred until further directions, based on the advice of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. However, no specific information was provided regarding the mock NExT scheduled for July 28, and whether it will proceed as planned or not. The NMC’s notice informed all stakeholders about the deferment of the NEXT examination, based on the advice received from the Ministry on July 11, 2023. The future course of action regarding the examination will be communicated by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

NMC NExT Exam 2023 Overview

The table below consists of NExT 2023 overview.

Particulars Details
Exam name National Exit Test or NExT
Conducting body National Medical Commission (NMC)
Exam level Postgraduate exam at National level
Objective Medical Licence
Session commencement 2024-25
Eligible candidates Final year MBBS students, Foreign Medical Graduates
Exam mode Online
Number of Paper Paper 1 and 2
Question Type MCQs, LAQs, SAQs
Number of attempts No restriction

NExT 2023 Important Dates

The table below consists of NExt 2023 important dates .

Events Exam Date Exam Result
NExT Step 1 Regular May/November 1st week of June/December
3rd year MBBS / Final MBBS PART 2 Practical / Clinical University Examination 1st week of June/December 3rd week of June/December
Internship 1st January/July 31st December/30th June following year
NExT Step 2 Regular 3rd week June/December Last week of June/December
NExT Step 2 Supplementary 1st week September/March 3rd week September/March
Postgraduate Admission May-June (Counselling) 30-June-2024
Postgraduate course 1st week July/1st week January ——

NExT 2023 Application Form

  1. The official notification regarding the NExT application process has not yet been released.
  2. The National Medical Commission (NMC) is planned to launch an online application form for the NExT 2024 exam.
  3. The NExT 2024 application deadlines will be notified on the official website.
  4. NExT 2024 registration will most likely begin in the last week of October 2024.
  5. Candidates must register online in order to submit their NExT 2024 application form.
  6. Registration, filling out the application form, submitting photos, and paying the registration cost are all part of the application procedure.
  7. Before applying for the NExT PG test, candidates should check the eligibility requirements.

NExT Exam 2023 Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate medical students will be able to take the National Exit Test, or NExT exam. Certain eligibility criteria are outlined in the draught rules for the NExT exam, including:

  1. All undergraduate medical students enrolled in MBBS programmes in National Medical Commission (NMC)-accredited medical colleges.
  2. Foreign Medical Graduates who have been approved by the NMC in order to practise medicine as a registered medical practitioner in India.
  3. Individuals with a medical degree for academic courses, observerships, or any other reason stated and approved by the NMC.

NExT 2023 Exam Syllabus

The NExT curriculum consists of six classes that include clinical, pre-clinical, and para-clinical topics. NExT 1 focuses on assessing students’ theoretical knowledge in the following subjects:

  • Medicine and related fields
  • Paediatric surgery and related subjects
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Gynaecology & Obstetrics
  • Ophthalmology

NExT 2023 Exam Pattern

The NExT Exam Pattern is intended to be more comprehensive than the FMGE and NEET PG exams. Unlike its predecessors, NEXT will take place over three days rather than one. Multiple-choice questions (MCQs), short answer questions, and long answer questions will be included in the exam structure.

The National Exit Test (NExT) 2023 exam pattern is as follows:

  • The exam will be conducted in two steps: Step 1 and Step 2.
  • Step 1 will be a computer-based test (CBT) consisting of 540 multiple-choice questions (MCQs).
  • The question pattern for Step 1 will be divided into three sections:
    • Problem-solving questions (60% of the paper)
    • Comprehension and analysis questions (30% of the paper)
    • Recall, applied basic sciences, preventive, and public health questions (10% of the paper)
  • Each MCQ will have four answer choices, and only one of the answer choices will be correct.
  • The total duration of Step 1 will be 6 hours.
  • Step 2 will be a practical exam that will be conducted after the completion of internship.
  • The practical exam will assess the candidate’s clinical skills, including patient examination, diagnosis, and management.
  • The score obtained in Step 1 will be valid for the next two to three years.
  • Candidates will need to pass both Step 1 and Step 2 in order to obtain a license to practice medicine in India.

The syllabus for NExT 2023 will cover all the subjects taught in the MBBS curriculum.

NExT 2023 Exam Pattern Important points

  • The examination will be broken into two sections: NEXT 1 and NEXT 2.
  • Students are able to take NEXT 1 after finishing their final year exams.
  • NEXT 1 is entirely comprised of multiple-choice questions (MCQs).
  • In NEXT 1, students must answer 540 multiple-choice questions.
  • Students can only take NEXT 2 after successfully completing their internship.
  • NEXT 2 is a real-world test.
  • The score from NEXT 1 is valid for the next two to three years.
  • During this time, students have the option of taking the NEXT 2 papers.
  • The goal of this complete exam format is to ensure that medical students and practitioners in India receive standardised evaluations.

NExT Mock Exam 2023

Mock Exam 2023 for the National Exit Test (NExT) is a practise exam designed to help medical graduates prepare for the actual NExT exam. The exam will be administered on July 28, 2023, and will consist of 540 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The simulated exam will have questions similar to the genuine NExT exam.On June 28, AIIMS began online registration for the NExT mock exam, allowing applicants to apply for the NExT MBBS. The application process begins with candidate registration and basic information, followed by the development of the Exam Unique Code (EUC) and completion of the application form. The deadline for NExT applications is July 10.

The mock exam provides medical graduates with an excellent opportunity to:

  • Students should become acquainted with the NExT exam format and question pattern.
  • Examine their knowledge and abilities in numerous medical subjects.
  • Determine their areas of vulnerability and prepare accordingly.
  • Get a sense of the time constraints that they will confront in the exam.

NExT Mock Exam 2023 Important dates

The table below consists of NExT mock test 2023 important dates .

Events Dates
Registration and basic candidate information
28-June-2023 to 10-July-2023, till 5 pm
Status of basic registration and correction of rejected images
11-July-2023 to 12-July-2023, till 5 pm
Final status of registration and acceptance of basic candidate information
13-July-2023, till 5 pm
Generation of Exam Unique Code (EUC)
28-June-2023 to 14-July-2023
Completion of application
28-June-2023 to 14-July-2023
Admit card download 21-July-2023
NExT mock exam 28-July-2023

NExT Exam 2023 Question Distribution

The NEXT 1 Paper question pattern is divided into three parts. As previously stated, the exam consists of 540 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). The following is a breakdown of the question types in the paper:

  • Problem-solving questions: This portion accounts for 60% of the paper and assesses applicants’ ability to tackle difficult problems pertaining to medical scenarios.
  • Questions of comprehension and analysis: Approximately 30% of the paper is made up of questions that assess the applicants’ comprehension and analytical abilities. These problems necessitate the interpretation of data, the construction of connections, and the formulation of conclusions.
  • This portion accounts for 10% of the paper and includes questions about recall, applied basic sciences, prevention, and public health. It includes questions that examine candidates’ knowledge of fundamental medical sciences, concept application, and comprehension of preventative measures and public health principles.

The table below consists of NExt 2023 Question distribution and duration.

Day Schedule Subjects No. of Questions Time
Day 1
Pre- Lunch Medical Allied 120 180 minutes
Post- Lunch Paediatrics 60 90 minutes
Day 2
Pre- Lunch Surgery & Allied 120 180 minutes
Post- Lunch ENT 60 90 minutes
Day 3
Pre- Lunch Obstetrics and Gynaecology 120 180 minutes
Post- Lunch Ophthalmology 60 90 minutes
Total 540 810 minutes

NExT Result and Score Calculations 2023

The NExT Step 1 marks will be calculated as whole numbers, indicating the raw results. Decimal points may be used to demonstrate adequate precision if necessary. If necessary, corresponding percentages (marks out of a maximum of 100) with appropriate decimal points can be calculated. NExT 2 Examination results will be declared as Pass or Fail purely based on the evaluation of the needed competence.

NExT 2023 Passing Marks

  1. To pass, candidates must score at least 50% (50 out of 100) or half of the maximum possible raw scores for NExT Step-1.
  2. To pass the NExT Step-1 test, students must score at least 50% (50 out of 100) or half of the maximum possible raw scores in each of the six papers.

The calculation of the candidate’s scores throughout the NExT Step-1 examination cycle will be taken into account.

Explanation 1: If Candidate A obtained the minimal passing marks in two topics but failed in four, they are eligible to participate in the NExT Step-1 exam cycle. Candidate A will be judged to have met the aforementioned criterion if they achieve the minimal passing marks in the remaining four topics.

Explanation 2: If Candidate A obtained the minimal passing marks in two topics but failed in four, they are eligible to participate in the NExT Step-1 exam cycle. If Candidate A achieves the minimal passing marks in two courses, they will be able to retake the NExT Step-1 exam cycle. Candidate A will be judged to have met the aforementioned criterion if they get the minimal passing marks in the remaining two topics.



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When will the NExT exam be held?

The NExT exam will most likely be held in May 2024, with two sessions planned in May and November.

Who will administer the NExT exam?

AIIMS, New Delhi, is expected to administer the NExT exam.

What are the NExT exam eligibility requirements?

The NExT exam is only for final-year MBBS students enrolled in NMC-approved medical institutes. It also covers international medical graduates who have been approved by the NMC to practise medicine in India.

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