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ইংলিশ MCQ, 19শে সেপ্টেম্বর, 2023 কলকাতা পুলিশ SI পরীক্ষার জন্য

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ইংলিশ MCQ
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উদ্দেশ্য কলকাতা পুলিশ SI পরীক্ষা

ইংলিশ MCQ

Directions (1-5): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom or Phrase.

Q1. In the red

(a) in debt

(b) successful

(c) an absolute failure

(d) in jail

Q2. Square the circle

(a) drive too recklessly

(b) train oneself without success

(c) drive around in circles

(d) do the impossible

Q3. Once in a blue moon

(a) on full moon nights

(b) once in two weeks

(c) rarely

(d) everyday

Q4. At the end of one’s tether

(a) receiving money

(b) emotionally exhausted

(c) at the end of dark days

(d) achieving the result

Q5. A man of his word

(a) a straightforward man

(b) a man of high profile

(c) a person who keeps a promise

(d) a person with a vast stock of vocabulary

Directions (6-10): Improve the segment given in bold.

Q6. This reader refuses to see the overt politicization of security measures and the use of the armed forces for political ends.

(a) refuses to seeing

(b) refuse to see

(c) has refuse to see

(d) No improvement

Q7. Platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Twitter and ShareChat has agreed to a voluntary code, where the emphasis is on dealing with problematic content.

(a) have agree to

(b) has to agree

(c) have agreed to

(d) No improvement

Q8. It talks to the party’s commitment to protect the assets belonging to various places of worship irrespective of the religion.

(a) It talks about the party

(b) It talk about the party’s

(c) It talks about the party’s

(d) No improvement

Q9. Never such incidents have taken place on our campus.

(a) have such incidents

(b) such incidents will have

(c) were such incidents

(d) No improvement

Q10. You will be late if you do not leave now.

(a) will not leave now

(b) did not leave now

(c) left now

(d) No improvement

ইংলিশ MCQ সমাধান

S1. Ans. (a)

Sol. In the red means to lose money or to be in debt.

S2. Ans. (d)

Sol. Square the circle means try to do the impossible.

S3. Ans. (c)

Sol. Once in a blue moon means rarely.

S4. Ans. (b)

Sol. At the end of one’s tether means emotionally exhausted means having no strength or patience left.

S5. Ans. (c)

Sol. A man of his word means someone who keeps their promises.

S6. Ans.(d)

Sol. No improvement is required.

S7. Ans.(c)

Sol. Plural noun ‘Platforms’ will take plural verb ‘have’. And ‘Has/Have/Had + V3’ is correct.

Hence option C is the correct choice.

S8. Ans.(c)

Sol. It takes ‘singular verb’ with it. Hence ‘It talks’ is required. And correct preposition to use here is ‘about’ after ‘talks’. Hence option C is correct.

S9. Ans.(a)

Sol. The sentence starts with never. Hence, inversion i.e., ‘have such incidents’ should be used.

S10. Ans. (d)

Sol. No improvement

ইংলিশ MCQ, 19শে সেপ্টেম্বর, 2023 কলকাতা পুলিশ SI পরীক্ষার জন্য_3.1

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