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NHM WB Syllabus 2024 and Latest Exam Pattern

The National Health Mission, West Bengal has released a notification for the Community Health Officer Exam stating that the selection process will be different from previous written examination criteria. The candidates will now be selected on the basis of merit and interview. This change can be very challenging for the candidates, so they must know the NHM WB Syllabus and exam pattern for the CHO post. However, the latest exam format and NHM WB Syllabus have not been released by the Board. The syllabus and pattern can be very similar to the one for the 2022 NHM WB CHO exam. Candidates can learn all the details of the NHM WB Syllabus 2024 for Community Health Officer, here!

NHM WB CHO Syllabus 2024

Understanding the NHM WB Syllabus and exam pattern for the CHO position will help the candidates plan an effective preparation strategy and plan accordingly. By studying the NHM WB Syllabus and examination pattern for Community Health Officers, candidates can get an idea of the exam format and topics on which they need to focus more. Candidates are recommended to go through the NHM WB Syllabus and exam format of the CHO examination.

NHM WB Exam Pattern 2024

The Community Health Officers exam by the National Health Mission, West Bengal is of 100 marks. The marks are allotted across the different subjects. Candidates need to understand this distribution of marks to focus properly on their exam preparation. To know the detailed NHM WB exam pattern for CHO, candidates can check the given table.

S. No. Subject No. of Questions/ marks
1 Physiology 5
2 Anatomy 5
3 Demography and Common Health Science 5
4 Maternal Health (Pregnancy and Childbirth) 10
5 Community Health, Epidemiology, and Disease Prevention 10
6 Child Health and Nutrition 5
7 Adolescent Health 5
8 Immunization 5
9 Family Planning 5
10 National Health Programs 10
11 Common Communicable Diseases 10
12 Non-Communicable Diseases 10
13 General Knowledge 10
14 Analytical and communication Skills 5
Total Marks 100

NHM WB Syllabus 2024 Overview

The 2022 NHM WB Syllabus for the Community Health Officers exam is available at the official website of the National Health Mission. All candidates must adhere to this syllabus to prepare accordingly for the exam and achieve optimal scores in the CHO examination. The NHM WB Syllabus includes a total of 14 subjects, which are listed below:

  • Physiology
  • Anatomy
  • Demography and Common Health Statistics
  • Maternal Health (Pregnancy and Childbirth)
  • Community Health, Epidemiology, and Disease Prevention
  • Child Health and Nutrition
  • Adolescent Health
  • Family Planning
  • Immunization
  • National Health Programs
  • Common Communicable Diseases
  • Non-Communicable Diseases
  • General Knowledge
  • Analytical and Communication Skills

NHM WB CHO 2024 Exam Preparation Tips

Numerous job benefits are offered in the NHM WB CHO recruitment which makes this position extremely competitive. A great number of applicants apply for the limited number of vacancies. To ensure that candidate qualifies for the allotted vacancies, they need to prepare well for the CHO exam. Candidates should know the NHM WB Syllabus and exam format to adopt effective preparation strategies. Following are some recommended tips that aspirants should follow to solidify their preparation for the CHO exam:

  • Go through the NHM WB Syllabus and exam format thoroughly for the Community Health Officer post.
  • Ensure to cover all the topics mentioned in the NHM WB Syllabus.
  • Create an efficient and realistic study schedule by setting achievable goals.
  • Focus more on your weaker areas or the topics that carry greater marks.
  • Use suitable books, solve sample papers, or the previous year’s NHM WB CHO exam papers.
  • Keep updated on the General knowledge and Current Affairs.
  • Practice regularly and take regular breaks to refresh your mind and body.


How many questions are there in the NHM WB Syllabus for the Central Health officer?

Total 14 questions are included in the NHM WB Syllabus for the post of CHO, based on different subjects.

What is the exam pattern of the NHM WB CHO Exam 2022?

The CHO exam by the NHM WB now follows a selection process that is based on the merit and interview, unlike previous years' format of written examination and interview.

How to prepare efficiently for the NHM WB CHO exam 2024?

For effective preparation, students must carefully understand the NHM WB Syllabus and exam pattern for CHO, plan a proper study schedule, solve sample papers and previous year papers, study from appropriate books, and practice daily.

Where is the 2022 NHM WBCHO Syllabus avaialble?

Candidates can find the 2022 NHM WB Syllabus for Community Health Officer on official website of the NHM.

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