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CBSE Class 10 Science Important Topics – You Should Not Miss in Board Exam 2023

CBSE Class 10 Science Important Topics

Science is a logical field. Science doesn’t engage in a mindless mugging, and every idea has a basis in logic. So, instead of relying on memorization to master this material, emphasize rational learning. With the correct preparation and a solid comprehension of the ideas, students can achieve good grades in science in class ten.


According to the chapters in the syllabus, students in CBSE Class 10 are tested in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, which make up the Science paper. You need to prepare a lot, but you don’t have time. Don’t worry; practically everyone has to deal with this problem.

CBSE Class 10 Science Important Topics for Board Exam 2023

Chapters Important Topics
Chemical Reactions and Equations
  • Types of Chemical Reactions
  • Oxidation-Reduction
  • Corrosion
Acids, Bases and Salts
  • Reactions of Acids and Bases
  • Application of pH
  • Formation of NaOH
Metals and Non-Metals
  • Chemical Properties of Metals
  • Reactivity Series
  • Extraction of Metals
Carbon and its Compounds
  • Nomenclature of Compounds
  • Chemical Properties of Carbon Compounds
  • Soaps and Detergents
Periodic Classification of Elements
  • Position of Elements in the Modern Periodic Table
  • Trends in Modern Periodic Table
Life Processes
  • Photosynthesis
  • Digestion in Humans
  • Respiration in Humans
  • Circulation in Humans
  • Urine Formation in Humans
Control and Coordination
  • Reflex Action
  • Structure and Function of Human Brain
  • Hormones in Animals
  • Movements in Plants
How Do Organisms Reproduce?
  • Modes of Asexual Reproduction
  • Double Fertilisation in Plants
  • Reproductive System in Humans
  • Fertilisation in Humans
Heredity and Evolution
  • Monohybrid and Dihybrid Cross
  • Homologous and Analogous Organs
  • Fossils
Light- Reflection and Refraction
  • Reflection and Refraction of Light
  • Mirror Formula and Lens Formula
Human Eye and the Colourful World


  • Defects of Vision and their Correction
  • Scattering of Light
  • Atmospheric Refraction
Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
  • Fleming’s Rule
  • Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction
Sources of Energy


  • Advantage and Disadvantages of using Different Sources of Energy
Our Environment
  • Food Chain and Food web
  • Energy Flow in an Ecosystem
  • 3Rs to Save the Environment
Management of Natural Resources
  • Different Stakeholders
  • Methods of Water Harvesting

CBSE Class 10 Science Important Topics for Syllabus for 2022–23


Unit No. Unit Marks
I Chemical Substances-Nature and Behavior 25
II World of Living 25
III Natural Phenomena 12
IV Effect of Current 13
V Natural Resouces 05
Internal Assessment 20
Grand Total 100


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CBSE Class 10 Science Important Topics: Preparation Tips 

  • Thoroughly read the NCERT science books. Typically, these texts are used as the basis for the question papers in the CBSE 10th board exams.
  • As questions in exams are frequently repeated, always practise last year’s CBSE Class 10th Board question papers.
  • After completing the curriculum, keep reviewing each topic frequently to ensure that students can remember it the day of the exam.
  • One day or a few hours prior to the exam, avoid learning any new material. This will only lead to uncertainty and unneeded tension.
  • Make digital or paper notes of crucial information to help you remember it more quickly. Use various study aids, such as flashcards, diagrams, underlining key passages in books, joining study groups, etc.
  • Avoid studying for long periods of time at a time and take breaks as needed.
  • Stay hydrated, consume wholesome foods, and steer clear of junk food.

CBSE Class 10 Science Important Topics: Reference Books 

  • Science-Textbook for class IX-NCERT Publication
  • Science-Text book for class X- NCERT Publication
  • Assessment of Practical Skills in Science-Class IX – CBSE Publication
  • Assessment of Practical Skills in Science- Class X- CBSE Publication
  • Laboratory Manual-Science-Class IX, NCERT Publication
  • Laboratory Manual-Science-Class X, NCERT Publication
  • Exemplar Problems Class IX – NCERT Publication
  • Exemplar Problems Class X – NCERT Publication

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CBSE Class 10 Science Important Topics- FAQs

Ques 1. Which science chapter in class 10 is the most straightforward?

Ans. Chemical reactions are the simplest scientific topic in class 10. However, read it thoroughly to ensure that you are well-prepared for the test.


Ques 2. How can you pass the CBSE Class 10 science exam with a great score?

Ans. Because the questions are written based on the NCERT texts, it is essential that students read them thoroughly.


Ques 3. Are there diagrams on the board exam?

Ans. Yes, and as part of their test preparation, CBSE board exam participants must also learn how to create visually appealing diagrams.


Ques 4. How can I complete the scientific curriculum for Class 10 in a month?

Ans. The Class 10 CBSE curriculum is vast. However, if you adhere to the schedule correctly and give yourself permission to study with complete focus and determination, you can complete the entire CBSE Class 10th syllabus in one month.

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