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Madhyamik Result 2024 Out, WB Board 10th Result Link, Pass Percentage

WB Madhyamik Result 2024 Link published on the WBBSE official website – https://wbresults.nic.in/madhymik24/wbmpres24.htm at 9.45 AM. West Bengal Board of Secondary Education Board officially started the West Bengal Madhyamik Result 2024 press conference on May 2, 2024, at 9 AM. Students can use their Madhyamik Class 10 Roll Number, Date of Birth, and Security Code to view their results. Keep refreshing this page to get the latest updates about the Madhyamik Result link 2024, pass percentage, Madhyamik toppers’ names, pass rates in districts, and more.

Madhyamik Result 2024

Over 7 lakh students and their parents have been waiting for the last 75 days to know the Madhyamik Result 2024 Date and Time. Class 10th Board exams are the first big competitive exams in students’ life so the anxiety is very normal for the kids and their guardians.

Students took their West Board Class 10 exams 2024 from Feb 2 to Feb 12. The Exams were conducted 7 days back to back without an off day. Generally, all the Madhyamik papers were sorted from 9.45 AM to 1 PM. Students must score at least 25% in each subject to pass the exam.

Madhyamik Result 2024 Out, Get WBBSE 10th Result Link_3.1

Madhyamik Topper List 2024, Topper Name, Marks

WBBSE Madhyamik Result 2024 Link

The WBBSE Madhyamik Result link posted soon on the official websites. Check these three pages for the result link-

  1. www.wbbse.wb.gov.in,
  2. www.wbbse.org,
  3. www.wbresults.nic.in.

A direct WBBSE result 2024 link updated in the space below for your convenience. You can use it also to check the Mdhymik results faster.

Download Link
West Bengal Madhyamik Result 2024 Link

2024 Madhyamik Result: Highlights


Let’s see some overview of the 2024 Madhyamik Exam and what happened in last year’s Madhymik result.

  • 57 students Place in WB Class 1 to 10 Rank List
    • South 24 Pargana – 8 students got into the topper list.
    • The highest pass percentage is from Kalimpong district.
    • 1st – In Kalimpong, 96.2 % of students passed.
    • 2nd – In East Midnapore, 95.4 percent of students passed.
    • 3rd – In Kolkata, 91.6 percent of students passed.
  • Top 5 Students in Madhyamik Rak List –
WB Class 10 Toppers 2024
Rank 1 চন্দ্রচূড় সেন রামভোলা হাইস্কুল, কোচবিহার 693
Rank 2 সাম্যপ্রিয় গুরু পুরুলিয়া জেলা স্কুল 692
Rank 3
উদয়ন প্রসাদ বালুরঘাট হাইস্কুল, দক্ষিণ দিনাজপুর 691
পুষ্পিতা বাসুরি বীরভূম 691
নৈঋতরঞ্জন পাল নরেন্দ্রপুর রামকৃষ্ণ মিশন 691
  • WB Class 10 Pass Percentage 2024

This year the pass percentage has been recorded – 86.31%

  • Significance Raise in the Female Candidates
    • Male candidates appeared: 403900
    • Female candidates appeared: 508698
    • The exam was cancelled for 46 candidates.
    • results withheld for 2 students.
  • Number of passed Candidates

According to the West Bengal Board of Education, 910598 students took the Class 10 final exam out of 7,65,252 students Successfully passed this year.

  • Madhymik Result 2024

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education has declared 80 days after the conclusion of the exam.

  • Madhymik Result 2024 Press Conference Started

Madhymik result


  • When Madhyaik 2024 exam be held? Madhyamik 2024 exam was started on Feb 2nd, whereas last year it was held from February 23rd.
  • How many test centers participated in Madhyamik 2024? This year was conducted in 2675 test centers.
  • Madhyamik 2024 vs 2023 Pass percentage – Last year 86.15% of students passed the exam which was quite impressive.
  • How many Boys passed in Madhyamik exam in 2024? 88.59 boys qualified for the previous year’s class 10 exam in West Bengal.
  • How many Girls passed in Madhyamik exam 2024? 85% pass percentage was recorded from girl students.
  • Total Students Passed in Madhyamik 2024 vs Madhyamik 2023 – A total of 5,65,428 students successfully passed in West Bengal class 10 exams.
  • Madhyamik 2024 Topper – Devadutta Majhi topped with 697 marks in the previous year. Subham Pal was the 2nd rand holder with 691 marks.
  • Can students are allowed to re-evaluate their 2024 Madhymik Result ? Yes, they can requestion rechecking their papers, if they are not satisfied with the marks.
  • Which District has the Highest Pass Rate in WB Madhyamik Result 2024? East Midnapore got the highest pass percentage of 96.81%.
  • Which district holds the most rank holders in Madhyamik 2024 result? Malda stood first with 16 toppers. 118 students got into topper list from 16 districts last year.

How to See Madhyamik Result 2024?

Madhyamik Result 2024 can be seen on the official WBBSE website. Follow the steps mentioned in the image below.

Madhyamik Result 2024 Out, Get WBBSE 10th Result Link_6.1

What is the pass marks for WBBSE Madhyamik 2024?

The pass marks of WBBSE Madhyamik 2024 is 175. All students must get over 175 marks to avoid failing.

What is the star marks out of 700 in Madhyamik?

If a student got 75% marks, we say she achieved star mrks in Madhyamik exam. That means the students will get 525 marks out of 700 are to be considered as star marked students.

Who got 700 out of 700 in Madhyamik?

Still not one got perfect 700 marks in Madhyamik Exam. We are waiting to get the Madhyamik topper 2024 topper name and marks. Devadatta, the last years Madhyamik topper got 697 out of 700. Her marks percentage was 99.57%.

Check WB Bengal Madhyamik Result 2024 Marksheet via SMS

Result checking via SMS is the best way when the WB Results website crashes due to heavy traffic. Students can simply send an SMS to a number and their WB Bengal Madhyamik Result 2024 Marksheet will be sent to their active phone number. Follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open your phone’s messaging app.

Step 2: Type a message in the following format – WB 10<space>roll number.

Step 3: Now check your roll number correctly and send the message to 56070 or 56263 number.

Madhyamik 2024 Result West Bengal Grading System

Madhyamik exam has 7 grades, students are given these according to their marks. Students who get 90 to 100 marks will get the highest grade the is “AA”. 80 to 89 marks scorer will be graded as A+. Same as these A, B+, B, and C grades will be given to 60-79, 45-59, 35-44, and 25-34 marks holders respectively. But if students get less than 25 marks will fail. She/he has to attempt the supplementary exam.

Madhyamik Marks Range Grade Remarks
90-100 AA Outstanding
80-89 A+ Excellent
60-79 A Very Good
45-59 B+ Good
35-44 B Satisfactory
25-34 C Marginal
Below 25 D Disqualified

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What is the date of the Madhyamik exam 2024?

The WBBSE Madhyamik Result 2024 has been released on May 2, 2024.

What is the pass percentage of 2024 Madhyamik Result?

The pass rate of WBBSE result 2024 86.31%.

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