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CCC Syllabus, NIELIT CCC Syllabus, CCC Exam Syllabus 2024

CCC Course, known as the Course on Computer Concepts, encompasses various essential computer-related subjects. CCC Syllabus includes a wide range of topics such as the Internet, World Wide Web, web browsers, user-friendly computer systems, document creation, social media usage, and techniques for delivering formal presentations.

CCC Syllabus 2024

Individuals aspiring to enroll in the CCC Course can join accredited NIELIT Institutes situated across India. The course fee for CCC amounts to INR 500, plus applicable taxes. Completion of the CCC Course generally spans between 2 weeks to 2 months. At most NIELIT institutions offering the CCC course, the curriculum is divided into 8 units. These units encompass tutorials, theory classes, and practical sessions, typically spanning 5 hours, 25 hours, and 50 hours, respectively. The CCC Syllabus 2023 covers various subjects, including WWW Networking, Computer Fundamentals, Introduction to Operating Systems, and Microsoft Office, among others.

CCC Course Syllabus

A tabular representation of the most important subjects that are covered in the CCC Course Syllabus 2024 is given below:

Computer Communication Internet
Social Networking, Social Governance, and E-mail Spreadsheets
WWW and Web Browsers Introduction to Computer
Overview of Future Skills & Cyber Security Digital Financial Tools and Applications
Introduction to GUI-Based Operating System Communication and Collaboration
Making Small Presentations Elements of Word Processing

NIELIT CCC Syllabus 2024

Below, you’ll find a concise overview of the NIELIT CCC Syllabus 2024, followed by a detailed breakdown of the NIELIT CCC Course Syllabus:

NIELIT CCC Syllabus in Brief

Check the detailed course outline for the NIELIT CCC Course Syllabus in the tabular representation below:

Unit Name Tutorials Theory Practical
Computer Communication and Internet 4 5
Spreadsheets 2 4 10
WWW and Web Browsers 2 3
Introduction to Computer 1 2 4
Introduction to GUI-Based Operating System 3 8
Communication and Collaboration 2 2
Making Small Presentations 4 8
Elements of Word Processing 2 4 10
Total 5 25 50

This table now clearly separates the hours for tutorials, theory, and practical sessions for each unit.

NIELIT CCC Course Syllabus

Below is a detailed tabular breakdown of the NIELIT CCC Course Syllabus, showcasing key courses taught and subjects covered as of 2024. The table offers a summary of unit names and topics covered in the course:

Unit Name Topics Covered
Computer Communication and Internet – Introduction to Computer Communication and Internet
– Objectives of Computer Communication and Internet
– Internet: Concepts and Basics of Internet Architecture
– Internet Services: Websites and World Wide Web
– Internet Communication
– Computer Networks and Basics: LAN, WAN, etc.
– A computer for Internet Access: Internet Access Techniques, ISPs, WiFi, Broadband, Dialup, etc.
– Model Q&A
– Summary
Spreadsheets – Introduction to Spreadsheets
– Objective of Spreadsheets
– Function and Charts: Function, Formulas, and Charts
– Elements of Electronic Spreadsheet: Saving Workbooks, Addressing Cells, Printing and Opening Spreadsheets
– Manipulation of Cells: Changing the Height and Width of Cells, Entering Numbers, Texts, and Dates, Creating Date Series, Numbers, and Texts, Editing Worksheet Data, Deleting and Inserting Rows and Columns
– Model Q&A
– Summary
Introduction to Computer – Introduction to Basics of Computer
– Objectives of a Computer
– Components of the Computer System
– Concepts of Software and Hardware
– Computer and its History
– Applications of IECT
– Representation of Data or Information
– Concepts of Data Processing
– Model Q&A
– Summary
Introduction to GUI-Based Operating System – Introduction to GUI-Based Operating System
– Objectives of GUI-Based Operating System
– The User Interface
– Simple Setting of Operating System
– Basics of Operating System
– Types of Files
– Directory and File Management
– Model Q&A
– Summary
WWW and Web Browsers – Introduction to Web Browsers and the World Wide Web
– Objectives of WWW and Web Browsers
– Search Engines: Favourite Folders, Popular Search Engines, Printing Web Pages and Downloading Web Pages
– Configuring Web Browsers
– Web Browsing Software
– Model Q&A
– Summary
Communication and Collaboration – Introduction to Communication and Collaboration
– Objectives of Communication and Collaboration
– Using E-mails
– Basics of E-mail
– Instant Messaging and Collaborations
– Advanced Email Features
– Model Q&A
– Summary
Making Small Presentations – Introduction to Presentations
– Objectives of Making Small Presentations
– Creating a Presentation
– Providing Aesthetics to a Presentation
– Slideshows in a Presentation
– Preparation of Presentation Slides
– Basics of Making a Presentation
– Model Q&A
– Summary
Elements of Word Processing – Introduction to Elements of Word Processing
– Objectives of Word Processing
– Basics of Word Processing
– Formatting the Text
– Opening and Closing the Documents
– Table Manipulation
– Text Creation and Manipulation
– Model Q&A
– Summary

CCC Online Syllabus

The following is a list of the key subjects included in the new CCC Online Exam 2024 Syllabus by the new regulations:

Introduction to Computer Fundamentals of Computer
MS Office E-mail, Social Networking, and eGovernance Services
Digital Financial Tools and Applications Networking
Libre Office Overview of Cyber Security and Future Skills
Introduction to the Internet and WWW Introduction to Operating System


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What is the CCC Course Syllabus for 2024?

The CCC (Course on Computer Concepts) Syllabus for 2024 covers various topics related to computer fundamentals, software applications, internet basics, and more.

How can I access the NIELIT CCC Syllabus for 2024?

You can access the NIELIT CCC Syllabus for 2024 through the official NIELIT website or educational platforms that provide study materials for the CCC course.

What are the major units covered in the CCC Exam Syllabus?

The major units covered in the CCC Exam Syllabus include Computer Communication and Internet, Spreadsheets, Introduction to Computer, Introduction to GUI-Based Operating System, WWW and Web Browsers, Communication and Collaboration, Making Small Presentations, and Elements of Word Processing.

Are there any practice questions available for the CCC Online Test Syllabus 2024?

Yes, you can find practice questions and mock tests for the CCC Online Test Syllabus 2024 on various educational websites and study materials designed for CCC exam preparation.

How can I prepare effectively for the CCC Exam based on the syllabus?

To prepare effectively for the CCC Exam, you can start by studying each unit of the syllabus thoroughly, practice with sample questions, and consider enrolling in CCC preparation courses or using CCC study materials available online.

Are there any changes in the CCC Syllabus for 2024 compared to previous years?

The CCC Syllabus is periodically updated to align with technological advancements. It's essential to refer to the latest syllabus provided by NIELIT or authorized CCC course providers for the most current information.

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