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NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Link out, Nagaland Class 12 Result

NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Date has been officially declared. The Nagaland Board of Secondary Education (NBSE) will release the NBSE Hsslc Result on 24 May 2023. Students can view their results by visiting the NBSE HSSLC result 2023 website at nbsenl.edu.in 2023. Students must enter their roll number and school code in the NBSE HSSLC result 2023 Nagaland login box in order to view their NBSE HSSLC Result 2023. 

NBSE HSSLC Result 2023

The Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (HSSLC) test, which is administered by the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE), is a vital stepping stone for students moving from secondary school to further study or other career routes. The NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 is a testimonial to the students’ tenacity and dedication to their studies in addition to their academic performance. When the results are announced, a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and the knowledge that a bright future is ahead, full of limitless possibilities, come with them.

NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Date

The Nagaland Board of Secondary Education (NBSE) is going to announce the Nagaland Board HSSLC Result 2023 for the Science, Commerce and Arts Stream students on 24th May 2023 at www.nbsnel.edu.in.

NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Nagaland

The NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Nagaland will also include a marks statement and result status in addition to the student’s information. The outcome will be accessible online at nsnl.edu.in, the board’s official website. Students must provide their roll number and birthdate in order to verify their results. The table given below consists of NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Nagaland important details.

                                                      NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Nagaland
Name of the examination NBSE HSLC Examination 2023
Examinational conduction board Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE)
Article Category Exam results
NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Exam Date March 9, 2023 to March 31, 2023
NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 date 24 May 2023
Login in credentials required NBSE HSSLC roll number and captcha code
Official website nsnl.edu.in

How to check the NBSE HSSLC Result 2023?

Here is a guide on how to evaluate the outcomes:

  1. Visit the official web page: Visit www.nbsenagaland.com to see the Nagaland Board of School Education’s (NBSE) official website. Use a trustworthy internet browser for a seamless browsing experience.
  2. Finding the Results Section Find the “Results” or “Examinations” section on the home page of the NBSE website. Typically, this section includes data about exam results.
  3. Choosing the HSSLC Result 2023 Link: Locate the exact link for the HSSLC Result 2023 under the Results or Examinations section. It can be marked “NBSE HSSLC Result 2023” 
  4. Give the Required Information: After clicking the NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 link, a new page will open. You will be asked to submit your exam information, including your roll number, registration number, and any other necessary information, at this point. 
  5. Submit and View the NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 : To continue, click the “Submit” or “View Result” button after providing the required information. The screen will show the NBSE HSSLC Result 2023.
  6. Save and print: As soon as the outcome is shown, it is preferable to make a soft copy or screenshot for later use. Students can print a printed copy of the NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 as well for their records.
  7. Verification and Official Marksheet: It’s crucial to keep in mind that the official mark sheet provided by the NBSE has greater significance even when the online result is only preliminary. Once it is made accessible, students are urged to pick up their official marksheet from their respective schools or testing locations.

NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 via sms

The steps below can be used to check the NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 by SMS.

  1. On your sms draft.Enter the official result checking number supplied by the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) in the recipient field. Before the results are revealed, the board will reveal and disclose the precise number. Let’s say the number is 1234567890 as an illustration.
  2. To start the result checking procedure, enter the board’s specified keyword or code in the message body. The board will also reveal the NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 keyword. Let’s use the keyword “NBSE12” as an example.
  3. Leave a space after typing the keyword before entering your roll number.
  4. Send the SMS message to the official result checking number once it has been written.
  5. Wait for the NBSE to respond. Your NBSE HSSLC Result  2023 is included in the response.
  6. As soon as you receive the outcome through SMS, be careful to preserve it or capture a screenshot for your records.

Details mentioned on NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Class 12 Marksheet

Students should evaluate the information that will be included in the NBSE results for the HSSLC, which is listed below.

  • obtained marks by subject
  • requisite standing
  • No. of rolls
  • Name of Student
  • a list of topics

NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Nagaland Grading System 

The following table displays the NBSE HSSLC (Nagaland Board of School Education High Secondary School Leaving Certificate) grading structure.

Mark Range Grade Terms of Performance
91-100 A1 Truly outstanding
81-90 A2 Outstanding
71-80 B1 Excellent
61-70 B2 Very good
51-60 C1 Good
41-50 C2 Satisfactory
33-40 D Needs improvement
Below 33 E Fail

The grades are given according to how well the students performed on the test in the NBSE HSSLC Grading System, which is a relative grading system. ‘D’ is the minimal passing grade. Students who receive D and E marks and score lower than 40 will be labelled as needing improvement. To raise their grades, they will need to take the additional tests.

NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Re-scrutiny

The Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) offers students the chance to petition for a re-examination or correction of their exam answer sheets after the announcement of the NBSE HSSLC Result 2023. Students who feel there may have been an error in the evaluation process or who are dissatisfied with their grades may use this feature to ask for a review of their answer sheets. Re-examination or corrective procedures are designed to assure correctness and fairness in the evaluation of students’ performance. Students who choose this option are required to follow the rules and processes stated by the NBSE within the allotted time frame.

Steps to apply for Re-scrutiny after NBSE HSSLC Result 2023

Students are needed to complete the steps listed below in order to apply for re-scrutiny or correction of NBSE HSSLC exam answer sheets:

  1. How to Get the Application Form: The NBSE will issue a formal announcement outlining the re-examination or correction procedure, including the availability of application forms. Students can download the application form from the official NBSE website or pick one up from their local schools.
  2. Fill out the Application Form Clearly and Accurately Students must carefully fill out the application form. The form normally asks for personal information, topic specifics, the roll number, and the individual papers that need to be re-examined or corrected.
  3. Attach Supporting papers: Students may be required to submit supporting papers with their application forms, including copies of their original marksheets, receipts for their tuition payments, and any other materials the NBSE deems necessary.
  4. Pay the Re-examination Fee: The NBSE will state how much the re-examination or rectification process will cost. Students must use a bank draught or another accepted form of payment to pay the appropriate fee. Details regarding the fee payment will be included in the formal announcement.
  5. Application Submission: After completing the form and paying the money, students must turn in the application and all necessary supporting documentation to their individual schools or the relevant NBSE office by the deadline.
  6. Await the Re-scrutiny Process: The NBSE will start the re-scrutiny or rectification process after receiving the applications. The answer sheets will be examined by qualified examiners to spot any potential mistakes or inconsistencies in the initial assessment.
  7. Re-scrutiny Result Announcement: The NBSE will make the amended results for the concerned students public after the re-scrutiny procedure is finished. The amended marksheet that the board issues will reflect any adjustments or corrections that have been made to the marks.

NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Revaluation fee

The table below consists of NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 Revaluation fee.

Request Type Fee to be Paid
NBSE HSSLC Result Revaluation fee 2023 Rs.400/- per subject
NBSE HSSLC Result Revaluation fee 2023 with answer-script Rs.1000/- per subject


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When will the 2023 NBSE HSSLC Results be made public?

The Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) will decide the precise date for the NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 announcement, and will formally announce it through their website and other pertinent means. In order to receive the most up-to-date information, it is advised to subscribe to official alerts.

How do I access my NBSE HSSLC 2023 Results online?

Go to the NBSE's official website (www.nbsenagaland.com) and search for the "Results" or "Examinations" area to view the NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 online. To access your result, click on the link for the HSSLC Result 2023 and input your exam information, such as your roll number or registration number.

What should I do if my NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 contains an error?

If you see any inconsistencies or mistakes in your NBSE HSSLC Result 2023, you should get in touch with your school administration or the NBSE board officials right away for more advice. They will give you the steps you need to follow in order to address and fix any mistakes or discrepancies in your results.

Is it possible for me to request a reevaluation or reexamination of my NBSE HSSLC answer sheets?

If students feel there may have been errors in the evaluation process or if they are dissatisfied with their marks, they have the opportunity to apply for re-scrutiny or rectification of their exam answer sheets through the NBSE. The NBSE will also disclose the specific instructions and steps for the re-examination at the same time as the results of the HSSLC.

How can I get a copy of the official NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 ?

Students can pick up their original marksheet at their respective schools or testing locations once the NBSE HSSLC Result 2023 has been announced. The official marksheet will be provided to the schools by the NBSE, and students must work with their school administration to obtain their marksheet. It is a crucial piece of writing for upcoming academic and professional endeavors.

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