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Top 20 General Studies MCQs | Maharashtra, SSC and Railway Exams | Download Free PDF

The Maharashtra Police Constable, MPSC, SSC and Railway Exam are crucial examinations that require a comprehensive understanding of various General Studies topics. To help aspirants prepare effectively, we have compiled a set of 20 competitive-level General Studies MCQs covering a wide range of subjects.

Top 20 General Studies MCQs for Maharashtra, SSC and Railway 02 May 2024

These 20 General Studies Multiple Choice Questions cover a diverse range of topics relevant to the Maharashtra Police Constable, MPSC Exam 2024, SSC and Railway Exam 2024. Use these questions as a tool to assess your knowledge and enhance your preparation for the upcoming examination. Remember to review the explanations and expand your understanding of each topic to ensure a well-rounded preparation. Best of luck!

  1. Which Vedic texts are the Satapatha Brahmana and Taitriya Brahmana associated with?
    A) Rigveda
    B) Yajurveda
    C) Samaveda
    D) Atharavaveda
    Answer: B) Yajurveda
  2. As per Asoka’s inscriptions, which place was declared tax-free and only one-eighth part as taxable?
    A) Kushinagar
    B) Lumbini
    C) Kathmandu
    D) Sarnath
    Answer: B) Lumbini
  3. In which country is the Bhamala Stupa, a ruined Buddhist Stupa, located?
    A) Nepal
    B) Bhutan
    C) Pakistan
    D) China
    Answer: C) Pakistan
  4. Where was the Great Bath discovered in the Indus Valley Civilization?
    A) Mohenjodaro
    B) Harappa
    C) Rakhi Garhi
    D) Ropar
    Answer: A) Mohenjodaro
  5. Heliodorus, a Greek ambassador, was sent to the court of which ruler?
    A) Bhagbhadra
    B) Devabhut
    C) Pushyamitra
    D) Ghosha
    Answer: A) Bhagbhadra
  6. The Treaty of Mangalore was signed between which two entities?
    A) British East India Company and Tipu Sultan
    B) Portuguese and Dutch
    C) British and French
    D) Marathas and Mughals
    Answer: A) British East India Company and Tipu Sultan
  7. Who among the following was the founder of the Servants of India Society?
    A) Dadabhai Naoroji
    B) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
    C) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
    D) Lala Lajpat Rai
    Answer: B) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  8. Which among the following battles marked the end of Maratha empire’s dominance in India?
    A) Battle of Plassey
    B) Third Battle of Panipat
    C) Battle of Buxar
    D) Battle of Wandiwash
    Answer: B) Third Battle of Panipat
  9. Who was the first Governor-General of Bengal?
    A) Warren Hastings
    B) Robert Clive
    C) Lord Cornwallis
    D) Lord Dalhousie
    Answer: B) Robert Clive
  10. The Swaraj Party was formed after the suspension of which movement?
    A) Non-Cooperation Movement
    B) Quit India Movement
    C) Civil Disobedience Movement
    D) Khilafat Movement
    Answer: A) Non-Cooperation Movement
  11. Which branch of geography focuses on studying the standard of living and quality of life of human inhabitants?
    A) Development geography
    B) Anthropology
    C) Physical geography
    D) Pedology
    Answer: A) Development geography
  12. Which of the following is a direct source used to study the interior of the Earth?
    A) Gravitation
    B) Seismic activity
    C) Magnetic field
    D) Volcanic eruption
    Answer: D) Volcanic eruption
  13. How many known satellites does Jupiter have?
    A) 35
    B) 55
    C) 42
    D) 79
    Answer: D) 79
  14. Which planet has Titan as its largest moon?
    A) Uranus
    B) Jupiter
    C) Saturn
    D) Earth
    Answer: C) Saturn
  15. Which sea is the largest by size?
    A) Mediterranean Sea
    B) South China Sea
    C) Gulf of Mexico
    D) Philippine Sea
    Answer: D) Philippine Sea
  16. Which of the following is considered the “Roof of the World”?
    A) Andes Mountains
    B) Alps
    C) Himalayas
    D) Rocky Mountains
    Answer: C) Himalayas
  17. What is the study of earthquakes called?
    A) Seismology
    B) Volcanology
    C) Paleontology
    D) Geomorphology
    Answer: A) Seismology
  18. Which layer of the Earth is primarily composed of molten iron and nickel?
    A) Mantle
    B) Outer core
    C) Inner core
    D) Crust
    Answer: B) Outer core
  19. The Richter scale is used to measure the intensity of which geological phenomenon?
    A) Earthquakes
    B) Volcanic eruptions
    C) Tsunamis
    D) Landslides
    Answer: A) Earthquakes
  20. Which of the following is a major greenhouse gas contributing to climate change?
    A) Nitrous oxide
    B) Methane
    C) Carbon monoxide
    D) Sulfur dioxide
    Answer: B) Methane

Top 20 General Studies MCQs- Download Free PDF

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