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Career Options After 12th

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Career After 12th: When a student enters the last phase of class 12th, his/her main focus is on building a Career Options After 12th. Gone are the times when students used to aspire for a career in medicine, engineering, chartered accountancy, or other well-established professions that offered excellent financial benefits. In the last 15 years, a large number of alternate professions have caught the fancy of the students.

Nowadays, students are aspiring for a career as a chef, wine taster, content writing, digital marketing, life coaching, graphic designing, fitness training, and other avenues that offer not only better job satisfaction but also excellent future prospects.

Career Options After 12 – Problem Of Plenty

But this problem of plenty has created a lot of confusion for the students, especially those who are appearing for their class 12th board exams. In many ways, class 12th is the make-or-break year for students as this is the year when a proper direction is followed towards a career. But sometimes due to family pressure, peer pressure, or just lack of information, students end up picking a career stream that they are not mentally prepared for. As a result, they are unhappy with their work-life and aspire for a fresh direction. So, making an informed decision in class 12th holds the key to what the future has in store for the individual. 

Career Options After 12th (All Streams)

Career After 12th: Many of the available career choices are limited by the education stream that the student has chosen in class 12th. Arts, Commerce, Engineering or Medicine are the most popular education streams which open up different career pathways for the students. So, how to choose the best career pathways that are in sync with one’s aspirations and desires.

You just don’t want to settle for a 9 to 5 job, especially during this time of pandemic. The pandemic has made sure that all of us become aware of the jobs we do, and its security at the time of need.

This is why you as a 12th grader should know the options that are still left undiscovered in the field of employment.  This will help you to carve out new paths and decide on the sector you would want to work.

As you decide your career, the next step is of selecting the domain of graduation, which too will become easier. Choose a career that you would love to do and not feel like a burden after joining. We have brought a curated list of topics which you might want to check out once!

Surf through the links and get an idea about the available domains to pursue your graduation in.

Here are some useful tips to help with selecting a Career After 12th:-

  • Identify your passion: – In the present times, merely having knowledge about a profession is not enough. To make one get out of bed and go to work every morning, an individual must be passionate about the job/business. So, as a student, you need to identify your passion, i.e. something that you are really good at and like a lot. Once, you have identified your passion; then you can look for a suitable career stream in that area. For instance, if you are passionate about food and drinks, you can consider being a chef, a food critic, a mixologist, or a wine taster. 

  • Future prospects: – Just because a career stream was rewarding in the past, does not mean that it would offer some benefits in the future. Always look at the bigger picture, i.e. find out about the prospects of the industry in the next 5, 10, 15 years, and only then make a decision regarding your career choice. 

  • Professional guidance: – If you are confused between numerous available career choices, then you must seek professional guidance. There are various online platforms where you can interact with experts and get professional guidance regarding the available career choices.

Making the right choice regarding Career Options After 12th is extremely important for you to live a happy and satisfying life. So, do not rush and make an informed decision after careful deliberation.

Courses in Science  Courses in Commerce  Courses for Arts
B.Tech Bachelor of Commerce Bachelor of Arts
M.B.B.S Company secretary Bachelor of Fine Arts
B.Sc Cost and Management Accountant Integrated Law 
B.C.A Chartered Accountant Bachelor of Fashion Design
B.Arch Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Hotel management
Bachelor of Pharmacy Certified Financial Planner Air Hostess training
Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology Bachelor of Economics Graphic Design
Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry Journalism and Mass Communication Bachelor of Interior Design
Bachelor of Physiotherapy Integrated MBA Bachelor of Fashion Technology
Web development and Training Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF) Bachelor of Education
Animation and Multimedia Course Bachelor of Financial Markets (BFM) Bachelor of Social Work
General Nursing and Midwifery Bachelors in Banking and Insurance (BBI)
Merchant Navy B.Sc (H) Statistics/ B.Stat (Hons)
Paramedical Course Bachelor of banking and finance
Dietetics and Nutrionist Bachelor of Business Studies
D.Pharma Bachelor of Management Science
OT Technician
Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Diploma in Engineering/GTI

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