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NHPC-JE’21 CE: Daily Practices Quiz. 25-Nov-2021

Know your strengths and practice your concepts with this quiz on NHPC JE Recruitment 2021. This quiz for NHPC JE Recruitment 2021 is designed specially according to NHPC Syllabus 2021.

Quiz: Civil Engineering
Topic: Miscellaneous

Each question carries 1 mark
Negative marking: 1/4 mark
Time: 8 Minutes

Q1. The minimum freeboard recommended for lined canal carrying discharge greater than 10 m³/s
(a) 0.15 m
(b) 0.60 m
(c) 1.25 m
(d) 0.75 m

Q2. The angle of the failure plane with the major principal plane is given by
(a) 45° + ϕ’
(b) 45° +(ϕ’)/2
(c) 45° – (ϕ’)/2
(d) 45° – ϕ’

Q3. In which classification the Semi-hydraulic lime falls?
(a) Class A
(b) Class B
(c) Class C
(d) Class D

Q4. Calculate the value of modulus of rigidity (N/mm²) if the Poisson’s ratio is 0.25 and modulus of elasticity for the material is 200 N/mm²
(a) 50
(b) 80
(c) 100
(d) 150

Q5. Calculate the total correction (m) required, if a line measured using 20 m chain is 2380 m. actual length of the chain is 20.2 m.
(a) 22.6
(b) 23.56
(c) 23.8
(d) 476

Q6. Lacey’s theory is applicable to flow
(a) Through pipes
(b) In concrete lined channels
(c) Over spillways
(d) In alluvial rivers and canals


S1. Ans.(d)

Discharge (m³/sec.) Freeboard (m.)
1 to 5 0.50
5 to 10 0.60
10 to 30 0.75
30 to 150 0.90

S2. Ans.(b)
Sol. Angle of the failure plane with the major principal plane is

S3. Ans.(b)
Sol. Class A → Eminently hydraulic lime
Class B → Semi-hydraulic lime
Class C → Fat lime
Class D → Dolomite lime

S4. Ans.(b)
Sol. Given; E = 200 N/mm², G = ?
μ = 0.25
we know that,
G=80 N\/mm^2

S5. Ans.(c)
Sol. True length of chain (l) = 20 m.
Actual length of chain (l) = 20.2m.
Measured length of line (L’) = 2380m.
Total correction required (C) =?
C=L^’ ((l^’-l)/l)
=23.8 m.

S6. Ans.(d)
Sol. Lacey’s theory is applicable to flow in alluvial rivers and canals.

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