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Difference Between Latch and Flip Flop

Difference Between Latch and Flip Flop

What is the Difference Between a Latch and Flip Flop? This is the question being asked in several competitive exams, interviews, viva voice, etc. Either latch or Flip Flop are memory elements used in sequential circuit designing then why do we require two separate circuits or what is the difference between both of them, these questions usually strike the aspirants’ minds. Here is the answer to all your doubts. In this article, we have explained the key difference between Latch and Flip Flop starting from the very basic to all sorts of parameters. The aspirants shall read the full article carefully & bookmark the website for further Engineering Job Updates.

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Flip Flop

Flip Flop is a one-bit memory storage element used in sequential circuits as a basic building block. The Flip Flops are edge-triggered devices which means that they change the state at the edges of the clock (either a rising or falling state). Flip Flops or bistable multivibrators can be categorized as given below on the basis of their operations:

  • SR Flip Flop
  • JK Flip Flop
  • D Flip Flop
  • T Flip Flop

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The latch is also a storage element used in synchronous circuit designing based on the level-triggering concept. It stores either 0 or 1 for the specified duration either at a positive level or a negative level.

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Latch Vs Flip Flop

The difference between a latch and the Flip-Flop is given in the table below:

Parameter Latch Flip Flop
Triggering The latch is the level-triggered circuit Flip Flop is the edge-triggered circuit.
Basic elements It is designed using logic gates It is designed using a latch and clock.
Speed It has a faster operating speed It operates at a comparatively slower speed.
Basic Classification No specific classification They can be classified as synchronous and asynchronous flip-flops.
Robust Latches are less robust Flip Flop is more robust.
Power It requires less power It required more power
Types SR, JK, D, and T latches SR, JK, D and T Flip Flops
Output Dependency Output depends on the present and past input along with the past output. Output depends on present and past input bits along with the past output and clock pulses.
Area It requires less area It requires more area

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Where are latches used?

Latches are single-bit storage elements that are widely used in data storage.

Which is faster latch or Flip Flop?

The latch is faster than Flip Flop.

How many bits are in latches?

Latches is a one-bit memory storage element.

What is the difference between a latch and a flip-flop?

The candidates may refer to this article for the difference between a latch and a flip-flop.

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