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GATE 2022 Exam News, Supreme Court has agreed to hear the plea To Postpone GATE 2022

GATE 2022 Exam News

GATE 2022 Travel Pass Download: The GATE Exam 2022 is to be conducted on 05th,06th,12th and 13th February 2022. IIT Kharagpur has issued a travel pass on the official website which will help the candidates. This travel pass can be used if the candidates face any issues while coming to the exam hall for GATE 2022 Exam. The candidates can download the travel pass through the link given in the article. Check our website for further GATE 2022 Exam News.

GATE 2022 Travel Pass Download

The candidates can download GATE Exam 2022 Travel pass which can be used if they face any issues while reaching the hall for GATE Exam 2022. The candidates can show this travel pass to someone and the authorities of the exam GATE 2022 have taken full responsibility for this travel pass.

Click to download GATE 2022 Travel Pass download (PDF)

GATE 2022 Exam

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an examination that primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science for admission into the Masters Program and Recruitment by some Public Sector Companies.

GATE 2022 Postponed News

” The current third wave, Covid-19 due to its new variant Omicron has spread severely in several states, cities. Several studies including one done by IIT Kanpur predict that the peak of the 3rd wave is expected in early February and the wave will end by April. Therefore, the peak is most likely to coincide with the usual exam dates of GATE,”

If the exam dates are not postponed, the candidates appearing for GATE 2022 run an imminent risk of getting infected and spreading it thereby getting threat to their life as well as their family member’s lives,” The petition by the candidates preparing for GATE 2022 Exam read.

To postpone the Exam of GATE 2022, two pleas have been filed and the supreme court has accepted the plea to hear the statement by the candidates. The first plea is done by the students who are preparing for GATE Exam 2022 and the other plea to postpone GATE 2022 Exam is done by Umesh Dhande who runs an education institute that mentors students for GATE and other exams.

The pleas are as follows, “The country is currently suffering from a ‘third Wave’ of rising COVID cases with a number of daily cases touching a record 3 lakh and above. In this frightening situation that has engulfed the whole country, the Petitioners are being forced to write the GATE 2022 physically which poses a massive health risk on the lives of many aspirants like the petitioners,”

“The instructions issued also lacks clarity, creates confusion among students as it creates an unnecessary classification between students who will be allowed to appear for the exam and those who would be barred with no medical or legal basis. The instructions allow asymptomatic students who are showing symptoms to appear for the exam but not those students who have tested positive but are asymptomatic. There exists no intelligible differentia in such classification by the Respondents as per instructions and thus it is violative of Article 14 of the Constitution of India’ – Some of the pleas have been filed online and signature has been done by many candidates.

The supreme court has agreed to urgently hear the plea to postpone the GATE 2022 exam. The supreme court has decided to hear the petitions on 03rd February 2022.


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