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Science (Biology) Questions For CTET Exam

Science (Biology) Questions For CTET Exam_30.1

Q1. Stomata of CAM plants

(a) are always open
(b) open during the day and close at night
(c) open during the night and close during the day
(d) never open

Q2. Which of the following absorb light energy for photosynthesis?

(a) chlorophyll
(b) water molecule
(c) Hormone
(d) RuBP.

Q3. Main function of lenticel is(a) transpiration
(b) guttation
(c) gaseous exchange
(d) bleeding.

Q4. Opening and closing of stomata is due to the
(a) hormonal change in guard cells
(b) change in turgor pressure of guard cells
(c) gaseous exchange
(d) respiration.

Q5. In photosynthesis energy from light reaction to dark reaction is transferred in the form of

(a) ADP
(b) ATP
(c) RuDP
(d) chlorophyll.

Q6. Cytochrome is
(a) metallo flavo protein
(b) Fe containing porphyrin pigment
(c) glycoprotein
(d) lipid.

Q7. The movement of ions against the concentration gradient will be

(a) active transport
(b) osmosis
(c) diffusion
(d) all of the above

Q8. In soil, water available for plants is

(a) gravitational water
(b) chemically bound water
(c) capillary water
(d) hygroscopic water.

Q9. The rate of photosynthesis is higher in

(a) very high light
(b) continuous light
(c) red light
(d) green light.

Q10. ‘The law of limiting factors’ was proposed by

(a) Leibig
(b) Hatch and Slack
(c) Blackman
(d) Arnon.








S7.Ans. (a)