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CUET 2022 Vocabulary Important MCQ Questions

CUET 2022 Vocabulary MCQ

Vocabulary for CUET EXAM 2022 is an important aspect of the English language section, and if you are studying for a competitive test like CUET exam 2022, you may find at least 10-15 questions based on synonyms, antonyms, spelling errors, fill-in blanks, and so on in previous year’s papers.

This portion cannot be mastered in a single day for the CUET EXAM 2022; it demands constant practice and a love of the language. You can do it all on your own, and you don’t need to remember the full dictionary.

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CUET 2022 Language Test Syllabus

Reading Comprehension questions (based on several sorts of passages-Factual, Literary, and Narrative [Literary Aptitude & Vocabulary]) will be used to assess students’ language proficiency. So in this article, we have listed some important questions about vocabulary from the language test section for CUET EXAM 2022

CUET 2022 Vocabulary MCQ Important Questions

Ques 1. The untimely demise of the chairman left a void in the company’s succession plans. Tell the synonym of the highlighted word.

  1. Barren
  2. Full
  3. Vacuum
  4. Son

Ques 2. Choose the option that is closest to the given word: – DEPRECIATION

  1. Appreciation
  2. Superficial
  3. Rise
  4. Belittlement

Question 3. Give the antonym of the word ‘CONJECTURE’ from the alternatives given below

  1. Validate
  2. Invasion
  3. Enhancement
  4. Estimate

Question 4. Select the option that gives the correct meaning of the underlined word in the given sentence.

All the candidates spoke with conviction about the positive changes they would initiate if elected that it was difficult to decide on who was the best.

  1. The state of being found guilty as charged
  2. Persuasiveness
  3. Final Judgement
  4.  Charged With A Crime

Question 5. The official exhibited a heedless attitude when dealing with the dignitaries. Heedless means…

  1. Thoughtless
  2. Pleasant
  3. Friendly
  4. Bitter

Question 6. She wasn’t feeling well, so she was ___ to go to the evening party. What word should be used to fill in the blank?

  1. Reliant
  2. Reluctant
  3. Relinquished
  4. Resistance

Question 7. To have a chip on one’s shoulder. What does this phrase means?

  1. To be boastful
  2. To be deserving of a piece
  3. To believe that one has been treated unfairly
  4. To have deep cut wound on the shoulder

Question 8. The director looked very animated while explaining the comic scenes to the actors. Choose the option that is the synonym of the highlighted word.

  1. Disapprove
  2. Dejected
  3. Lively
  4. Childish

Question 9. Mark the correct option that is the synonym of the highlighted word.

The editor vehemently opposed the charges of bias in his articles.

  1. Strongly
  2. Docilely
  3. Mildly
  4. Indirectly

Question 10. Give the antonym of the word ‘COVERT’.

  1. Evident
  2. Invisible
  3. Scared
  4. Alter

Question 11. Choose the word that is similar to the highlighted word in bold

The notice said that the meeting would precisely begin at 9.00 p.m.

  1. Exactly
  2. Vaguely
  3. Concisely
  4. Approximately

Question 12. The difficulties he faced in his life made him a stronger person

  1. He faces in his
  2. He faced upon his
  3. He faced at his
  4. No improvement

Question 13. One word substitution:- The front of the building that faces the street

  1. Avenue
  2. Facade
  3. Boulevard
  4.  Troupe

Question 14. The ________ of honest politicians is the reason for the ________ state of the country.

  1. slur, glorious
  2.  abundance, sad
  3.  shortage, miserable
  4.  lack, progressive

Question 15.  What is another word for ‘precarious’?

  1. Secure
  2. Exalted
  3. Uncertain
  4. Important

Question 16. What word is used for someone practicing living like a hermit?

  1. Ascetic
  2. Raconteur
  3. Aesthetic
  4. Eclectic

Question 17. What is the antonym of ‘amass’?

  1. Relegate
  2. Accumulate
  3. Assemble
  4. Dissipate

Question 18. What word corresponds to the meaning of being implied without being stated?

  1. Hostile
  2. Tacit
  3. Overt
  4. Generic

Question 19. Fill the blank with the appropriate word: ‘The decision will ___ the entire nation.’

  1. Impact
  2. Impart
  3. Implant
  4. Implement

Question 20. Pick the option which is the antonym for ‘vicious’.

  1. Passive
  2. Cruel
  3. Merciless
  4. Cordial


Direction for Questions: Choose the word nearest in meaning to the word in BOLD.

  1. In exasperation she railed at the shopkeeper.

(a) Irritation

(b) Fear

(c) Astonishment

(d) Disappointment

  1. Surreptitious glances were exchanged between the lovers at the feast.

(a) Known

(b) Overt

(c) Unsuspecting

(d) Furtive

  1. One of the salient features of your proposal is a stress on self-employment.

(a) Prominent

(b) Silent

(c) Loud

(d) Unimportant

  1. English conversation means the learning of many catchy phrases.

(a) Easily remembered

(b) Easily spoken

(c) Unnoticeable

(d) lucid

Direction for Questions: Choose the word that is opposite to the word in BOLD from the given options

  1. A lady of a few words she is given to laconic answers.

(a) Copious

(b) Lingering

(c) Terse

(d) Brief

  1. The mountains present a bleak sight at night.

(a) Warm

(b) Desolate

(c) Dense

(d) Deserted

  1. None but his sycophants were impressed by his haughtiness.

(a) Detractors

(b) Flatterers

(c) Benefactors

(d) Officious

  1. After a day’s toil he was feeling fatigue.

(a) Energy

(b) Listlessness

(c) Extertion

(d) Tiredness

  1. There was dismal atmosphere in the dressing room of the defeated team.

(a) Cheerful

(b) Dreadful

(c) Gloomy

(d) Vituperative

  1. Some have the habit of disparaging the success of their friend because of jealousy.

(a) Belittling

(b) Esteeming

(c) Lauding

(d) Castigating

  1. Sometimes it is necessary to retreat in a battle.

(a) Retrograde

(b) March

(c) Advance

(d) Go back

  1. Strangely the honour Napolean brought to France ultimately brought no credit to the country.

(a) Disgrace

(b) Elevation

(c) Applause

(d) Victory

  1. Counterfeit coins are in circulation because of negligence on the part of police authorities.

(a) Spurious

(b) Genuine

(c) Forged

(d) Fake

  1. What he tells me confirms my ideas.

(a) Verifies

(b) Satisfy

(c) Opposes

(d) Strengthens.

  1. However hard you may try to mitigate his problems; you will not succeed.

(a) Aggravate

(b) Mollify

(c) Reduce

(d) Diminsh

  1. His speech was full of frequent facetious remarks.

(a) Stupid

(b) Grave

(c) Dull

(d) Humorous

  1. The facts of the case were obscured by the speech of the defence counsel.

(a) Enshrouded

(b) Illuminated

(c) Blurred

(d) Concealed

  1. He made several attempts to placate his opponents.

(a) Infuriate

(b) Defeat

(c) Discourage

(d) Deceive

  1. He has always been fastidious while examining answer scripts.

(a) Carefree

(b) Discriminating

(c) Insightful

(d) Demanding

  1. It was fortuitous that I met her in that party.

(a) Unlucky

(b) Expected

(c) Opportune

(d) Accidental


Directions for Questions: Choose the option that is correctly spelt from the given options.

1. (a) Abreviate (b) Abbreviate (c) Abbriviate (d) Abriviate
2. (a) Accqaintance (b) Acquantance (c) Acquaintance (d) accquantance
3. (a) Assassination (b) Assessination (c) Accessination (d) Asseccination
4. (a) Adolesance (b) Adolescence (c) Adolascence (d) Adolasance
5. (a) Ammalgamation (b) Amalgammation (c) Amalgamation (d) maalgamation
6. (a) Bibliography (b) Bibiliography (c) Bibleography (d) Bebliography
7. (a) Catarpillar (b) Caterpillar (c) Catterpiller (d) Catterpiler
8. (a) Juresdiction (b) Juriesdiction (c) Jurisdiction (d) Jurisdection
9. (a) Magisterate (b) Magistrate (c) Megistrate (d) Maegistrate
10. (a) Moustace (b) Moustashe (c) Moustache (d) Moustace

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