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Computer Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 With Solutions

Computer has become an essential tool which every students must know for a better future. That is why, the CBSE introduced the Computer Application subject in the Class 10 curriculum. The marks of this exam paper is crucial that decides whether a student can opt for the computer subject or not in the higher classes. For this, one need to score good marks in the Computer Applications board exam by practicing Computer previous year question papers.

Computer Previous Year Question Paper

The computer previous year question paper will help students to score extra marks in CBSE Class 10th board exam 2024. Central Board of Secondary Education repeats the question pattern and type every year, Class 10th Computer Applications Previous Year Question Paper will aid students to understand the pattern and type of repeated questions in CBSE Class 10th board exam.

We have given computer previous year question paper with solutions on this page, solve all the questions given on this page and pass CBSE Class 10th Exam with flying colours.

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Class 10 Computer Previous Year Question Paper

Students studying for exams can benefit greatly from Computer Applications Previous Year Papers. These papers provide students with a thorough understanding of the format and substance of the test by covering a wide range of questions.

It aids in the development of students’ problem-solving abilities and exposes them to a variety of question formats. This gives students the tools they need to ace their examinations in addition to boosting their confidence. That is why, below we have given the previous year question papers of computer class 10.

Computer Previous Year Question Paper 2023

Computer Previous Year Question Paper 2022

Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 Computer  2020

Q. What is a Homepage? 

Ans The default (first) page of a website is called a Homepage.  

Q. Which heading element gives the most prominent headings?  

Ans <H1>  

Q. Give one use of anchor tag. 1  Ans Anchor tag is used to create hyperlinks. _____ tag is used for a horizontal line. 

Ans HR tag  

Q. An empty HTML element has a _____ tag but no _____  tag.  

Ans start, end  

Q.  _____ tag creates a bulleted list. 

Ans <UL>  

Q. The code for inserting an image in an HTML page is  <imgsrc=” ” alt=” “>. The alt attribute is used for _____  

Ans specifying alternate text for the image  

Q. Ravi was trying to log-in to his net-banking account. He noticed that the URL of the net banking starts with ‘https’. The ‘s’ in ‘https’ stands for _____  

Ans Secure  

Q. Sarita is designing a webpage and wants to change the name of the font (font-type) for certain text. Which attribute of the FONT tag she should use.  

Ans face  

Q. What is the use of <br> tag in HTML Code? 

Ans <br> tag is used to insert a single line break in a Document.

Q. What is the significance of the URL? 

Ans URL specifies unique address of each document on the  internet.  

Q. What is the importance of vlink attribute of <BODY> tag?

Ans vlink attribute specifies the color of visited links in a document

Q. What is the method of using comment line in the HTML code?  

Ans <!– Any text –>  


Both the Case study based questions are compulsory.  Attempt any 5 questions (out of 7 questions) from each   case study. Each question carries 1 mark  

Internet Protocols  

For communication over the Internet, the communicating devices must follow certain rules. These rules are called  Internet protocols. For email communication, we use SMTP and POP. For communication between browser and server HTTP and HTTPS protocols are used. We can use  TELNET to access services available on a remote computer.  

(i) Which of the following is an Internet Protocol.  

  1. a) HTTP  
  2. b) FTP  
  3. c) both (a) and (b)  
  4. d) None of the above  

Ans c) both (a) and (b)  

(ii) SMTP protocol is  

  1. a) used for composing an email message.  
  2. b) used in receiving incoming emails by pulling the message from server to client
  3. c) used in sending outgoing emails by pushing the message from client to server
  4. d) None of the above  

Ans c) used in sending outgoing emails by pushing the message from client to server  

(iii) POP protocol is  

  1. a) used for composing an emailmessage.  
  2. b) used in receiving incoming emails by pulling the message from server to client
  3. c) used in sending outgoing emails by pushing the message from client to server
  4. d) None of the above  

Ans b) used in receiving incoming emails by pulling the  message from server to client  

(iv) Which of the following internet protocols provides secure data transmission between server and browser with the help of encryption.  

  1. a) HTTP  
  2. b) HTTPS  
  3. c) TELNET  
  4. d) ARPANET 

Ans b) HTTPS  

(v) The full form of POP (email protocol) is  

  1. a) Post Order Protocol  
  2. b) Push Order Protocol  
  3. c) Post Office Protocol  
  4. d) Pull Over Protocol  

Ans c) Post Office Protocol  

(vi) Which of the following protocol is used for delivering data from the source to the destination.  

  1. a) TCP  
  2. b) IP 
  3. c) SMTP  
  4. d) ARPANET 

Ans b) IP 

(vii) The Full Form of SMTP is    

  1. a) Secure Mail Transfer Protocol  
  2. b) Secure Mail Transmit Protocol  
  3. c) Simple Mail Transmit Protocol  
  4. d) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol  

Ans d) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol  

15 Secure data transmission  

Secure data transmission means that data/information is not being received or modified by an unauthorized person, over a network, from source to destination.For secure data transmission, we can convert an actual message (which is in readable form) into an unreadable message (called an encrypted message) with the help of the concept of encryption. This unreadable message is sent through the network to the destination. If a hacker tries to read this message, he/she receives an unreadable message that cannot be easily converted into the actual message. The unreadable message can be converted to the original message by the receiver at the destination.  

Caesar Cipher is one of the common encryption techniques. In this technique, each letter of the word is  

replaced by a letter some fixed number of positions (usually called as key) down the alphabet. For example, if  

the key is 3, each ‘A’ will be replaced by ‘D’ (Letter ‘D’ is 3 positions down Letter ‘A’ in the alphabet), each ‘B’ will be replaced by ‘E’ and similarly, each ‘Z’ will be replaced by ‘C’. The receiver can identify the original message by using the reverse technique of encryption. This reverse technique is called decryption.  

(i) Secure data transmission means  

  1. a) Data can be accessed by any unauthorized person during transmission.
  2. b) Data can not be accessed by any unauthorized person during transmission.
  3. c) Transmission of data  
  4. d) None of the above  

Ans b) Data can not be accessed by any authorized person during transmission  

(ii) Which of the following techniques can be used for security of data.  

  1. a) Authentication  
  2. b) Authorisation  
  3. c) Encryption  
  4. d) All of the Above  

Ans d) All of the Above  

(iii) Caesar Cipher is  

  1. a) used for conversion of the actual message into an  encrypted message
  2. b) an encryption technique  
  3. c) both (a) and (b)  
  4. d) None of the above  

Ans c) both (a) and (b)  

(iv) Person ‘X’ has received an encrypted message and wants to convert this message into the actual message (message before encryption). The technique he should use is called  

  1. a) Conversion  
  2. b) Encryption  
  3. c) Decryption  
  4. d) None of the above  

Ans c) Decryption  

(v) A sender wants to send a message having the text as ‘COMPUTER’ to a receiver using 4 as the key. What will be the encrypted message?  

  1. a) GSQTZXIV  
  2. b) GSQTYXIV  
  3. c) GSXTYXIV  
  4. d) GSQSYXIV  


(vi) An encryption algorithm is used to transform a readable message into:  

  1. a) Text message  
  2. b) Simple message  
  3. c) Converted message  
  4. d) Encrypted message  

Ans c) Encrypted message  

(vii) In Ceaser Cipher, for which of the following values of key, the encrypted message will be the same as original message.  

  1. a) 0  
  2. b) 26 
  3. c) both (a) and (b)  
  4. d) None of the above  

Ans c) both (a) and (b)  

Part –B  

All questions are compulsory. In case of internal choices, attempt any one. Sarvesh, a student of Class X, is not able to understand the difference between web client and web-server. Help him in understanding the same by explaining their role and giving suitable example of each.  

Ans Web-Client: An application (Web Browser, Chatting Program, etc.) that requests for services from a web server. Example: Web Browsers, Chatting Applications Web-Server: Web-server is a software (or any dedicated computer running this software) that serves the request made by web-clients.  

Example: Apache Server  

Q. Write the full form of Cc and Bcc (used in emailcommunication). Explain the difference between  


Ans Cc : Carbon Copy: every recipient can check who else has received the mail.  

Bcc : Blind Carbon Copy: no recipient can check who else has received the mail.  

Q. What is the use of <sub> and <sup>tag. Explain with suitable example.  

Ans <sub> : defines subscripted text  

<sup> : defines superscripted text  


To write a2 : a<sup>2</sup>  

To write CO2 : CO<sub>2</sub>  

Q. Sunil wants to insert an image ‘elearning.jpg’ into a webpage. Write the name and the syntax of the HTML Tag she should use. The alternate text for the image should be E-learning Image’  

Ans Name of Tag : Image Tag (<img>)  

Syntax of Tag :<imgsrc = “elearning.jpg” alt = “E-learning  Image”>  

Q. Define the following  

(i) Intellectual Property Rights  

(ii) Plagiarism  


What is e-commerce? Write any two preventive measuresto be taken for secure online transaction.  

Ans: Intellectual Property Rights: rights given to creators for creations of their minds.  

Plagiarism: taking credit of ideas/words of another person  


e-commerce: Buying and selling of goods on the internet Two preventive measures for secure online transaction  

  1. Never share OTP with anyone.  
  2. Before making an online payment, ensure that connection is secure (HTTPS) Property Rights and Plagiarism)

Q. Shalini, a web designer, wants to create a webpage to display a list where each item is listed by a number. Which type of list she should use? Explain the role of start and type attributes.  

Ans Ordered List Role  

Start Attribute: specifies the start value of an ordered list  

Type Attribute: specifies the type of the list item marker  

Q. What are the roles of Rowspan and Colspan attribute? Explain with suitable HTML example.  

Ans Rowspan : Combine Cells vertically  

Colspan : Combine Cells horizontally  


<table border = ‘1’>  



 <td>Row-1 Column-1</td>  

<td colspan=”2″>Row-1 Column-2and3</td>  

<td rowspan=”2″>Row-1and2 Column-4</td>  



 <td>Row-2 Column-1</td>  

<td>Row-2 Column-2</td>  

<td>Row-2 Column-3</td>  



Q. Saroj, a student of Class X, wants to represent a table in webpage but she is unaware about the table tag. Explain her the role of <th>, <tr> and <td> tag. Write HTML code of a table and show the use of <th>, <tr> and <td> tag.  

Ans <tr> : defines table row.  

<th> : defines table header.  

<td> : defines table data/cell.  

HTML Code  



<th>Roll Number</th>  




















Q. What is the digital divide? Write any two reasons for digital divide in India.  

Ans Digital Divide refers to the differing amount of information between those who have access to ICT and those who don’t have access. Reasons  

due to the unequal distribution of wealth, poverty is higher in rural areas  

Less Literacy rate in rural India  

Q. Define Internet and write its two uses in our daily life. How is it different from the World Wide Web


What is e-learning? Explain any two merits of e-learning.  

Ans The Internet is a worldwide network that links many smaller computer-networks.  

Uses of the Internet  

  1. e-learning  
  2. e-commerce  

The difference between the internet and www.It is a collection of various hypertext documents available over the internet. www is a part of the internet: A worldwide network that provides various otherservices (apart from www) like email-communication, File sharing, etc.  


e-learning: learning through the courses which are delivered online.  

Benefits :  

  1. Self Paced (Learn at your speed).  
  2. We can attend classes atanytime and anywhere.  

Q. Write the HTML code to design the above-shown web page considering the specifications as given below :  

  • Background color of the page should be yellow. 
  • Heading ‘Our Country : India’ should be the first level of heading
  • The image named ‘India.jpg’ should be placed at the center.
  • Formatting style for the paragraph
  • Font Size: 5
  • Font Name: Times New Roman
  • Color: Red
  • Superscript and subscript tags should be used wherever required.  Facts (as shown in the above web-page) should be written with the help of the unordered list.


Answer the following 

  1. What is a Hypertext link?  
  2. Give the name and the syntax of the HTML Tag which is used for creating a Hypertext Link.
  3. Neha wants to display a ‘Click Here’ message on her webpage which, when clicked, opens a new webpag ‘Chapter2.html’. Write the syntax of the HTML command  she should use.
  4. On the same webpage, Neha whose email is neha@xyz.com, wants to display a ‘Contact us’ message which when clicked open theemail program and allows the user to send a mail to Neha.Write the syntax of the HTML command she should use.
  5. Explain the use of the target attribute in the Hypertext Link Tag.

Ans <html>  

<body bgcolor=”yellow”>  


<h1> Our Country : India </h1>  




<font color=”red” size=”5″ face=”Times New Roman”>  

India is spread over a large geographical area. In terms of  

area, it is the 7<sup>th</sup> largest country while in  

terms of population, it is the 2<sup>nd</sup> largest  

country in the world. Some facts about India are as  



<li>Area :Approx 3.28 million sq. km </li>  

<li>North to South extension :Approx 3,200 km</li>  

<li>East to West extension :Approx 2900 km</li>  





Hyperlink allows us to link HTML elements (text and/or image) to another document or new section within the  current document.

b.Name : anchor tag, Syntax <a href=”Link  

Address”>Hyperlink Text</a>

<a href=”Chapter2.html”>Click Here</a>

<a href=”mailto:neha@xyz.com”>Contact us</a>

Specifies where to open the linked document when the link is clicked.  

Computer Class 10 Previous Year Question Paper 2019

Q. Expand SMTP.  

Answer: Simple Mail Transfer protocol

Q. Consider the following HTML statement: <body bgcolor =”Blue” alink =”red” vlink=”yellow”> In the above statement, what do you mean by ‘alink’ and ‘vlink’? 

Answer: Alink stands for active link while vlink stands for visited link.  When the cursor is positioned on the hyperlinked text, the coloured  specified in alink attribute (red) is seen. When the link has been clicked  once, the colour changes to the one specified in vlink attribute ( yellow)

Q. Rashmi has to send an email to Raees. She also wants to send the same e-mail to Vandana but does not want Raees to know about it. Which option out of ‘cc’ or  ‘bcc’ should Rashmi use to enter the email address of Vandana? 

Answer: bcc ( blind carbon copy)

Q. Geetu is an artist. She posts her artwork on the internet. One day she comes to know that Shreyas has downloaded one of the paintings that she had posted  without her permission. He had further printed that image on an invitation card.  Has Shreyas done the right thing? Which right of Geetu has he infringed? 

Answer: No, Intellectual Property Rights


Define plagiarism. 

Answer: When we download someone else’s work or ideas and pass them  as our own, then this practice is known as plagiarism.

Q. Give one difference between 3G and 4G. 

Answer:  The speed of 4G is about 10 times faster than 3G o We can stream audio and video content using 4G

Q. Define the term Digital Divide. 

Answer: The gap between technical knowledge of the people who have  access to computers and internet and those who do not have that access.

Q. Ritwik wants to use a software but does not want to pay for it. Which type of software can he use? 

Answer: Open Source Software

Section – B 

Q. Write any one application each of e-Governance and e-commerce. 

Answer: overnance

o Filing of online application forms for Aadhar card, passport

o Filing of IT returns online

o Registering an online complaint for any grievance related to government Commerce

o Able to do online transactions

o No need to go to bank for updating the passbooks depositing

the money

o Online shopping

Q. Kuhu has just learnt how to do online banking. Name any two precautions that she should take to prevent online fraud. 


o Do not share user id and password with anyone

o Avoid doing transactions from cyber café and other public places

Q. Name the following with respect to HTML: Attribute for changing bullet type of list tag. 

Answer: type Element to create a hyperlink

Answer: <a>

Q. Write HTML code to display the unordered list (with square bullets) of two cities “DELHI” and “MUMBAI”. The web page should have a yellow background and the  title of the page should be ‘My Cities’ 




<TITLE> My Cities</TITLE> 


<BODY bgcolor=”yellow”> 

<UL type=”square”> 







Write HTML code to display an ordered list (with uppercase roman numbers)  listing any three subjects being taught in your school. The web page should have  a red background and the title of the page should be ‘My Subjects’ 




<TITLE> My Subjects</TITLE> 


<BODY bgcolor=”red”> 

<OL type=”I”> 

<LI> Science</LI> 

<LI> Maths</LI> 

<LI> Computers</LI> 





Q. Form a CSS code within the <head>….</head> for the following specifications: Background colour : blue For the paragraph, font family is Dotum and colour of the text is red Heading should be in black colour 




body { background-color: blue;


p {color:red; font-family:Dotum;

h1{ color: black;



Q. Write the HTML code to do the following: To display a horizontal line of green colour. 

Answer: <hr color=”green”> 

Q. To create a hyperlink on the word CLICK to an image named testimage.jpeg 

Answer: < a href=”testimage.jpeg”> CLICK </a> 

Q. Write output of the following HTML code. 

<html> <head> <title> Table </title> </head> 


<table border=”1”> 

<tr> <th align=”center” rowspan=”3”> ONE </th> <th> TWO </th> 

<th>THREE </th> </tr> 

<tr> <td> Rose </td> <td> Lily </td> </tr> 

<tr> <td align=”center”> Pansy </td> <td align=”center”  

colspan=”2”> Dahlia </td> </tr> 

</table> </body> </html> 


Observe the following table and write the HTML code to generate it: 


<html> <head> <title> Table </title> </head> 


<table border=”1”> 

<tr> <th align=”center” ROWSPAN=”2″> SERIALNO</th> <td  


STUDENTS </th> </tr> 

<tr> <td> ENGLISH </td> <td> HINDI </td> 


<tr align=”center”> <td align=center”> 1 </td> <td align=”center”> X  

A </td> <td>35</td><td>10</td><td>6</td></tr> 

<tr align=”center”> <td align=center”> 2 </td> <td align=”center”> X  

B </td> <td>31</td><td>15</td><td>4</td></tr> 

</table> </body> </html> 

Section – C ( Scratch) 

Q. Differentiate between and blocks? 


The instructions enclosed in the forever block keep on executing till the  time the project is running or the Stop button is not pressed. The instructions enclosed in the repeat ( ) block execute for the given number of times.


Differentiate between and blocks. 


The instruction blocks enclosed inside the if …block are executed only if  the condition is true. Nothing happens if the condition is false.

In case of if..then…else block, the instruction blocks enclosed inside the  if are executed if the condition is true. If the condition is false, then the  instruction blocks enclosed inside the else part are executed.

Q. Study the scripts given below and answer the questions. What will be the final position of the cat (Scratch mascot) after running the  (i) following script? 

Answer: Centre of the stage

(ii) What happens when the sprite does not touch the edge of the stage? 

Answer: It changes its costume and displays the caller box with message  “Safe’ for one second. 


Displays the caller box saying “Touched..”

Turns on the left by 30 degrees

Increases its size by 20 points

Bounces back

Q. Name the tab and category of blocks that should be selected to do the following: (i) Ask the user’s name 


Scripts tab/ Sensing category of blocks

(ii) Add a variable to store points of the game 

Answer: scripts tab / Data category of block

Section –D (Python) 

Q. Which of the following are valid variable names in Python? plus2 , if, my_book, yes&no, helloworld 


My_book and helloworld

Q. What will be output of the following expressions? 

#Considering Python 2.7 

>>> print (‘Test’ * 3) 

>>> print (‘7’+’8’) 


#Considering Python 3.x 

>>> print (‘Test’ * 3) 

>>> print (‘7’+’8’) 


  1. >>> print (‘Test’ * 3) 

>>> TestTestTest 

(1 mark for correct answer) 

  1. >>>print (‘7’+’8’) 


Q. What will be output of the following code if the user enters Principal amount as 20000 and Time as 10 years. 

#Considering Python 2.7 

P = input(“Enter Principal amount:”)  

T = input(“Enter Time:”) 

if T>10: 

SI = P*T*10/100 


SI = P*T*15/100 

print(“Simple Interest = “,SI) 


#Considering Python 3.x 

P = input(“Enter Principal amount:”)  

T = input(“Enter Time:”) 

if T>10: 

SI = P*T*10/100 


SI = P*T*15/100 

print(“Simple Interest = “,SI) 


Simple Interest = 30000 

Q. Write a code that displays the sum of first 10 natural numbers. 







print (sum) 

Class 10th Computer Model Test Paper

The solutions of the questions asked in the Class 10 Computer Application Paper 2024 is given below for students. Students will get a better understanding of the exam pattern and type of questions asked after going through the question paper and its solution.

Class 10th Computer Model Test Questions and Answers Board Paper

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When will CBSE conduct the Class 10th board Examination?

CBSE will begin Class 10th board Examination from 15th February 2024 onwards.

Where I can get CBSE Class 10th Computer Applications Previous Year Question Papers?

You can get CBSE Class 10th Computer Applications Previous Year Question Papers on this page. we have covered CBSE Class 10th Computer Applications Previous Year Question Papers with their solutions on this page.

How can I get full marks in Computer Applications class 10?

Complete the syllabus of Computer Applications for the Class 10th examination and practice CBSE Class 10th Computer Applications Previous Year Question Papers given on this page to get full marks in Class 10th Computer Applications.

Which website is best for previous year’s question papers of CBSE Class 10th?

The official website of Adda247 school is best to get all the previous year’s question papers for CBSE Class 10th.

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