Attempt civil engineering quiz for DMRC-JE. This quiz contains 10 questions of Soil Mechanics with their relevant solutions.


Q1. Which of the following is not an assumption in Terzaghi’s one-dimensional consolidation theory?

(a) Darcy’s Law is applicable

(b) Soil is Laterally confined

(c) Soil is hetrogeneous

(d) Soil is fully saturated


Q2. Sand particles are made of

(a) Kaolinite

(b) Illite

(c) Montmorrilonite

(d) Quartz


Q3. A soil has a bulk density of 22 kN/m³ and water content 10% the dry density of soil is ?

(a) 18.6 kN/m³

(b) 20 kN/m³

(c) 22 kN/m³

(d) 23.2 kN/m³


Q4. Density Index of soil express its :

(a) Hardness

(b) Friction

(c) Smoothness

(d) Relative compactness


Q5. Which one in the following list does not posses plasticity?

(a) Bentonite

(b) Kaolinite

(c) Rock Flour

(d) Fat clay


Q6. If permeability of a soil at the void ratio of e₁, e₂ and k₁, k₂ then which of the following relation is correct?

(a) k_1/k_2 = (1+e_1)/(1+e_2 )
(b) k_1/k_2 = (1–e_1)/(1–e_2 )
(c) k_1/k_2 = e_1/e_2
(d) None of the above


Q7. Which of the following roller types is the most suitable for compacting fatty clay in field?

(a) Sheepfoot

(b) Rubber tyred

(c) Tandem

(d) Vibratory


Q8. When consolidation of saturated soil sample occurs, the degree of saturation.

(a) Increase

(b) decrease

(c) remain constant

(d) may increase or decrease


Q9. Coulomb’s equation for shear strength can be represented by :

(a) C = S + σ_n tan ϕ

(b) S = C – σ_n tan ϕ

(c) C = σ_n+ S tan ϕ

(d) S = C + σ_n tan ϕ


Q10. Drainage conditions are best controlled during :

(a) Direct shear box text

(b) Vane shear test

(c) Unconfined compression test

(d) Triaxial test




S1. Ans.(c)


S2. Ans.(d)


S3. Ans.(b)
Sol. γ_b = 22 kN/m³
ω = 10%
γ_d = γ_b/(1+ω) = 22/(1+0.1)
⇒ 22/1.1
⇒ 20 kN/m³


S4. Ans.(d)


S5. Ans.(c)


S6. Ans.(d)

Sol. kαe²

k_1/k_2 =(e_1/e_2 )^2

S7. Ans.(a)

S8. Ans.(c)


S9. Ans.(d)

Sol. S = C +σ_n  tan ϕ

S = shear strength

ϕ = total frictional Angle

C = Unit cohesion

σ_n= Normal stress


S10. Ans.(d)

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