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Top 20 General Science MCQs | Maharashtra, SSC and Railway Exams | Download PDF

The Maharashtra Police Constable, MPSC, SSC and Railway Exam are crucial examinations that require a comprehensive understanding of various General Science topics. To help aspirants prepare effectively, we have compiled a set of 20 competitive-level General Science MCQs covering a wide range of subjects.

Top 20 General Science MCQs for Maharashtra, SSC and Railway 06 May 2024

These 20 General Science Multiple Choice Questions cover a diverse range of topics relevant to the Maharashtra Police Constable, MPSC Exam 2024, SSC and Railway Exam 2024. Use these questions as a tool to assess your knowledge and enhance your preparation for the upcoming examination. Remember to review the explanations and expand your understanding of each topic to ensure a well-rounded preparation. Best of luck!

  1. Which of the following diseases are caused due to a virus?
    [A] Ebola
    [B] AIDS
    [C] SARS
    [D] All the above
    Correct Answer: [D] All the above
  2. Name the virus that is transmitted through the biting of infected animals, birds, and insects to a human?
    [A] Rabies Virus
    [B] Ebola Virus
    [C] Flavivirus
    [D] All the above
    Correct Answer: [C] Flavivirus
  3. Based on host range, viruses are classified into:
    [A] Bacteriophage
    [B] Insect virus
    [C] Stem Virus
    [D] Both A and B
    Correct Answer:[D] Both A and B
  4. In the host cell, replication of RNA virus took place in…
    [A] Nucleus
    [B] Cytoplasm
    [C] Mitochondria
    [D] Centriole
    Correct Answer: [B] Cytoplasm
  5. Which of the following statement is correct about viruses?
    [A] Viruses do not contain a ribosome.
    [B] Viruses can make protein.
    [C] Viruses can be categorised by their shapes.
    [D] Both A and C are correct
    Correct Answer: [D] Both A and C are correct
  6. Name the virus that covers himself with a modified section of the cell membrane and create a protective lipid envelope?
    [A] Influenza virus
    [B] HIV
    [C] Neither A nor B
    [D] Both A and B
    Correct Answer: [D] Both A and B
  7. A virus can spread through:
    [A] Contaminated food or water
    [B] Touch
    [C] Coughing
    [D] All the above
    Correct Answer: [D] All the above
  8. After which period virus replicates in the body and starts to affect the host?
    [A] Incubation period
    [B] Uncoating
    [C] Penetration
    [D] None of the above
    Correct Answer: [A] Incubation period
  9. Double-stranded DNA is found in which viruses?
    [A] Poxviruses
    [B] Poliomyelitis
    [C] Influenza viruses
    [D] None of the above
    Correct Answer: [A] Poxviruses
  10. A virus is made up of a DNA or RNA genome inside a protein shell known as:
    [A] Capsid
    [B] Host
    [C] Envelope
    [D] Zombies
    Correct Answer: [A] Capsid
  11. Which of the following is NOT a fundamental force in nature?
    [A] Gravity
    [B] Magnetism
    [C] Strong nuclear force
    [D] Electromagnetic force
    Correct Answer: [B] Magnetism
  12. What is the chemical symbol for the element with atomic number 6?
    [A] Fe
    [B] C
    [C] Au
    [D] H
    Correct Answer: [B] C
  13. Which of the following is NOT a renewable source of energy?
    [A] Solar
    [B] Wind
    [C] Coal
    [D] Hydroelectric
    Correct Answer: [C] Coal
  14. What is the unit of electric current?
    [A] Watt
    [B] Volt
    [C] Ampere
    [D] Ohm
    Correct Answer: [C] Ampere
  15. Which of the following is NOT a type of electromagnetic radiation?
    [A] X-rays
    [B] Microwaves
    [C] Sound waves
    [D] Gamma rays
    Correct Answer: [C] Sound waves
  16. Which type of eclipse occurs when the Moon moves through the outer part of the Earth’s shadow?
    [A] Partial lunar Eclipse
    [B] Penumbral lunar Eclipse
    [C] Total lunar Eclipse
    [D] Central lunar Eclipse
    Correct Answer: B [Penumbral lunar Eclipse]
  17. Where is the Asteroid Belt situated?
    [A] Between Jupiter and Saturn
    [B] Between Mars and Jupiter
    [C] Between Saturn and Neptune
    [D] Between Mercury and Venus
    Correct Answer: B [Between Mars and Jupiter]
  18. What is the process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize foods with carbon dioxide and water?
    [A] Respiration
    [B] Photosynthesis
    [C] Fermentation
    [D] Combustion
    Correct Answer: B [USA]
  19. In which country is the Johnson Space Center’s Thermal Vacuum Chamber located?
    [A] Russia
    [B] USA
    [C] Australia
    [D] Israel
    Correct Answer: B [Photosynthesis]
  20. What is the SI unit of electric current?
    [A] Volt
    [B] Watt
    [C] Ampere
    [D] Ohm
    Correct Answer: C [Ampere]

Top 20 General Science MCQs -06 May 2024 PDF

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