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SSC JE 2024 Last Week Study Plan, Complete Preparation Guide

The Staff Selection Commission Junior Engineer Tier 1 Exam is scheduled for June 5 June, 6 June, and 7 June 2024. This exam aims to fill 968 Junior Engineer positions in the Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical fields across various central government departments. To do well in the SSC JE 2024 exam, it’s important to have a focused study plan, especially in the last week before the exam.

In these final days, candidates should follow a targeted preparation guide to improve their performance and accuracy. Below is a detailed SSC JE 2024 Last Week Study Plan to help boost your preparation and increase your chances of scoring high.

Understanding the SSC JE Exam Pattern

Before diving into the study plan, let’s recap the exam pattern for SSC JE 2024

  • Paper 1 (Objective Type)
  • General Intelligence & Reasoning- 50 Marks
  • General Awareness- 50 Marks
  • General Engineering (Civil/Electrical/Mechanical)- 100 Marks
  • Total Duration- 2 hours
  • Paper 2 (Descriptive Type)
  • General Engineering (Civil/Electrical/Mechanical)- 300 Marks
  • Total Duration- 2 hours

With this structure in mind, let’s break down the last-week strategy.

Day-by-Day Study Plan For SSC JE

Day 1 & 2- Revision and Practice

General Intelligence & Reasoning

  • Revise key topics like analogies, similarities, differences, space visualization, problem-solving, analysis, judgment, decision-making, visual memory, discrimination, observation, relationship concepts, arithmetical reasoning, and verbal and figure classification.
  • Practice previous year’s questions and mock tests.

General Awareness

  • Go through the current affairs of the last six months.
  • Revise static GK topics like Indian History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Science & Technology.
  • Take online quizzes to gauge your preparedness.

Day 3 & 4- Core Engineering Subjects

General Engineering

  • Focus on fundamental concepts and formulae.
  • Civil Engineering: Reinforce topics like Building Materials, Estimating, Costing and Valuation, Surveying, Soil Mechanics, Hydraulics, Irrigation Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Environmental Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering: Revise topics such as Basic Concepts, Circuit Law, Magnetic Circuits, AC Fundamentals, Measurement and Measuring Instruments, Electrical Machines, Synchronous Machines, Generation, Transmission, and Distribution, Estimation and Costing, Utilization, and Electrical Energy.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Concentrate on topics like Theory of Machines and Machine Design, Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials, Thermal Engineering, Fluid Mechanics & Machinery, Production Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.

Day 5 & 6- Mock Tests and Time Management

Mock Tests

  • Take full-length mock tests simulating the actual exam environment.
  • Focus on time management and accuracy.
  • Analyze your performance to identify weak areas and revisit those topics.

Day 7- Final Revision and Relaxation

Final Touch-ups

  • Go through quick revision notes and flashcards.
  • Avoid starting any new topics; stick to revising already covered material.
  • Lightly review key formulae and concepts.
  • Ensure you have all necessary documents and stationery ready for the exam day.


  • Engage in light physical activity or meditation to reduce stress.
  • Ensure you get adequate sleep to be well-rested for the exam.

Last Week’s Study Plan, Tips & Tricks For SSC JE 2024

To boost the SSC JE 2024 Preparation in the last week, candidates must follow the best tips and tricks provided here:

  • Understand the Whole Syllabus- First, make sure you cover the entire syllabus, both technical and non-technical subjects, using effective study strategies. Use top-quality study resources to learn everything within the time you have. Pay attention to current affairs, history, the constitution, scientific research, puzzles, blood relations, seating arrangements, arithmetical reasoning, and number series. Also, review key technical subjects in the Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical fields.
  • Set Daily Study Goals- Set specific study targets for each day and create a plan to meet these goals. This will help improve your performance and increase your overall exam score. Allocate enough time to important subjects so you can review them quickly and effectively.
  • Practice Regularly- Practice all topics and concepts daily to boost your speed and accuracy. Start with topics that carry more marks and then move on to other topics. Solve previous years’ question papers to enhance your time management skills.
  • Strengthen Your Basics- It’s crucial to thoroughly understand the fundamental concepts to excel in the exam. Strengthen your conceptual knowledge using the best reference books and study notes. Read newspapers, magazines, and current affairs blogs to enhance your preparation.
  • Regular Revision and Mock Tests- Regularly revise the entire syllabus and take mock tests to improve your performance. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to adjust your preparation strategy. Take full-length mock tests regularly to boost your performance.
  • Health and Well-Being- In the final week of your studies, focus on your health. Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, exercise daily, and meditate to keep your mind sharp. Stay positive and motivated throughout your preparation journey.

SSC JE Exam Tips for Effective Preparation

  • Prioritize Weak Areas- Spend more time on topics where you feel less confident.
  • Healthy Routine- Maintain a balanced diet and proper sleep schedule.
  • Stay Positive- Keep a positive mindset; confidence plays a crucial role in your performance.
  • Minimize Distractions- Avoid social media and other distractions to stay focused.
  • Group Study- If possible, discuss tricky topics with friends or peers for better understanding.

Exam Day Tips For SSC JE

  • Arrival- Reach the exam center well in advance to avoid any last-minute rush.
  • Documents- Carry your admit card, a valid ID proof, and necessary stationery.
  • Stay Calm- Maintain your composure during the exam and manage your time effectively.
  • Double-check- Ensure you have answered all questions and filled the OMR sheet correctly before submission.

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