Daily Concept Booster Mechanical Engineering: Principal Stress

Principal Stress

Principal stress is the maximum or minimum normal stress.
The plane of principal stress has zero shear stress.

Sign Conventions

Tensile stress is positive and compressive stress is negative in nature.
Angle ‘θ’ is considered positive if it is in anti – clockwise direction.
Shear stress acting on a positive face of an element is considered positive if it acts in positive direction of one of the co-ordinate axes and negative if acts in the negative direction of the axes. Similarly on a negative face of an element is positive if act in negative direction of the axes and negative if it acts in the positive direction.

Maximum stress and Minimum stress

Let σ_1 and σ_2 are given principal stress, then normal and shear stress on any plane which is inclined at angle ‘θ’ from maximum principal plane (σ_1 > σ_2)

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