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JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022, Check JKPSC Assistant Engineer Detailed Syllabus Here

JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022

JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022: JKPSC has recently released an official notification regarding the recruitment of a total of 61 vacancies through Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission Recruitment 2022 on its official site The JKPSC Assistant Engineer Recruitment 2022 online application begins on 3rd August 2022. Candidates fill out this application form till 2nd September 2022. In this article, we have discussed the JKPSC AE Syllabus2022. The aspirants shall read the full article to know the important information regarding JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022 and must bookmark this website for further Engineering Job Updates.

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JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022, Check JKPSC Assistant Engineer Detailed Syllabus Here |_40.1

JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022: Overview

JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022: Last date of application to register for JKPSC AE Recruitment 2022 is 2nd September 2022. Important information regarding Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission, JKPSC Assistant Engineer Recruitment 2022 Notification is given below in tabular form.

JKPSC AE Recruitment 2022
Name of Organization Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission
Name of post Assistant Engineer
Number of Vacancies 61
Job Category Engg Jobs
Online Application begins 3rd August,2022
Online Application ends 2nd September,2022
Official Website

JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022: Notification

JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022: Candidates can download the JKPSC Assistant Engineer Recruitment 2022 Notification PDF through the direct link given for the ease of candidates. Total of 61 vacancies announced in Mechanical disciplines announced under JKPSC Recruitment 2022 so that the candidates should read it carefully so that well aware of the important information regarding JKPSC Recruitment 2022 Notification .

Download JKPSC AE Recruitment Notification 2022 PDF

JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022: Exam Pattern

This section tells about the Exam Patten of JKPSC Assistant Engineer 2022.

  • The questions will be based on Multiple Choice Questions.
  • There will be 100 questions in the exam.
  • Each correct answer carry 1 marks each, therefore the overall exam will be total of 100 marks.
  • The time duration of all the questions is 2 hours.
  • There will be negative marking also, for every incorrect answer i.e. 1/4 marks deducted as penalty.
  • If candidate chooses more than one answer it automatically treated as wrong answer even their answer happens to be correct.
  • If the question is left blank i.e. no answer is given by candidate, their will be no penalty for that question.


JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022: Detailed Syllabus

In this section we have covered the JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022 briefly under the JKPSC AE Recruitment 2022 for the Candidates must read the article thoroughly to know more the entire syllabus of JKPSC Assistant Engineer Recruitment 2022.Aspirants must check the detailed syllabus below.

 Mechanics Syllabus (Paper-I)


1.1Mechanics of Rigid Bodies

  • Equations of Equilibrium in space & its application.
  • First & Second moment of area
  • Simple problems on friction
  • Kinematics of particles for plane motion
  • Elementary particle dynamics

1.2 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies

  • Generalise Hooke’s Law & its Application
  • Design Problems on Axial Stress
  • Shear Stress & Bearing Stress
  • Material properties of dynamic loading
  • Bending shear & stresses in beams
  • Determination of principle stresses & strains analytical & graphical
  • Compound & combined stresses
  • Bi-axial stresses- thin walled pressure vessel
  • Material behaviour & design factors for dynamic load
  • Design of circular shafts for bending & torsional load only
  • Deflection of Beam for statically determinate problem
  • Theories of Failure

2. Engineering Materials

  • Basic concepts of structure of solid
  • Common ferrous & non-ferrous material & their application
  • Heat treatment of Steels
  • Non metals plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Composite materials & Nano-materials

3. Theory of Machines

  • Kinematics & dynamic analysis of plane mechanism.
  • Cams
  • Gears
  • Epicyclic gear trains
  • Flywheels
  • Governors
  • Balancing of rigid rotors
  • Balancing of single & multi-cylinder engines
  • Linear vibration analysis of mechanical systems (single degree of freedom)
  • Critical speeds & whirling of shafts.

4. Manufacturing Science

4.1 Manufacturing Process

  • Machine tool engineering – Merchant’s force analysis
  • Taylor’s tool life Equation
  • Conventional Machining
  • NC & CNC Machining Process
  • Jigs & fixtures
  • Non-Conventional Machining-EDM, ECM, ultrasonic, water jet machining etc.
  • Application of lasers & plasmas
  • Energy rate Calculations
  • Forming & Welding Process-Standard Processes
  • Metrology concepts of fits & tolerances
  • Tools & Gauges
  • Comparators
  • Inspection of length
  • Position
  • Profile & Surface finish

4.2 Manufacturing Management

  • System design: factory location-simple OR models
  • Plant layout method based
  • Application of engineering economic analysis & break even analysis for product selection
  • Process selection & capacity planning
  • Predetermined time standards
  • System Planning
  • Forecasting methods based on regression & decomposition
  • Design & balancing of Multi model and stochastic assembly lines
  • Inventory management probabilistic.
  • Inventory models for order time & order quantity determination
  • Jit Systems
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Managing Inter plant Logistics
  • System operation & control
  • Scheduling algorithm for job shops
  • Application of statistical methods for product & process quality control applications of control charts for mean, range, percent defective
  • No. of defectives & defects per unit.
  • Quality Cost Systems
  • Management of Resources, Organizations and risks in projects
  • System improvement
  • Implementation of System such as total quality management, developing and managing flexible, lean & agile organizations.

Mechanics Syllabus (Paper-II)

1. Thermodynamics, Gas Dynamics Turbine

  • Basic concepts of First-law and Second law of Thermodynamics; concepts of entropy and reversibility; availability & unavailability and irreversibility.
  • Classification & properties of fluids; incompressible and compressible fluids flows; effect of Mach number  & compressibility; continuity momentum and energy equations equations; normal and oblique shocks; one dimensional isentropic flow; flow or fluids in duct with frictions that transfer.
  • Flow through fans, blowers and compressors; axial and centrifugal flow configuration; design of fans and compressors; single problems compresses and turbine cascade; open and closed cycle gas turbines; work done in the gas turbine; reheat and regenerators.

2. Heat Transfer

  • Conduction heat transfer-general conduction equation-Laplace, Poisson & Fourier equations; Fourier law of conduction; one dimensional steady state heat conduction applied to simple wall, solid & hollow cylinder and spheres.
  • Conventional heat transfer- Newton’s law of convention; free & forces convention; heat transfer during laminar & turbulent flow of an incompressible fluid over a flat plate; concepts of Nusselt number, hydro dynamic & thermal boundary layer their thickness; Prandtl number; analogy between heat and momentum transfer – Reynolds, Colbum, Prandtl analogies, heat transfer during laminar and turbulent flow through horizontal tubes; free convection from horizontal & vertical plates.
  • Black body radiation- basic radiation laws such as Stefan-boltzmann, Planck distribution, Wein’s displacement etc.
  • Basic heat exchanger analysis; classification of heat exchanger.

3. Engines

  • Classification, thermodynamics cycles of operation, determination of break power, indicated power, mechanical efficiency, heat balance sheet, interpretation of performance characteristics, petrol, gas & diesel engines.
  • Combustion in SI & CI engines, normal & abnormal combustion; effect of working parameters on knowing, reduction of knowing; Forms of combustion chamber for SI & CI Engines; rating of fuels; additives; emissions
  • Different Systems of IC engines-fuels, lubricating, cooling & transmission systems. Alternate fuels in IC engines.

4. Steam Engineering

  • Steam generation-modified Ranking cycle analysis; Modern steam boilers; steam at critical & supercritical pressures; draught equipment; natural and artificial draught; boiler fuels solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Steam turbines- Principle; types; compounding, impulse & reaction turbines, axial thrust.
  • Steam nozzles-flow of steam in  convergent & divergent nozzle pressure at throat for maximum discharge with different initial steam conditions such as wet, saturated & super heated, effect of variation of back pressure, super saturated flow of steam in nozzles, Wilson line.
  • Ranking cycle with internal & external irreversibility; reheat factor; reheating & regeneration, methods of governing, back pressure & pass out turbines
  • Steam power plants- combined cycle power generation, heat recovery system generators (HRSG) fired & unfired, co-generation plants.

5. Refrigeration & Air-conditioning

  • Vapour compression refrigeration cycle-cycle on p-H & T-s diagram ; eco friendly refrigerants R-134a 123; Systems like evaporators, condensor, compressors, expansion devices, simple vapour absorption systems
  • Psychometric-properties; processes; charts; sensible heating & cooling; humidification & dehumidification effective temperature; air-conditioning load calculation; simple duct design.

JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022: Application Fees

As we know that according to JKPSC, application fees are vary based on category. In this section we provide the details of category-wise application fees given below:-

Post Name Application Fees
Assistant Engineer
  • General (UR) – Rs.1000/-
  • Reserved Category(SC/ST/EWS…) – Rs.500/-
  • PHC Category – Nil

JKPSC AE Syllabus 2022: FAQs

Q1. From where I Can know the Syllabus of  JKPSC AE Recruitment 2022?

Ans. Candidates can see the Syllabus of JKPSC AE Recruitment 2022 in this article or by visiting the official website of JKPSC.

Q2. How many vacancies are announced under JKPSC AE Recruitment 2022?

Ans. Total 61 vacancies are announced under JKPSC AE Recruitment 2022.

Q3. What is the last date to apply JKPSC AE Recruitment 2022?

Ans. 2nd September, 2022 is the last date for JKPSC AE Recruitment 2022.



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